Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Hate day?

The weather is scorching hot today. Simple. I should not get upset because I do not control the weather and being in a tropical country, having sunlight that can burn your skin out in the open is common.

I hate hot weather

Am just back from some event on ground work. Was at a birthday party of someone quite important to the country and kinda tired myself at the 5 hours event. Seeing kids growing up with such golden spoon in their mouth and with great wits and courage to demand for things many others would dreamt of got me wondered, where do they usually end up at?

I hate rich kids

Having a hall that could fit 100 people, a huge serene garden for outdoor parties and guest toilets that look like Mandarin Oriental's intimidated me. Seeing the host leave the house and only to find that it is a "function place" not their real home got me

hating big houses and rich man who lives like there is no tomorrow

Then being back all tired and lazy to study makes me feel like I am some sort of loser and slow poke compared to my VUMBA peers who are most likely more than ready to take on the finance exam coming in less than 5 days!

I hate when I am ill prepared for exams ~


but I love my life :-)

Able to see so many things and still stay conscious and balance. Maybe its because I donated blood today and got the nurse smiling at me :-P

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