Monday, May 30, 2005

Recovery Sunday

Its Sunday! and i am still sick, for those who are still wondering ... Anyway, i lost my medication but i am still surviving the battle of talking with ulser mushrooming in my mouth and also constant headache - which i now know where Panadol get their advertisement finance from!

As i listen to my illegal downloaded torrent ablum - Joss Stone which certainly has "choked me", i am still pondering my packed, well-planned and wonderful day! I begin by getting my fishes some stuff (like rocks, sands, algae, seasalt). Yah! Basically fundamentals to run an ocean in your living room. and another YES ... i m still in my 3 fish tank, 1 shrimp, lately 2 dead snails and not to mention - i am 10 months down the hobby but it is a slow, patience-required and damm alot of hefty maintanence that requires both cash and skills! After that send my films to be develop in P. Seni which is SOSOSOSOSO cheap - and there is no jam in KL ! ON A SUNDAY!!!!

Enough of the talking, i have (or should i say Kenny and I) have proudly and successfully installed out Jebo-protein skimmer. It sure took a long time cos we bought that thing like ages ago which we had difficulty in installing due to various reasons i will not go into and it cost about rm50 being abandon for some months! For those who are scrathing their head, this mechanism is a machine that works like Indah Water ... Get it? If you still dont get it, the next time you make a flush on your toilet bowl, ask him or her the question! Yah this is the mechanism :

Image hosted by
INDAH WATER - installed and working for marine fishes

Went to Megamall for sushi dinner! Thank you Kenny! Love the treat - my katsu don set and something okonomi yaki (japanese pizza) which is so yum yum yum! Then, ended up watching apprentice which i learned that (never ever try to film stupid advertisements!) and finish up my DVinci file for GC111 - which is still not done yet at this present moment. As i blog, i ponder among waking up at 6.30am to fetch my bro to the airport - SHIT!

Overall, enjoyable sunday with your best mate, great food, fun hobby, fantastic music, learned something from Donald Trump and finished my routine and work. What could be better?

*A Tiffany & Co. or Cartier ring would be additional fun!* hahahaha

Friday, May 27, 2005

Tru Confessions

I watched this Disney production movie today while i was sick.

Gawd...i give this movie a rating of 10 out of 10! It was by far the most touching moments and movie i had watched in ages! It's just so nicely build, nicely end and touches me down inside! The entire casting was good! The entire story line was good! Even the meaning and acting was fabulous! Disney rocks hard this time!

Too bad, they are not seeling this TV show online or avaiblable in anyway! I should have recorded the movie! I am so gonna miss this show - Tru Confession
Do a google search on it to learn more. IMDB is a good place to start!

Thursday, May 26, 2005

May Sickness

I am sick again. I think by the rate i fall sick, i could actually open a hospital specially cater to me. Sigh* I am only 7 page through FTV script and i am gasping for more oxygen. Yes - i have a very bad flu which oxygen can hardly transport through my nostrils, a inflated red sorethroat - which the doctor say - it is quite bad i say, a minor headache thanks to panadol(who invented those wonder pills anyway????) and of course some cough here and there. Nothing big a deal i suppose. Normal sickness. Just a much quieter me. I dont talk as much. I dont concentrate as much. Hope i heal fast enough for this saturday's madagascar outing!

Monday, May 23, 2005

In A Cinema Near Near My Place ...

I suppose most of you all who have read my title blog input today would know which latest movie i have watch! HAHA ... yes the none other than Star Wars III; the revenge of the sikh ... i mean Sith, i mean Sith! really ...! LOL (Imagine sikh people holding lightsabers zapping droids with their ever fabulous fashion trademark - the turban :P) Anyway - no offend. Just thought it was cute.

Anyway, today is a holiday and as usual; the cinema is overcrowded. Long waiting lines could be seen at popcorn counter, was not really fun especially when there is people infront who take their time ordering, or people who cannot decide what they want. I mean, comeon, think before you reach the counter le! Plus, the people behind the counter are slow. Waste people time only! Because of that, i missed most trailers and was only awarded with Mr and Mrs Smith, Angeline Jolie is so cool in that movie! Yah yah ... Brad Pitt was ok la!

