Friday, February 16, 2007

Dream a lil Dream

I remembered my dream last night. It felt real. I know it wasn't but I feel it.

After a few years working in Malaysia, I finally went back to Melbourne. I spend all my savings and got myself a visa, a one-way flight ticket and some cash to sustain myself there. I arrived and was greeted by someone I never met before. He had long hair, quite thin, clean look and plays the guitar for a living. He offered me a place to stay. He lives on 5th Floor in some kind of "poorly-looked" apartment with a mini cafe below the building, somewhere near Richmond. Somewhere quite rotten.

In his room, there is 2 single mattresses and one queen size. I took the single nearest to the window. His apartment has only one living room, where the three mattresses lies and a mini shower-cum-bathroom (think of First World Hotel) and no kitchen. Rotten neighbourhood but very well kept apartment. Decided to stay with him. I called him Josh (cos maybe he looked like Josh Groban)

I tried to get online. Reception was bad. Didn't want to spend my money on some Vietnam Cyber Cafe! Tried phone-mobile since Dad is still paying for it ...but I Couldn't contact anyone. Tried reaching for people I know there but the result was quite bad. Tried Vince. Thought he could let me bump at his place instead, but I couldn't reach him. Not even Brian. Couldn't get Lisa, Belinda, Chloe or even Karen. Everyone I know in Melbourne ... seem lost. I gave up on them. Gave up on friends. Decided to be independent.

When I looked out the window, I am very sure it is Melbourne ... there is a view from his apartment. But I am not sure why I left Malaysia in such a hurry. Fell asleep ... in my own dream ... Ironic

I searched for jobs. No one would hire. Everyone prefer their own "nationality" and "people". Prioritize were given according to Color of your skin, the tone you speak and then your nationality. I didn't get any job. Hang around at the cafe most of the time.

In the end, I landed myself a tram driver job ... Earned some cash. Over a period of time, the job got me more money. I send everything I have back home. To who? I am not too sure. Sticked to that job till I was old. Nothing else paid more. That job took care of everything. In return, I looked awful ... I looked like Crap=Shit.


What was that about?

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