Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I Ah Foo now blog my hobby

My name is Ah Foo. I know my young master dislike cockroaches ... so I kill them a plenty for young master, so he never will kick me out and rub me nice at the head. I like barking at strangers too.

When I am puppy, I boring at night and don't want to wake young master, old master, mummy, big sister and small sister, I have hobby to kill bug. I hate them. I eat the flying one cos they fast. But the big one like cockroach is hobby to kill them.

I also never like cockroach. I see neighbour cat usually kill them by smacking them with paw. So I did to them same. They usually die faster if I bite. They taste yucky, so I never eat. I prefer IAMS lamb biscuit that young master hardly buy. Young master want me eat chicken more.

I kill many now. Record is 4 per night. If I sell cockroach dead body, I ah foo can appear in Fortune Doggy as Billionaire.

Doggie proof from my i-dogpone's camera on different nights.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lamp post with tyre

I am a muffin top! or rather I have a muffin top? Wanna know what is it? Well, K told me this. If you have a muffin-top means probably you have a tummy, overflowing your waist size. Something like this:

Yeap! That picture is none other than me!

I have a muffin-top ... and no one in the world can save me from this disaster. Gosh, I shall not defy aging then. Accept it with grace and walk away from mirrors, refrain from taking pictures while I am topless and control damage by strict guidelining what I put in my mouth (or rather my tummy!)

So sad la ... I look so ugly, thin with a tummy? It's like a curse ... it's like the old phrase coming back ... Tiang lampu dengan tayar (title)

Monday, April 26, 2010

My desolative exertion weekend

I would like to thank Caffeine Sunbear and Mr. Ng for their great company again this weekend. Nope, no more clubbing but we were at Coffee Bean, Taipan. I was rushing my assignment and they were around to company me, reminded me to continue my struggles and constantly supporting me. I feel honored. For those who had sent their regards on tweeter, a big huge-hug to you all too!

I fell sick earlier today and after popping pills to fight the pain, I manage to get up in the evening after a 3 hour heavy nap and begin rummaging through HEAPS of Excel Sheet Datas. All the analysis on CPO, the significance variables, share units, prospects, moneymarkets, Rsquared figures and a whole long-listed financial data jargon has nearly send me to ICU. Having a headache and back-pain from yesterday's sleep didn't helped a bit. Having to skip gym and know that I am not putting on mass but putting on stress on statistic didn't helped either. Having blockage in writing my assignment, not knowing where to start and how to end sent me off the cliff. I begin to feel the pinch... begin to feel like a loser ...

World starts crumbling down?

Although it is a-bit hard nowadays to brave through the storm, I keep telling myself that I can do it. If the missing pieces are meant to be, and calls are unanswered - then you have no choice but to strive to be better. I have learn to adapt, through thick or thin. Breath a little, cry a little less, whine lesser and just keep your chin up.

Just keep swimming?

I kept falling ... In between writing and analyzing, I grew anxiety. I always had someone that I can quickly share my difficulties and suddenly, it seems so far reach. 大哥 remarked that his invincible brother is finally falling? Truth to certain degree ....

Of course, the boys know that I am still hungry for comfort, for a pillar to rely on and definitely for companionship. And so, they took me to eat my favourite pork dish and continuously poke me with their Grindr finds, hoping to strike a smile on my face. After dinner, the two sleepy head had coffee with me, aiming to get me perked-up to finish my assignment. To-date, I am 80% done and with a brief visit to the library tomorrow after work, before gym, I am sure I can complete the assignment. This is what best friends are for ... and for that, I am glad that I am still human at the end of today.

How about tomorrow? Hmmm .....

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Import Blog!

OH MI GAWD. I imported like 300+ post from my previous blogs to this one, but I did not publish them yet. I've briefly went through them and it is so embarrassing to read the spelling errors and silly sentence structure mistakes I made. I mean, I still make them on this blog ... but I believe much lesser compared to last time. Thanks to reading books and of course, writing ... What to do, I am not a born talented writer!

Will post them up one by one, as soon as I do some minor amendments on their tags and title. Don't wanna mess em up. So for now, I am going to sleep ... hopefully can have the same dream as last night.

Time to stop the iTunes and jump to bed. Current song playing, and one that I rate 4 star : Kelly Clarkson "If No One Will Listen"

Good song. Go listen!