Image hosted by

Well, back to the land or time far far away (you see i am so not a "Bintang Perang" fan) but i went out with 10 other crazy fans and 4 soso fans to watch it. It was not bad i would say, compare to SW II which was badly commented on. Although so, i was thrill to see Ewan Mcgregor which is the only reason why i am stuck with other URGLY creatures, slimy-girl jedi knights, big rolling machines, ever-short but gorgeous master yoda, "purple" lightsabers, funny droids, weird looking pyjamas, hairy wookies, lasers everywhere and awesome ugly rough transportation creatures! Overall, it was an ok movie but the lightsaber fighting scenes surely send me blind for a second and then another and the another everytime they touch. When the show finishes, i swear i could feel like having's yoda's big eye or mayb 3pio's (is that how u spell? - the gay golden robot).

Padme and Master Windu died of course. Oh tribute to many other jedi who died as well but yah, there is an episode 4 coming. My only question is ... Darth Vader sounds funny. Since the director change and add in some really cool stuff to the new episodes of SW, why not make Darth Vader sound a lil more decent? Everytime he breaths, it sounds as if he farted. LOL ... anyhow i shall now resume my script writing.

I so need a pink lightsaber and you can call me the Orr Diva I-ness Jedi Knight!

My Rainbow Story

After the rain, there is always the rainbow. That is what everybody say. Some believe it, some just take it as it is and some just dont. (Please do not give me shit like what if it rains at night ...)

To me, there is always one just around the corner. You just need to choose whether to close your eyes, turn around and ignore it, even it is there; or you can just just at least look at it, searchs for it or even imagine it is there. Then, life would have been much more beautiful fro the present and the future.

It has been a rough ride throughout my weekend. Certainly not the best this year! But, I choose to look at my own rainbow, a multicolor one and more on a positive side with Kenny. Hugs. It was with a whole lot of guidance and support that the storm ended calmly. My salvation has complete. I am me again. Cheers!

... and i got a new shirt! muahahaha

Image hosted by
me and kenny - hehe - enjoying the everlasting photoshoped rainbow

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Simple Weekend Outing

Visited Albert's house today. Wow, it was so cool! The pink gate, purple kitchen, sea breeze living room, LG high-end artistic aircond, comfortable sofa and delicious food he made certainly made the worth of me walking through a gang-fighting indians downstairs, more than 5 minutes of waiting for the "darkwater" lift and also heavy smelly indians. 2 thumbs up for the view too! Man i m beginning to like condo at higher level, with good view that is!

After sending James back from Albert's bout 12am, i decided to take drive around - its amazing how i can still stay awake after almost 48 hours of none sleeping. My body felt heavy but my eyes and mind are still quite awake. As i drive and puff, my eyes begin to feel dry due to contact lense and the cold aircond kinda make me feel comfortable - to fall asleep, which is not good! I swore i would fall asleep but i reached Old Klang Road and went to Kiven's corner. Passed Kenny's condo. It was lighted, Kenny was around with his friends and as the vacant neighbours all glow in darkness - their condo stands out clearly. Anyhow, Kiven's roti kaya and milo ais kept me awake a while. And i was on my way driving again heading down to Bangsar, pass a police road block, and turn into Help Institute. Exited somewhere near to SS2 and speed down the Kelana LDP highway. Dad's wira is a wonder compared to muah's Kembara! Back in Sunway and there were illegal races all over the road.

Reached home half dead after stopping at 2 traffic light near to Summit, enter room stripping myself and begin listening to the tribal princess, Nelly Furtado's - The grass is green while i input this. I sense dreamland coming my way. Hope tomorrow's meeting goes well. God bless!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Trial and Error

I have not been sleeping. My face looks like the moon, my body ache, feel like throwing up every now and then, still stuck in yesterday's mood; i have make my point to be more progressive today. That is when, this new design came about. I prefer this one than the previous one. Much more simplier and has a lil of me everywhere through-out the blog. DUH!

