Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Enrolled and rolling

Hi people! Sorry for not updating! Sigh* Getting an internet access here is hard! Australia is very particular about their download capacity; so they limit it to like only 10G or 20g permonth. Any higher amount means much more payment. I don't mean by a dollar or two but like by the 20s or 30s. Not to mentioned, the higher the capacity of download - the slower the speed they give you. AND the condition is vise versa! Eva, Grace and Me are cracking our heads now trying to figure which provider suits us the most. Then maybe about 2 weeks later only we would secure a connection online ... BUT BUT BUT ... the computer lab in Deakin opens 24 hours AND their connection is damm fast! I SO BET Limkokwing doesn't have it!

I am enrolled! Yahoo! But I might be changing the units I've taken up(media and sociology). At first, I was happy because I only have classes on Wed and Thurs but Eva told me that she saw books for my courses and it's about $400 (MINIMUM) for 1 semester! I wanted to knock my head on the wall and die! Here ... you ain't going to get photocopied books - so don't think the "malaysian" way will do. Plan to take up some other units which required hand work instead - perhaps gardening, cooking, bakering or whatever la ... Don't plan to spend on books, not especially it's for Uni Text books ...

Ok ... Enough of the babbling ... Updates. I have officially moved into 33, Ireland St., Burwood, VIC Melbourne, Australia. I know it sounds weird - Ireland and Australia but the roads here are named after names ... The girls and I had been buying hell lotsa stuff to complete the furnished house (means it's well equipped) we got. We went to 2nd hand item stores, Salvation Army, Reject Shop(they sell appliances, basic necessities and cutleries here!!!) and a few other places like IKEA, Coles, K-Mart, Safeway (Australian's version of Carrefour!) and not to mentioned the wonderful fresh, brightly lit and colorful markets as well.

Amazingly, we are blending in quite well. We do our part in caring and sharing. We do our part in cooking and cleaning. We do stuff together and also by ourself! (Ok ... redundant :P). People say it's hard to live with friends. I am having a great time but it's too soon to judge but I think we will do fine! We have a thing for tea (we chat every single night about just anything!) so we bought like 300packet of Lipton tea for only $9. So kewl~~~

One thing about Australia is that - everything is cheap if you don't convert! Transportation here is hell! It's about $9.70 from where we live to the city and it takes 40min(usually more) by tram (which is slow) and calls here are expensive too. Maxis has like 7c per sms or 5c per call right??? ... Here - you ain't getting any of those! Calls are still charged per min rate like - 60c including connection fee. So no andrewkin is going to call anyone. So far, I still can control my spending in those things. Fish are expensive too. Like $20 for a small piece of Salmon. Hmmm...

I am quite glad I came over to study. I did my own mee goreng yesterday. I didn't mean the normal instant noodle. I meant the real Hokkien Mee with all sort of vegetables. I was fun. I cooked it without Black Soya Sauce, so it was quite dull without the normal aromatic taste but it was eatable. Eva said it was nice. I called it the Mee Goreng tanpa Kicap yang Luar Biasa. Can't wait for Kenny to try!!! Hahaha

Tomorrow - I am so going up to BoxHill and shop! I need my fish sauce, SeeYau, Oyster Sauce(the cooking one!) and other Asian items la! People here sells those Mee/Kuey Theow in packeted frozen plastic (Think of Pasta packets in Malaysia). Last thing - everything here is either VERY sweet or VERY salty or VERY big. A normal chicken sausage (try no to think the other way) are like almost 6inch long and they are thick (our 50c coin) and that's before you cook em. After you cook em - they expand!

Anyway - I miss everyone. No matter how nice the people here ... I deeply miss Jenny's laughter and ChooiYin's voice... Actually I miss Mahjong only la! HAHAHAHA. But yeah - you guys back in Malaysia better miss me k! hehe

PS- You guys take care!


  1. how come you say everything is cheap if you don't convert and then talk about expensive things? confused..
    yeah mobile rates are expensive. so nice, you get to sit tram

  2. As for textbooks, you can try to get second hand ones, much cheaper!

    I'll be looking forward to that hokkien mee yang luarbiasa!

    And dont worry about mahjong, we'll think of you when we play it hehe!


  3. Enjoy your aussie days and yes, everything seemed so much cheaper when u dont convert.

    I had so much cheese when I was staying in Europe but back here, the same boursin cheese which is 1.95 euro costs 18 ringgit, you will be like "WTF"

  4. of course we're missing you! ok you've had fun now can come back right? kidding! have fun boy HUGGGSSSS!

  5. Of course we miss you, our darling geisha! MWAH!

    Since you have 24 hr connection NO REASON NOT TO UPDATE.

    OK, I'll accept shopping as a valid reason. ONLY shopping.

  6. simon : my fault :P what i meant is - thing here can either get really cheap ... or really expensive. I bet you are shocked by how pricy is chilis compared to how much one brocoli cost rite?>

    ken : you are a bad person! a really really bad person! hmpmpth* but i will think of you when i see someone cute here! hahaha *notti grin

    cava : yeah - i am so going to miss AUS for one thing - THE WEATHER ... I think I will drown in my own sweat once I am back in Msia

    wingedman : It Hard! I am doing all it takes to distract a men with a single look! Shopping is essential!