Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Now Monday is my Friday

After recovering from a full-blown eye opener MBA course since last Wednesday till this Sunday and also repaying my sleep debts earlier today (Monday), I finally got some time off to blog. Quick update about my life lately ... MBA. I guess you can't run from talking about it, I spend an average 6hours a day for the last few days studying.

Its Orientation week. Beginning! Things are toning down by the way... THANK GOODNESS!

Yeap, despite the fact that my course started with some introduction to new friends, new working experiences and new aim in life, I am still worrying over the same ol issues - work, finance and time management. Apparently, MBA do take up most of your time. The readings, work, prep for exam and assignments are very closely knitted to each other. Its Time VS Time! Time for yourself, Time for MBA. I am really amazed with my other peers who works full time and still have time to do this and I salute those with family commitments.

One way or another, I told myself to finish this race as it only started. I do fear my weakness overwhelming my intention to learn, thus kinda forcing myself to study as hard, as smart and still work as hard, hopefully smart too. Ain't wanna disappoint my team mates ...

BTW, my dog finally got his dog license. Applied it at MPSJ today for RM15 per year. You would no believe the people working there. They are ACTUALLY sufficient and efficient ... out of the 10 women I see behind the counter, almost all of them are on Facebook and it amazes me how they still work as fast. Perhaps their management should start looking at giving them more job ...

or I should apply for one, just to earn some passive income and spent time on the blackboard reading! Haha

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