Decided not to go gym, not to go to Pasar Seni for my GC111 signature project, not to eat lunch as there arent any for me to scavenge on and worst, my body will not stand the sunny day. I might just faint, as my zombified body is running on muah's extra motor. hahaha. Parents are away also to Cameron! That means my the entire house is mine for this weekenD! YAHOO

Spinning to the entire torrent file of Gavin Degraw's album chariot, my bro downloaded a week ago, i begin pressing buttons, redesigning using macromedia and plunge myself into the HTML codes. Man, it is surely tough but thanks to Kenny's previous tuition lesson, it kinda learn a few things or two and i certainly made it easier for me to manipulate those funny "codes"

Problems??? I do not know is it my sleepy eyes or my cloud9 brain that i see unrelated "blue" or "purple" colours on my blog. Those links you press on - got what i mean? On my template preview setting, it looks alright but under, it look horrible out of design. It was not suppose to be there! hmm ... i figure it out later. Guys, if you do see any, do page me or buzz me - i need to alter the codes again *sigh* here comes the labyrinth again!

Well i think i am going to try and get some sleep. See ya blog!

A balance world

A bird can only fly that high with only one kind of wings,
A piano only has 8 notes, not less not more,

Once someone told me to be a pavillion for the sun and rain,
and once someone told me to be the reason for being the sun and rain,

Being the soil, sand or rock, you still belong to earth
Being the tree, sky or cloud, you will still be threaten by mother nature
Then why choose to be, when you can just forsee?
Why have you chosen and yet you still doubt?

Questions are always a key to answer.
But certain answers do not need question
Sometimes questions are redundant
Sometimes answers are useless and meaningless

There is always a rainbow somewhere after the storm
There is always death somewhere after the storm

Eve and Adam,
Adam and Eve,
A broken angel, is still an angel
A devil is forever a devil
Who is who, and who is what, doest matter

As i always believe;
The world is always a balance

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Crab-catching Operation

I skipped school today, just to do Anita's Policy Assignment. It was difficult waking up to it. I just rather be in dreamland (even it was a nightmare seeing Marilyn Manson chasing me!), doze till afternoon and get a headache in hope to further stress my body to fall sick, so i can get an MC and skip class tomorrow ... but ... i know that can't or should not happen. I would be wasting time and even if i can delay or lucky enough to postpone Anita's due date, ALL consequences will be bared by me. I hate that! I got up trying to write something regarding Cyber Law and nope, nothing came up. About 12, i have decided to fall back on plan A - Copyright which most people are or have flooded the library for resources. That means - nothing much left for me to scavenge. Thank gawd, Kenny helped me previously, about a month ago preparing references from newspapers and with my previous research, i manage to pull through the pathetic dilemma dumbdumb policy with examples *sigh*!

Ended up in the library again doing some research and decided to do my assignment in Kenny's place. I am so much more progressive when he is around. He is just my encouragement to pull through hard times. Thanks so much! HUGS

Things i did to release my stress; pretended to be Buble singing & Kenny was Nelly dueting to Quando Quando Quando!, became a total Cat on his bed enticing his pillows! Danced like a sicko maniac with a towel - how the not diva and ended up catching crabs in his condo. Later, he belanja STEAMBOAT! it was another WOW factor that got my through the stressy moment... It was all the "SUI KAO" and "YUE MEAN" we ate that made me so so so so so full but satisfied enough to get me going the night! As i was 700 words through Anita's assigment, I thought i can just like relax and i did - going to see muah's marine tank! As this present moment i am somewhere almost done, listening to Kelly Clarkson again. I can not care less about poly-see and started BLOGing!

Image hosted by

Yeah! Those are the crabs we caught and dump into the sump (WHY? the crabs became irritating creatures that tries to snap my fishes and shrimp for food). They were caught and banished to the eternal 24 hours lighting algae forest! HAHAHA...

and more crabs!

Image hosted by

which ended up a total 9 crabbies caught. More to go... and will soon banish (feel like a witch!) all of em ... MUAHAHAHA (now i feel like Cruel-le-Devil from 101 Dalmations!)

