Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Birthday Surgery @ Sunway Hospital

I had to share the room with three other uncles. Why? Insurance. It was an experience. One hell of a bad experience.

  • Uncle A in front of me is in a Coma. You can often hear him choking on his breathing machine, releasing loud coughs, nurses running and rushing around him, calming him. Not a pretty sight.
  • Uncle B next to me snores so loud, you wish you could choke him. He talks so loud, you wish you could choke him. His mobile rings so loud, you wish you could choke him and his relative is as loud as him, you wish your friends were there to choke all of them.
  • Uncle C is always missing in action. He just walks out of the hospital until the nurses call him. How would I know the nurses call him? Our ward is right next to the counter, you can literally hear the nurses chat.

Yes, noise noise noise. Yes, I didn't get any good rest. Yes, it was hell.

Then, we have the part where the nurses are so full of shit. Firstly, they left me in the operating theater for an hour after I was awake from the operation. Enduring pain for an hour without pain killer is worse than hell. The operating theater called my ward 4 times and no one came for me. Excuse given, they were busy. Then, I found out that the whole delay including the opt took 2 hours. Initially, they told my parents it was only a 30min process. Forgetting to inform my parents about my condition is unforgivable. The left my parents waiting and worried sick.

As I doze off in the ward, I could hear loud chatters from the nurses at the counter. I could hear uncles coughing and talking away. I was asleep with stress in my mind. A fever was developing.

I woke up a few hours later to find myself alone, hungry. Meal was served. I ate and vomited. Normal reaction due to anesthetic from the operation. But it was not normal to have no nurses attending to me. SMSed Kenny for help. Struggled to get the emergency button. Then someone came, wish me well and told me to rest. Again I was drugged without food.

Woke up at midnight. Painful and hungry. The nurse came and said "If you want milo, tell me and then we can make you one". I said ok, she poured the water and left the milo powder right next to the glass. Then, she walked off without even looking at me. The glass and mini container was placed so far within my reach, I gave up trying to get the drink. I rather starve than to move my ass and make the drink myself.

Later a nurse came in and gave me pain killers. Again, they left the medicine right next to the milo powder. Do I look like I can stretch my arm like a rubber band? Is it so hard to just bloody pass me the stuff???

What ticked me off? They told me to soak my ass in salt water to reduce the pain. Again they left me in the toilet and totally forgot about me. I had to stand up, watched my ass bleed and ring the god damn emergency button again. The head nurse rushes in and apologized. She gave her team a death stare and personally helped me.

Finally I got to go home and I had to wait for the bloody bill to be settled. Of course, the nurses told me that I was fit enough to leave the bed. I did - in good karma for other patients admitting. After an hour, I began to have a headache and my dad notice blood stains on my pants. I was bleeding again, and the management panic and rearrange another room for me. My dad didn't understand why they asked me to leave my bed.

My dad was furious, he lashed out at the management for ill treating me. Mum took me home. I left the hospital about 12 and my dad is still there right now (2pm) waiting for the bill to be settled because my doctor did not sign a document receipt to be issued as payment. So, now my dad has to wait for the doctor ... and they expected me to wait that long.

Dad told me the bill came up to $8000 ... I say, not worth a single penny at all. The only time I ever get good service was when I ordered a hot chocolate from the Starbucks downstairs.

Is it me being too dramatic or the staff at the hospital are just irresponsible, insensitive and despicable ? Maybe that is why Uncle C tries to escape from the ward 3 times yesterday. I don't know, but I would NEVER recommend the hospital to anyone.

What a birthday to remember

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  1. so sorry it's late
    but good to know you are getting better
    what a horrible establishment!
    i've heard other stories as well