Friday, March 25, 2011

Back to School ... MARTHS!

It is suffering when it comes to studies and revision on Friday night for your exam! Not to mentioned that I have such huge urge to go window shopping and drinks at a nearby pub. I felt like it was ages since I down a pint of Hoergaarden and just get all sober. Worse is that, most of my friends and acquaintances seem to be out today, either drinking, socializing or just plain hanging out. I miss going out on Fridays and not worrying for weekend classes.

Usually the pain is less crucifying for other subjects but since it is business finance, the godly deemed most difficult subject ... its like a tradition that most of my peers start studying for weeks to get through the 3 hour examination period. With 15 minutes of reading time, things just gotten a lil scarier and worse. For me, I vow to start last monday and I did. The bad news is, I am still at the start after 5 days!!! It's like I never moved a single inch. Still the first few pages marked out of the 700 pages text book.

I am great at finding excuses to delay or rather not revise. It is not like I am some whiz kid in finance, so why bother the unconscious mind says. Notice the high expenditure, low return, stringent cash flows and probably silly risk I take in my daily expenditures - well - that is why I am pretty bad at this subject. With equal analysis and theory needed to compensate for calculation ... I am lost at the very first point of trying to write the first number.

Since high school, I was never good with formula. Worse with numbers, except for generic warehouse sale figure like 70% ... but that said, a table of breaking down the price range is still highly appreciated! Even the simplest equation can be magnified into echoes of headaches, stomach discomfort and major meltdown for me. Thus, my best defense mechanism kicks in - Procrastination! A trait learned from my previous relationship and I am already prepared for the worse case scenario ... resitting for the exam ~

Perhaps I should stop blogging and at least try my best to get some real work done. Ya?

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