Monday, September 21, 2009

Ah Foo company me taking picture!

Update on a boring, slow and quiet holiday. The baby has stop whining. Perhaps the dad and mum ate the baby after a string of long howling and wailing. Just joking

I finally gotten out of bed, had lunch while laughing to Family Guy and snapped some photos. Yeah, I actually worked. Along side with me was my bug eating, rascal turned dumb silly glutton boy - Ah FOO! MY DOG. Yeap, the dog that was this close [ ] of getting disloved. Haha

I also took the opportunity to snapped some of his pictures and it turned out not too bad. Although he loves to attempt in sniffing and licking the camera lens, jumping towards me suddenly - I still managed to get him to pose for some passport portrait.

Here are some of the previous one while he was still a pup about 5 months ago.

He knows how to kiss ... but now he doesn't like to do that anymore

When he can only chew the bone ... trust me he will swallow it whole if he can

Shake hand!

And here are the ones taken earlier

I told him he look like Nicole Kidman from Golden Compas and he laughed

SEE! SEE! He swallowing the whole bone ... laughing

BTW, he's a boy ok ... although he tend to pose like a girl model, over the shoulder

Thanks for the company anyway, but I am sure you wanted to eat the Star Anise I was taking. I could see it in your eyes! HAHA ... Now I just need to work a lil faster and perhaps I can still make it to gym ...

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