Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wifi ... my dedication to you

Omigod ... so hot downstairs. I cannot stand doing my editing and keywording work with the current temperature. CAN DIE LO. Now I am upstairs, with the enjoyment of air-cond. Well, I am in between breaks - so decided to drop by and blog about;

Wifi Connection ...

Practically, it is very important for people who runs their business with internet connection and also for those who literally needs to go online to run their life. Sad to say, soon I will be one of them. My ACT206 (Art, Embodiment and Aethetics) lecturer will be so dissapointed to know that I am one of the many billions who had to depend on technology for survival. Also, I finally knew why K has so many gadgets that can go online, anywhere, anytime!

Back to the topic, as long as you have money and the password to log onto any available WiFi ... you are good to go ... anywhere in town. Of course, I would not try being lucky at more rural or "ulu" places. Fingers crossed, you never know!

Some of the recommended places for Wifi would of course be the famous Starbucks (free) and you can always ask/test the connection before "investing" in a very expensive not exclusive drink.

The list goes on to : Old Town White Coffee (any franchise), McDonalds, Pappa Rich and even KFC! Of course, those are some of my favourite places to hang out, get connection, food and sometimes a good crowd. You can also go higher end places like Carat Club, Alexis or even Delicious for internet connection. The rule with this cafe is pretty simple ... buy something from them and you are granted access to the "world"

Lastly, you can even go for the currently-famous Wifi in town ... P1 Max ... Not sure if that;s the name but my best IT buddy told me it is reliable, fast and not expensive. Something like RM5 per day. So why buy Starbucks at RM10min per drink when you can spend RM5 right??? Haha

Alternatively, get those broadband pendrives. Celcom and Maxis has it. Not sure of the rate. Last heard from my Bro who uses the Maxis one, it sucks!

The choice is yours...

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