Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Washboard Abs

Tomorrow, I am going to start the regime-abs exercise! I've always do sit-ups and so forth but the belly is still around. Yes, I am talking about the pelampung..

A few days ago, I did chin-ups and realizes that my abs was a bit strainful. Feeling curious, I did some brief research and found out that sit-ups doesn't give you great looking abs. It certainly will never give you washboard abs!


The key to perfect looking abs like the top is basically to:

1 - Diet ... split your meal into smaller meals. Divide the normal 3 mail meals to 6 small meals. Basically reduce Carb in takes and increase Protein-based food. Eat more Brocolli. No Carbs after 8pm and No soft drinks!

2 - Cardio. Not Body Step, Not running - Not ordinary Cardio. Turbulence Workout. Sprint for 30 seconds to 1 minute and walk for 5 minutes. Repeat exercises. Have one super fast hyper cardio, followed quickly by one long relaxing cardio.

3 - Basic Leg lifts and Abs Workout. Crunches included (urgh!)

4 - Complimentary workout such as dips and chin-ups, Yoga or plank-exercises to help in strengthening the core and lower body area.

Seem quite simple. Anything but strainful-repeated Abs crunches! I am going to give this advice a shot. Hopefully I look much better before the Gala Dinner or during my upcoming Photo Shoot!

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