Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Give up on us

I close my eyes and stand still
Seeking truth in your riddle
You kept me alive, holding me down
Made me believe nothing can stand in between us

I hug you to bed under the starlights
Catching your heartbeat
Gave me hope, wiping my tears away
Made me a fool and just force me to stop trying

I wanna be the one
The one that takes your breath away
But you became the one
The one that took my soul away

I want to reach to you
Be the one to hold you
You reach to me, gave me hope light as dust
Held me close, just to give up on us

This love just slide
You took me for granted
Why did I keep trying
When you just gave up on us

Don't you dare come back
Don't touch me, just leave me shattered
Let my heart heal, without your scar
You walked away, so just let it burn
Just let it pass by


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