Friday, April 27, 2012


I am stealing time to write today. Yes, I am still at work and with the recent news that LEGOLAND Malaysia is going to open on 15 September 2012, work is indeed doubling. Speed up!

With over 40 rides, attractions and shows available when opening, LEGOLAND is set to mark Malaysia's achievement to be the first Asia Country launching this successful theme park. YES! There are 5 other very successful LEGOLAND worldwide. A theme park specially designed for children and family fun, the rides available are tailored for interaction, edutainment, fun and of course bonding between families. Thats from a kid-parent and family-family perspective.

You can expect to see 50 million LEGO bricks and some 15,000 LEGO models. If 10 models could get people taking lots of pictures, can you imagine the park? 76 foot ball size fields - 76acre is what you will be experiencing and be prepared to work in the park :-) as in, fun work!

Yeap, I am marketing the product and service from my company. Haha

Well, look out for promotions that is coming to you. Had quite a few number of big boys setting out great deals for the tickets. Those who initially think it is expensive, think twice cause we have oversold most of our pre-sale entries. Talk about reception! Tickets are still availabe so go grab em before the incremental price theory of supply - demand kicks in.


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