Saturday, May 14, 2005

National Library

Image hosted by

Made a visit to the National Library yesterday in hope to get book sources for Anita's policy assignment. It was not really the encouraging or resourceful place to go (unless thousand of students had flocked the library in search for policy related books!). The overall trip was not up to my expectation. I have been to the Shah Alam library and MPSJ library in Subang. Both are so much better then the national library. Books are so old, some too old! Majority books are not allowed to be borrowed. What is a library when you cannot borrow books?!?!?!??! Then Kenny told me; "perhaps they scared kua if everyone borrow books, they run out of books????" Trust me, i am a librarian, i know it is possible to overcome such a problem! If a normal secondary school library can, apatah national library!!!!Only books in level 1 can be borrowed - which are not helpful books i called it. Either than the rude loud staff, old computers, confusing search program, quiet spacious room and old rotten lockers ouside, there is nothing much to brag about not to talk about. I feel stupid being there. I dunno, maybe it is the environment or maybe it is just me, but i don't seem to find any interesting thing to read about. Everything look - stagnant! There is like pratically nothing much i should say despite the 4 level of knowledge they have and a BLOODY thick Malaysia Novel displayed at the entrance to level2.

Image hosted by

Despite that fact, there is something quite interesting that Kenny found out, which i later told the Soong sisters. Me & Kenny went for a quick lunch at their canteen while the Soongs stayed at level 2 doing their readings. As we endure the quite huge spacious hall out to the entrance, down left-right-left-right weird design of staircase out the library, to the outdoor and into a dark passage way - we have reach the canteen. First thing i saw was, "funny" food. Everything looks dry, used and erm, i dunno la! I just bought a packet of Snips, 2 Sugus stick, 5 keropok lekor (which was fresh from the kitchen) while Kenny ate their nasi campur. I took some scoops, it was really not that bad! I mean the nasi was ok! But Kenny told me something disgusting which i agreed. There is this mosquito-fly zapper hung right above the food displayed. Imagine what happen if the mosquito-fly gets zap! Where will they fall???? GAWD ! Of course there is this tray that like prevents it from falling anywhere but if in any occasion that a fly could end up in a curry or rendang or whatever that is displayed there, it would be like "kena loteri" ... Moreover, i would not risk eating some mosquito-fly's buntut, kepala, kaki or kepak which got de-tached due the the zap!

Image hosted by

Overall, i shall say that - a country's national library reflects the country's identity. Make a visit there, and judge for yourself!

Malaysia Boleh!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Sleeping Beauty

I have been sleeping almost the whole day. I woke up once in a while thinking of my FTV treatment assignment, Anita's policy analysis (which i have not even started!) and also the KLCC photography trip tomorrow. Then, i went back to sleep. I slept at 2am last night, woke up about 11am. Then i went out for lunch with Ken, do a lil shopping for Lynn's coming birthday (Yes, we got you a gift) and also bought my mum a gift (Yes, it is also her birthday) and went back home to sleep at 3 - 5 again. As i am typing this entry, i still feel like jumping to the bed and doze off like sleeping beauty. hahaha. Anyway, i got myself a Tropicana Bag as ALL my current bag is tore, broke or not "IN" enough. I love this current bag, it camouflages with my room's wall colour - green and beige. Its about RM60 - which landed me with only RM13 to pass this 2 days. Well, i hope i can make it through...

Image hosted by
Muah's new bag!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

My "neighbours"

You know what they say about neighbours right? In primary (moral classes), i was taught by my teacher to respect my neighbours and treat them with oranges during chinese new year and visit them when they are sick. That happen with my Indian family neighbour who was very nice! but everything nice must come to an end. They moved out - to a bigger and better environement. Then in secondary school, i was taught to be a nice neighbour, always considerate, respectful and helpful. I did my part (will skip the justification) but well, my neighbours certainly did not went through schools I say!

Neighbour 1, is stingy, action and boastful! Aunty 1 is a pain the arse! She has like 3 cars in her house and only 2 person knows how to drive. Aunty 1 is a fulltime housewife and uncle 1 drives to work. That i would understand, but her cars are hocking car parks around my neighbourhood. I have 3 cars and 4 person driving. I know it doesnt matter but she is just so stingy. She does not park her cars in a understanding way. She doesnt care about her neighbours, she just park wherever she likes and when people (her neighbours) comes back from work, she will monopoly the parking without regret. Worse, she has a sister that lives in Puchong coming frequently to her place and park at somebody elses' front garden parking. She even said to another neighbour which somehow the gossip got into my front door that she got the 3rd car because she needed more cars. Dear, sell one then since only two of you drive. I always see the other car left on the same spot for days! Then where would other people park? My friends who pay me visits park at the street behind or like 10 blocks down the street thanks to some people! Even her neighbour park 2 cars inside (1 at parking lot & the other at the mini-inner garden - poor thing) And when people like hint about parking space, she says "yah yah, people all park everywhere until i got no parking also!". I wanted to just go like "Yo Fat ass! look whos car is everywhere huh...!" One day i am so gonna scratch some cars!

