Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pre Valentine?

It's been about 2 weeks since I have not written. Not the longest I would say but probably one of the few times where I felt that even pinning down my thoughts would not help me with issues. Many topics were flying across my mind, most of them worthy for post but I remember a close friend once told me that a balance in life is healthy. So, I've channeled certain ramblings and frustrations elsewhere thus sparing your raised eye brows going through my never ending complains.

It is amazing how sometimes you think negatively about life and how things are not going to get in your way but all of a sudden, you get blessings in disguise. Surprises.

Valentine is just around the corner. In the past years, I would have look forward thinking of where to eat, what to do, which shirt to wear and how the day will all end with wonderful sex in bed ... It has always been a romantic and wonderful day, every single year. Poems are exchange, reassurances are promised and love wishes lingers at the tip of the tongue every moment. In the midst of sensational debates over ban of such celebration, I actually think a ban on valentine is not that bad? Imagine flowers and gifts finally have no overprice tag on them and no ridiculous expensive meals. We can still go out, pretending it is another day? Rite?

So that aside, this year ... it was going to be filled with work, work and WORK. No more finding dates, no more dining but dressing up maybe la. After all, fashion has nothing to do with the Vday. So I thought, I would just pass the day just like any other. Quite capable of that

Then miraculously out of no where, I kinda celebrated pre-Valentine or how DW would put it ... with Mango Ice cream (gelato) and the simplicity of laughter, chats and observing people walking by. Time was slow again, I get to smell the roses, be my joyful self in discovering the hidden light and somehow I felt great. Thanks DW for making that difference!

So ... all is good this year. I did celebrate my Vday afterall :-)

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