Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Me love muah mum and cooking

I am home today ... being a good boy, spending quality time with mum. Mum's in a good mood too and we will be going out later. I am such a mummy's boy! I admit it ... I love being around mum. Gosh, that actually sounded gay!

Currently, I am sensing a sore throat and fever coming if I do not treat it. The heaty feeling also lingers around my body. Why? Cos Mum cooked curry mutton yesterday for dinner and it was superb. I had to eat some ... or rather quite an amount. I believe the sore throat really came when I topped it up with Tom Yam for supper. Sigh, I dig my own grave le ... Now I got to run to the nearest pharmacist and get some inflammatory diffuser tablets! Not that I mind cos mum hardly cooks strong tasting stuff and since she was in the mood last night, why refrain yourself from the heaven tasting "very spicy" dish!

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