Neighbour 2 is rude, young, ugly and sick! Students will be the issue here. Yes, they painted the house looking so beautiful but let me tell you something more interesting. They have 3 little cute puppies! YES 3! and for those of you that have been to my house, having 1 shih tzu would be a killer as there is not enough space. This pathetic enthusiast of animal cruelty not only have 3 lil pups that will grow to be medium size dogs, they used to have 1 white bitch which almost tore my 7 year old sister apart when she came back from school. Luck was not on the dog (as if there is luck being with an owner like that!) - she was crippled as one of my neighour beat the hell out of the dog for reasons; she poos everywhere anywhere, bark and attack people(me once, but i landed a kick on her face), mate with other dogs and got into fights with other dogs attracting more each day as if they were making another "fight club" - the dog version movie. SO, she was beaten and her leg sprained, but what made me sick was not only the owner did not took her to the vet, they throw her somewhere to live! AND NOW, they have 3 dogs. I pity the lil creatures and i pity the owner for having bad karma. In addition, my mum collect rents from this particulat neighbour to hand the monthly rental to the real house owner. They never really pay on time. Last month (afew days back) my mum confronted them about paying late, and they scolded my mum for chasing them. Mum got mad, thats the end! They were late 1 month for rental paying and the scolded my mum. HOW PATHETIC AND STUPID! Worse, they say that the money used for rental was used by them for the car they bought brand new! Mum was like; "so?>?" and "what the fuck are you trying to say"? Of course, mum kept her silence and did more damages when she asked dad to settle the problem. Dad was like "Freddy" - and i heard they obey but Dad also offer them to move out.

Neighbour 3
The one that was never home, but always you get cars again parked evetywhere. I shall not dwell into this topic again

Neighbour 4
Mad! This is the neighbour that wacked the Bitch and had her a total makeover. He is crazy but well who isn't! Singaporean man who doesnt seem to work does gardening, washing car, going out on occassion, plays the piano, throws dishes when he doesnt get sex from the wife (YES WE CAN HEAR!) and got bad points in life when he hit a dog for illegal entrance to his home. Well, what can i say? He's a man that is depended on his wife.

Now this is 4 of my neighbours that lives very near to me! Well, like they say, you cant beat'em ... dont join'em if they are bad ... just teach'em a real nice lesson. Sue me!

Saturday, May 7, 2005

Starbucks KLCC

Listening to Michael Buble's album for the 3rd time already in Starbucks and i realized how i had fall in love with this guy's singing and voice! Darn ... As i am sitting here for the past 2 hours, i have totally ignore those surrounds me and if KLCC were attacked by terrorist - i would know of nothing but here, typing muah's blog entry. hahaha. With the Ipod continuous playing-spinning to my favourite songs, the laptop charged onto an extension cord (which i was lucky to get hold of) sending out hit wave, online chatting in MSN, my grande chocolate frap (muah's favourite) all down me and researching photography composition notes that santalia ordered to finish up, i am enjoying every bit of this - secluded in my own corner and space, doing my stuff.

Things are getting a lil more nasty as its almost 10.30. Can begin to hear more noise, see more people and my next table - kept having more friends joining. Its like for the past few minutes, someone will just introduce someone to someone and start da "kissing" muax muax thinge. All are malay girls thou. And by the rate they are introducing themselves; they can form some hitler army already by midnight. Nothing interesting except one of few that kept staring at me or could be my white ipod headphones. HAHAHA. Also, what is so interesting is that - they didnt even order any drinks and used that table to play UNO card game... whatever!

