Thursday, March 8, 2012

It came crashing

It felts like a dream, come true. It was pleasant, it felt different and there was hope. Starting to feel luck was on the way. Then it came crashing. Should have left it as it is. Should have not expect. Should have just been an arse.

Well those are the preliminary feeling one bestowed onto hope that was never really genuine or sincere to begin with. Credit where it is due, probably the right term was, never really real. So it was a lie and a dream or what I like to put it, counting the chicks before they hatch...

Mislead? Or Misinterpreted?

And it wonders. Right now, it's crashed burnt and like they said, died a second time. Really did. It was suicidal. And yet there were magnetism towards such genocide of feelings, sacrifices and what else, hurt.

Hmmm don't know why I type something to wrong and random. I feel your pain ... I really do

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