Monday, March 26, 2012

Quick Update

It is a wonder why people write a lot about negativity in life. I am directing this sentence to myself. I realize my blog had been my psychiatric ward for the pessimistic. Haha. But of course, rest assured - I am not always like that. So to clarify things, I would like to state that ... mainly, and at most time ... I am a fun=filled comical clown to hang out with. I crack jokes, make spontaneous remarks and occasionally causes rolling eyes among friends.

Too much marketing on myself

So today is monday and just a quick update of what happened in the recent past weeks. Ya, I know I took like a long break from my blog. So for just quick recap:

  1. I painted my new home in JB. Although the color scheme is lighter than what I anticipated, at least the feeling and color tone is about there. You can't complain much about that. Had my parents to thank for ... being so supportive over the school holidays (yah yah, that's how long it was ago!)
  2. Yes, I made a few client pist-off. I am not going to apologize and the first was because I felt that it is polite and courteous to do so. It was a business decision, and I had management to pleased too. So, suck it up and move on. I did, and to be on the logical side - consider this a challenge and it is not an integrity issue ... It is known as opportunity cost.
  3. Almost had a car accident. Now my parents and sisters will be calling. But I had someone in mind who just happened to flash by before I manage to swirl out from the side curb and escape a bloody tree. The chilling down the spine subsided, but having the image flash by was just like having him flash by. A close friend who had always come and go in life. I do miss hanging out like we used to. Listening to Sarah, dining casually and hitting the sack while overlooking KLCC view. That said, a consolation price; felt like I was in Die Hard movie.
  4. Confirmed tickets for my Australia trip. Yeap, this year it will be the year I am returning to the city where I should not have bloody left in the first place. Not at least for that main "now-seem-dumb-but-no-regrets" reason. This time around, I am going with the entire family. It is part of a family vacation and also to celebrate (fine, the right word is commemorate) my graduation! Finally obtaining my MBA :-)
  5. Exercising more vigorously lately. Am going to bulk up a little to look more fit. Afterall, those of you readers that have met me in real life will know how thin I am. So, here comes a two month gym routine that I swore to bulk up in hope that the weighing machine will add 2 kg of mass. Thats not a huge difference, but I have high metabolic rate. So, its a realistic goal
  6. Japanese! Hehe ... Although I am learning bit and pieces of it through this small tiny travel guide book and also popping up google search, I am getting a hang of a few basic conversational expressions. I may want to enroll in a Jap class but unfortunately in JB - it is a very very rare sight. To be honest, there are HUGE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES in JB. But of course, people are skeptical. Wonder if I can find investors :-P

Times up. Thanks for reading. Back to work!

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