My front table sat a red shirt girl with really hot short pants, crossed leg, not at me but at someone else i suppose. Scary is that, she has been alone with her venti-sized chocolate ice drink for hours. Hmmm ... should i say hi? Maybe not. but she seems lonely thou...always looking at the counter (which are mostly girls and the guy is a trans! unless she's interested in malay baritas boys or she's a lesbian - what is she looking at???? the menu perhaps :P) Playing her handphone and crossing her arms once a while, i am quite certain she's waiting for someone! Unless - she's just a regular trying to be the "you-dont-know-my-name, Alicia Keys, female version of the coffee drinker" in her MTV.

I stood up and went to take water. Guess what, the next table of malay girls actually look up at me and smiled. Hmmm. hahaha. dunno what that means but well, they are whispering as soon as i got back. I presume they think i cant hear as i was with my Ipod - yeah yeah- i can't listen but their gestures; laugh out loud, hitting each other at the shoulder and the "gatal" word which i heard certainly made me very geli. Matter got worse when the old classic trick came - camera phones was on the loose! They are taking pictures now. Dunno who thou. haha, but if they did took my picture, what can i do? Explode like a pink diva goddess??? Thank god, they resume their Uno game and ignore me. Ahahaha except that one girl was backing me sat opposite to face me. Should i turn and say hi? In her dreams i thought.

I just noticed how "keh poh" i was but well, what do you expect me to do? hahaa
Image hosted by
me listening to muah's ipod and secretly vulturing the sight around

Thursday, May 5, 2005

Again rising prices

I woke up today felt like a total loser. Been up for some hours last night searching for my lost student ID, woke up early to continue the search and even ask my family members to help out. The result was a bit sad but what got me into being moody is basically how i felt about myself. Notice I always lost things or at least assume or thought i lost something - it is like my habitual concious to do something like that, especially when i am busy or rushing. Today, i wore my pink shirt to school - to counter attack my mood. Hate to say this, but pink do make you boyish (not gay damm it!) and of course you feel like the next legally blonde strolling down school. It works for me, it made me happier. Then, during Anita's class (she was like scolding) and i look like Barbie coming late to class. HAHA but well, got back my essay assignment! Anita sures know how to penalize mark without justification (of course there is, in her notes - but there is still loop holes!)

As i was driving home, i bump into a gorgeous girl driving a BMW without her door closed properly. I thought:
1. She should be wearing pink today! or perhaps paint her BMW pink
2. She surely doesn't seem like a driver that look at her dashboard
3. I am very SURE a BMW will signal you when your door is not closed properly!
4. It will sure be expensive to replace a BMW door
5. She should be just putting a P sign on her car

Later, i got a message from my friend telling me that the petrol price will be raised, AGAIN! What is with the constant rising petrol cost? Someone like write something on it. I mean, at least pre-warn the consumer about what is excatly happening. I realise everyone just go with the flow when something like that happen. You can't stop em, join em! Shouldn't there be an organization globally that has a say in this kinda thinge? I mean we do have United Nation, WAO, WWF and what so ever, but none to stop the every ongoing of rise in petrol. Now, you have to pay tol and expensive petrol to use the road! Citizenship? Freedom? ... Need i say further *cross fingers, Anita surely will be proud of me! haha* Another stupid thing i notice is that, everyone just crowd the petrol station during this kinda time and like try their best to get their tank filled! How much can you save???? sigh* the most also RM5!!!!! Aiyo! Malaysians~~~ tell me what's new!

Image hosted by

come lets all pump by midnight ... can save more money

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

All in a day

Finally went to Tesco, Puchong today. I have never been there before but i kinda get the concept - hypermarket like Carrefour or Giant. Everything there is like cheap and sold in bulks (not all of them actually). Reasons for me to go there is simple; Vynn needs to go there to do some shopping and need a lift home and as Grace can't fetch her, i volunteer. Moreover, i have nothing else to do and its about time for me to visit that place. Since i am going there, i my as well search for my Pokka Green Tea drink (mum drank all the previous one she bought - how greedy and selfish ... HMMPH!)

Image hosted by
and so the hunt for the greentea begins!

Image hosted by
i seek, i found, i bought - many ... cheap mah!

