Friday, February 24, 2006

Jenny says;

"Take care of you health a!"

and I replied;

"yah, I am fine ... No worries" which was half true and half not true. I am infected with a sorethroat and a cough frequently. Those dry ones. Must be the bacterias I got from Kenny. ehehe. Just seen a doctor at Uni. I was free because it was covered in my OHSC insurance. The doctors here really take good care of you.

When she was checking my condition; she asked many question about my sickness. Question ranges from; My lifestyle, My diet, My mood, My sleeping condition and many other question la!
Not like other doctors in Malaysia. Then, I was prescribed with antibiotics that i need to get from any pharmacist

Well ... nothing much here except I will have to go off from the lab soon. Missed the Vic Market a few times. Am very determined to get things from there this time!

Till then ... check out Jenny's new blog .. woohoo

*andrewkin strolls down the college walkway coughing out bacterias to infect others