Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fah Lanna Massage Chiang Mai

Located in the city of Chiang Mai, this massage parlor is gay friendly and offer massages from male or female masseurs. I tried their aromatherapy massage + thai massage which only cost about 750baht for 2 hours.

Their extensive list of service and packages can be found at their website click here

The journey starts with a nice foot bath, massage and scrub. Then you can choose your choice of aromatherapy oil from 7-9 choices. Some on the list I remembered are lavender, sandalwood, relaxation and many others. Serving of lemongrass tea is also a practice. I preferred the iced ones thou ~

Fah Lanna ambiance is very typical thai-bali style. Dimly lit for the feel and cosy. With just 4 rooms for massages, and 4 foot massage seats, do call and make bookings. Many could be on waiting list. Do not expect high-end decorations as they are quite simple decorated and have space constrain. If you are claustrophobic, best avoid the place.

They also play superb relaxation music through out. At the right pace and tune, it will lullaby you to dream land. The aromatherapy will also fill the rooms and since they are quite small, you might find yourself banging into corridors if you are not too careful.

The outcome is wonderful as my masseur is very experience and knows how to avoid certain areas which made me uncomfortable. Fah Lanna is highly recommended by tripadvisor. I think from my perspective, the price is really affordable and the whole package is worth the try.

The map location is as :

For further information, you can also contact them ...

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