Image hosted by
in addition, i even bought my 1st pink shirt! muahaha

Finish part one, begin part two! I was at mamak with my big bro, Jenny and some gym friends at USJ9 after a whole hardcore cardio workout at gym. Was not that hungry, so decided to take on something light. As we were ordering, suddenly someone started to like shout some hindustani language and everything was chaotic. The mamak waiter asked us to just resume calm and continue what we are doing (which was ordering food but the attendant himself was stacking chairs from the empty table behind us). All the attendance from the mamak started to fold tables and it seem like a bomb struck the neighbourhood ... (for a moment i was glad!) and then we realize some government officers came in a truck, they are trying to catch, confiscate, summon or whatever you call it - mamak stalls that put out tables on streets. YES! its illegal. Everything was quite dramatic. Let you see some pics i took :

Image hosted by
tables were kept ... darn its alot of tables!

Image hosted by
hah! bribe le ... bribe le ... negotiation as usual to escape law!

Image hosted by
before they came ... and ... after they came! hahaha

That was quite drama. me and my friends just laughed at them, though some of the governement officers notice me taking pictures. They stare and look but i just smiled. I suppose they can't do anything to me. I was just eating at the mamak as normal civilian and if they "kacau" me, i will so send the pictures to newspaper publication pretending i was a journalist! hahahaha ... bite me

Last thinge, i lost my student ID. yes here comes! FUCK FUCK FUCK

Monday, May 2, 2005

Lil Star

Firstly, i would really like to say a huge big sorry to Lynn for loaning her camera and forgot to return to her on saturday night which resulted her in inconvenience of travelling, redundant scolding, rushing here and there as well as getting her worked out. I am so sorry Lynn, i didnt mean to cause so much commotion. Hope your brother did not do any hardcore damages to you emotionally; do tell him is my fault. I am the one to be blame anyway for my ignorance. In addition, i not only got my buddy worked out, i got my parents mad too! (Mum, i know you got scolded by dad for my clumsiness - so sorry ar!, i promise to get you a big gift for mother's day ya and thanks a million for sending the cam over!!! :P).

As everyone was worked out by my forgetfulness, i was far away in 1-Utama with Kenny. Walking around, looking worried and stressed - at the same time, I really hope everything over the other side at Subang with Lynn and Mum is not gonna get any worse! I will so skip the details! It did for a while when Lynn SMS me that there were no battery in her cam and her bro is gonna kill her. Later, she beep me telling me it was OK, there is battery in the cam. Good to hear that the "moment" is finally over and Lynn is still "alive".

Well, i got this lil gift from Perilis Silver! It's really cool. You guys will see me wear it once a while in school! I think this brand has potential to make it big to the niche market of moderate consumer users. They do really have some really creative and nice accesories although some seems to copy Tiffany! But well, it is silver and it's cheap, so what the hell right? Anyway it doesn't really matter if its a Bvlgari, Cartier or PohKong, as long as you look nice with it - then who cares!

This is da lil star i have been talking about! I do like their packaging too. Quite cute and glam :)

Image hosted by

Sunday, May 1, 2005

A brand new face

After a whole lot of work for the last 2 weeks, i finally finish designing and coding my blog! Before a brief of what's been happening in my past non-blogging-content, i would like to send my highest graditute and many many many thanks to a fabulous brilliant and well support; to my forever best of friends, Kenny Tai! You all should visit his blog! Designed and coded in 6 hours ... man he is good!

Now, for the past 2 weeks, i have been bombarded with a whole lot of stress and school work. Most of you all that have seen me must have got shocked how i look! Pimples! Yeah ... i am very d drama wan, i cannot stand those thinges! PR media strategy was due (very difficult assignment which i did not gain enough support from my team mates, good but not good enough), then i have GC111 potrait marker rending to do, MCI211 Anita's presentation, PR Media interview assigment, GC111 photography work, FTV story feature script, GC111 weekly homework to show my lecturer and also the blogspot thinge to finish up!

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The last day of my "hellish" week, from left, sy, vynn, grace & me

Sigh* Now you know how busy i was! hahaha but everything ended quite well thanks to again my beloved friends who has stand by me, supported me and some even helped me with my assignment - Damaris, your d bomb. I love you! Hugs. It is 1st May, and this is my official 1st blog for my brand new face - andrewkin, puzzles and pieces - cracks of my life and feel free to drop me any comments or so!