Friday, February 18, 2011

My Vday, Spore trip in Feb 2010

I am back from Singapore. Don't know why, I do not look forward for exam tomorrow, mainly because I was ill prepared. I merely flip through the presentation slides and honestly, have not really read any case studies or even note down the theories ... so I am screwed? or skewered? or both!

As I spent the past 5 minutes going through my camera roll on Binge, realizing that I have been slacking, enjoying a different view of Singapore and compromising my time to do my revision.
Regrets? Nope ... after the Exam result is announced? Probably.

Teddy and Chocolates for Valentine. Treat to myself for Vday!

DW treated me to Okonomiyaki! Yummy gila

Purba took me to an office building that looks like Batman building. This is the lobby! Awesome"ness" right ???

Purba treated to my a nice dinner too! Very yummy

Me being stalked ...

I likey a lot! So cute ... Too bad the shop is close, or else would have bought a few to bring back

Chap Goh Mei @ Chinatown ... with a XL Size Bubble tea !

So many good things happening. Can't wait for my vacation in less than 48 hours. After all, I deserve it! Tee hee ~

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