Monday, March 26, 2007

Owe it to tell

Close to one month since I blog. I think I would delete my blog soon. Am not too sure any of you guys here still reads it. Anyway just a brief update on my life this month

  1. Working at now from 11p-7am. Night shift, servicing accounts or clients from USA. So I sleep from 8am-3pm. Try not to call me during my sleeping hours ... unless its SOS
  2. Got stitches a few days ago. Knocked my head on the cupboard. First time experiencing seeing blood flow from my head. Scary view
  3. Been trying to juggle gym, working life and friends. I am sorry if I have not seen some of you for some time. I promise to make it up to you. Azyei especially ... Sorry dearie. Promise will treat you dinner soon kaysz
Either than that, I really do not know why I might wanna continue blog again. But till then, ... let's see how thing goes


  1. hey, I'm still checking your blogs once in a while. Still remember me? Your big sista from FF, Summit and Consplant?
    Check out my site if you forgot how I look like.
    Take good care of yourself, k? Missing your company. Let's yumcha when you come back?

  2. Hey eve ... I am back already ler! I am still a frequent at Summit - but I dont see you thou ~~~