Friday, September 28, 2007


I am worst than a slut. Yes, that was the reason I why I broke off. The main killer of PLU relationship ... a good example, me. Please learn from me!

No matter what are my reasons of my doing, they are only excuses. I am transparent now, I don't care how people look at me or see me. I am me, a cleaner and smarter me ... believe it or not ... somethings cannot be change, but people can grow and the older you are, the wiser your decision making will be.

I accept the fact I have been a disgrace, dirty and manipulative person. Someone who preaches the wrong doing and someone who lies to cover my own weakness. I accept the fact that I was insecure with myself and was in denial. I didn't want to be lonely thinking that everything I did can be hidden forever ... I guess sometimes, you need to be lonely to grow.

But I am glad I came out that way. Everything happened for a reason. I am going to brace it myself, accept the coming and learn to grow up. I am weak, amputated and feeling uncertainty every moment. The hardship and suffering will come. But I will not give up. My little voice will help ...

For who I want to be and be with, I believe I can do it

It feels good to be transparent and to my dear friends, thank you for not judging me. I promise you guys that I will be better ... smarter ... and cleaner ...

Lesson to learn : Change for the better of yourself, be selfish. Admit your fault and move on strong.



  1. not sure what is going on
    anyway really sorry to hear that

    just be strong
    will always support you
    if you need to talk, my no. always open for you

  2. Hello, you have a wonderful blog, but I can't find your email address, can you please contact me at I have something to discuss with you
    Regards, Chris
    (Please can you delete this comment after your decision?)