Friday, February 9, 2007


After so many days, I finally got to see some sunshine. The dark and black void has passed. There is definitely better days. And I can feel it coming! There is definitely support. I have my close friends to thank. You guys are the best, I would never had recuperate without you guys.

Move on. It's a cycle. and it applies to everything that you do!

By the way, I gotten myself a job! Haha ... Weird working hours, but Nett income. I guess it is not that bad. Moreover, I am going to be busy this year. It would be a tough time but I think I could manage it. What could go wrong? I've got a great companion to share my life burden with, I've got supportive friends who are always there to appreciate and love me and I've got myself a great, serious and fun-loving business partner!

First sincere smile in ages!

Those aside, the puppies next door are doing very well. They still love the drain. But they are bigger and easier to mange now! "Girl-girl" no longer feels intimidated by me. She is very good natured now, allows me to pat her on a while, feed her by hand and roam around her home without any complications. She even allows me to play with her pups. *Yahoo!

By the way, I've snapped a few pictures

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Aren't they just adorable? I called them Blackie, Snow White and the other on, CowCow ... Hahaha. Of course, that is not their real name.

I suppose my sunshine is here, time to run, enjoy the scenery and breathe the fresh air!


  1. The dogs are so cute Andrew! By the way congrats on your new job. I always knew you would easily bag one! *grins*

  2. so cute so cute so cute~
    hey glad you're doing fine there...
    take care ya!