Friday, March 23, 2012

How time flies

Haven't blog for a long time. I don't know why I am writing at this condition when I should be clearing my nose and sleep through the night. My back aches

But weeks passes by so quickly that I sometimes forgot some importance to kick back and relax. I had aged. Being in a MNC is not easy. Although the job has such a rewarding experience, and so far my journey had been nothing more but blessing with both obstacles for overcome learning and achievement for personal networking

I had no regrets except the occasional misses friends and all.

So after popping the drowsy medicine and my attempt to update whatever that is left of my non reading blog, I asked myself where I am heading to today? I don't know I answered

Huh sigh

Hug sigh

I guess it's just travel back to KL this weekend and spend two days for work. By the time I wanna write something, it will be next week. Sigh

How time flies

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  1. The next stage of Adulthood kicked in finally didn't it?