Tuesday, January 29, 2008

2 trips, 10 days and 1 tired boy

Unbelieveable! I realize that I have not been blogging. I always find reasons to why things are constantly undone. For this instances, I have not been blogging mainly because I have been traveling and working a lot.

10 days back, my Melaka trip with the "random 5" aka-also known as the photo- whores was absolutely great. The trip there was less than rm150 for two days, inclusive of food, shopping, transport and accomodation. We literally shared room, car, cameras, food and of course, the bestest of memories! Gosh ... going out with them is like stress-free and most important, relaxing. We chat away like no body's business and the most important is that we GEL along perfectly.



and then ....

5 days later ... came Bangkok. It was my first trip there ... and I was with ErGe, TaGe, MiaoMiao, SanGe?, ErJieFoo, Wick, Sky, AJet and MeiJi (awesome girl with an attitude!) along with another bunch of friends ... I have to say that the four days spent with them will probably be one of the most fun and tired moment in my trips.

ErGe, the absolutely gorgeous diva can walk non-stop I tell you! Not to mentioned his partner in crime (our official fag-hag) MiaoMiao who went Bangkok with an empty baggage but came back with 5 bags! It was mainly fun because I was shopping away ... but tired because I went there half sick, with little sleep and bad stomach at times. What to do? The food there are quite dirty, spicy but delicious and cheap!

The trip became more meaningful - thanks to my ever lovely TaGe ... and a new found SanGe? who calls me Siao Di! A new bro? haha ... I am so happy to have them all with me ... all happening, stress free and awesome. We just had fun with no strings, frills or such. I can just be myself, prancing around and still loved by them. After so long, I felt belong ...


I am too lazy to write down my entire journey, feelings and experiences but lets just say it was probably one of the best trips I had in my life. I just wish and hope that TaGe will be able to join us more often in the coming near future. After all, I certainly do not want our brotherhood trips to end here.

(sorry no pics for bkk cos all can see face one!)

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