Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Listening to the voice

The whole day it was raining. It was like dancing with tears in my eyes. On many occasions, it would have been a great morning to sleep in and just cuddle, but I sort of gotten used to the idea of waking early and start the day with milk, cereal and applying sun block before igniting the car engine. Long gone the days I sleep in to smell the wonderful scent of pillows.

Things have been quite weird lately. I've been thinking a lot about my future. I have grown so much in the past few years. As soon as I was in University, I dated, got attached, dumped and then got attached again. Met friends, some turned life time companions and some turned into family members, while some turned into complete strangers and some enemies. Put on some decent weight from gym, learned new languages and mastered new sports. Went to Melbourne, loved the life there but loved the person back then more and came back here. Been foolish and been wise at many intervals of road. Found interest in new hobby, abandoned some and one turned into a part time income generating business. Taste bud became more sensitive and in constant mode to adventurously seek for new good food places. Grew from being rebellious, impossible and childish to I dare say, mature, able to fend for my ownself and tasteful certain way.

That said, some things did not really change. For one... I am still as vain as ever. Loved shopping, action figures and dancing to silly love songs. Still listen to a wide degree of music from Pink's rock and roll to Enya's new age. That same trait applies to watching Disney cartoon to academy award winning movies. Still passionate and filled with surprises and pretty much a sunshine guy. Still tickled by Jazz, teddy bears and men who dresses superbly smart and often daydream to emotional chinese songs. Occasionally cook to feel good and ice cream still does the trick!

While washing the dishes after dinner, I thought that I must have my own place with someone I lov as I am about to venture into new stages of life. I want to be able to care, cook and shelter my dreams with another person. Sort of build a family around that fantasy. I reminisce the past of talking about having kids and how life can just simple if you want it. I admire my friends who had the courage to seek those in similar even when in doubt and in fear.

Then the business finance part kicked in. How to invest, save and plan to fight inflation. Commitment of some sort can give security, but then entrepreneurship will have to wait. Some has given me advise that full time jobs are not that bad and after long thoughts, I believe to certain degree yes. As when does opportunity knocks? Do you create them and seek them quickly to prevent a lose out in time?

As deep as my mind began to wander. I miss the good ol times of just being simply and not plan for my future. But facing decisions in life has been some very high learning curve for me to lunge forward. Moreover, it is inevitable

Just like a song, it has to be sang into music. Thus, it's time for me to sing my song in my own voice into the music I lived for.

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