Thursday, May 10, 2012

The idea of moving or standing

Humans being humans always are always seeking for something. When you seek with hope of answers, it is what we call expectations. Regardless whether it is in career advancement, a partner for life, self enlightement or even a better future, there is always that notion that expectations are to be met. What if it doesnt? Do you usually end up deciding the opposite side or do you try and fit in, find a balance and just be content?

Apparently, both the word are not suppose to co-exist because when you are content, you are usually not seeking. With the abscene of curiosity that usually comes with seeking, there can never be that "hope" at the end.

But what is interesting is that when you stop seeking, everything seem to revolve around a positive tone. Event the worst case scenario or wrong doing can be some sort of consolation prize. Settling for whatever that comes along. Is that bad? or is that actually good?

Or has experiences as well as having lesser time in older age sorta force a person to just settle or be content because there is just that much room for anticipation and energy for the battle on expectations?

Questions questions ...

That said, in my own opinion. I rather hope than be content because the line between contentment and stagnant is so closely knitted. One can easily be misguided over the idea of being fine but actually not in the perspective of other or another.

So at the end of the day, check and balance. Every time a prevailing ideology comes into play, we can either sit back relax a little or strive for more. But the having the agility for that kind of flexibility is rare and being human, we some how ended up being rigid. Rigidity in expecting, rigidity in contentment.

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