Thursday, March 29, 2007


I slept from 6am - 6pm. Twelve hours of sleep. I took advantage of the environment, the everlasting rain. It was a conducive environment to promote deep sleep. That said, I really enjoy myself by dozing off and just relax. In a way, it prepares me to perform at work during the night-owl shift. Of course, the rain is a blessing for me ... but also a curse for residents at lowland. Hopefully tomorrow's newspaper would not have severe report about major floods.

Previously, Sky told me that something must have been disrupting my sleep, resulting me feeling tired when I work out at gym. It is either that or my cardio level has dropped. I notice that he is right. Often when I am sleeping in the day, my closed eyes will hit the sun-reflection from my curtain and I will open up my eyes. But after 5 seconds, I am at lala-land again. Or a sudden phone ring from my house line, or the neighbor kids playing-screaming or even a simple clank-noise on the floor - will definitely wake me.

I am a fast-sleeper but not a deep-sleeper. I really need to learn how to deep-sleep. Any ideas?

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