Monday, November 16, 2009


Sometimes in life, you need to brace yourself and face the cold and emptiness that awaits you,
It is something that you cannot run away from,
nevertheless hide.

Even at times when you choose to give up and decide to ignore,
denying the very presence,
it will sooner or later still get to you,
dawn upon you and in reality forces you to confront the bitterness and bluntness of life

Today the rain is cold as ice,
wind as haunting, howling desperately for compassion
the purple painted cloudless sky, smiling in agony and deceit upon me

I could no longer bare my naked hands to it, losing grip, weak
and my soul stand still, lullabying through the silence night
Speechless I am, perhaps over-reacting, perhaps just drained

As the wailing sound of a distant car faded
My mind filled a clearer and cleaner sound, vofortingice you call them
Appearing to piece the missing puzzles in my mind,
A comforting thought, light in bring
Illuminating my path, chosen one from the lost for the journey ahead

I thank my saviors, companions and strong knights
Their support graces mine,
answering my prayers, forgiving my confessions and still propel me with motivations,
the priceless guidance

Here I am today, writing with a darker ink to vent my emotions and thoughts
in one voice, my very own and one that is clear
a hope that is not wrong
I am proud of, wishing someone would notice

That is the journey of fifteen

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