Monday, April 19, 2010

For the Tigers!

I didn't know about this until like 1030 in the morning today after reading soon to be bride's post about the tiger blogfest 2010 and I want to do my part for the environment, for nature and definitely for the macho-manly-super fit tigers out there.

Ever wonder why Malaysian neighbourhood is never safe? Ironically, in chinese saying - having a tiger at home brings security and peace against the evil of fire and bulgary. Of course, not the real tiger ... but a symbol of it. Now we know why every year we suffer the consequences of haze and pelbagaian-rompakan (ok, mind my malay :P)

Ever wonder why we have plagues, sickness and uncurable disease? Tigers are hyperactive creatures, playful and fill with energy. They play hard and rest well, to compete in the future days. A classic symbol of yin and yang. What do we do? We kill them for medicines? What do you get in return? You get more plagues, sickness and uncurable diseases ... to top it up, earthquakes and blizzard storm! Hint hint?

Killing a tiger for fur is nonsense and rubbish in the fashion world. Be comfortable in your own skin. Why would you want to wear stripes when you can be naked! Haha... Look at a wider perspective, models need to learn to walk like tigers, proud and glamorous, striking a roaring pose at the end of the stage. Please, it's called a catwalk and shouldn't we learn from the best cat?

Tigers are usually easy target for poachers compared to their cousins, Lions . Wanna know why?, Tigers walk out in the public because they are known for their courage and bravery. So those who hunts them in the open are plain cowards! Walk with them ... if you dare!

Don't let this be the only image of tiger we have for the children of tomorrow

The tiger is our national animal! Our heritage. But today, only less than 500 of them remain in the wild. As Malaysians, we need to stand up and protect our heritage. Speak to your children. Speak to your leaders! Everyone of us can make a difference ...

As how monyetking has put it ... don't let this happen to our national emblem ....

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Perfecto = MX345 and clubbing!

This bunch of friends are definitely keepers. Mr Ng and Caffeine Sunbear with me ... testing my stupid camera phone. Being a photographer, I dare say that this camera phone is absolutely rubbish *with the England slang*

Well, it was a fun-filled weekend. A balance of study, work and hanging out with friends. Met new ones, kept old ones, disposed a few ones and catch-up with long lost ones. Got to packed up for gym soon, and probably kick Caffeine Sunbear out of my house, since we have been "IT"ing the whole day at my place. What to do, PC Fair ma! Reason to get new gadgets for my small home :P

I shall promote this machine I just spent on. The 4-in-1 wonder printer cum scanner cum copier cum faxer ... the Canon MX357, that comes in built-in wifi, pendrive reader and all the wonderful things you can have in a printer.

The only missing thing is a touch screen, but for rm470 ... cannot complain la

I absolutely love the machine, I hardly say this ... but deng, it is a bulk beauty sitting at the back of my living room. Since it is hooked on to my network, everyone can print! With no hassle on the wires! Now, when are these bunch of geniuses going to invent wireless power cable?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ms. Punky Brewster

Its been so long since I chated with Ms. Punky Brewster. Usual, she is either busy ... or superbly busy and I only end up saying hi to her offline MSN status. But today, she spent the whole hour (or hours) chatting with me while at work. A true friend indeed. Sometimes, it makes me wonder ... how come someone who only met me once, spend only 4 days with me on the beach trip and miles away could work magic into our friendship, compared to those who are only a drive away, in the same country and have a local number. SHAME ON YOU

*Strikes a lightning bolt pose*

Well, I guess the imperfection in human and individual expectations created that problem. And me being imperfect and have expectations ... it's unavoidable to have me judging now.

So, I was chatting with Ms Punk Brewster and she was giving me these list of advises, some are very interesting. I plan to follow some of it to see if it really works. You know, create a null hypothesis and use statistic to proof life it to work. Haha. All is well ... until

The sky started crying. Gosh, do you know that right in front of me is a flat white view of the fall. It's so moody to see how the clouds are pouring tons of water, blurring the scenery with droplets of water and ironically, Ms Punky Brewster just asked me to do that. Unfortunately, I am numb to it ... due to the whole lots of work, stress and my outlook reminder ringing me the pending work that I either dismiss or snooze!

Urgh... I hate working life. I hate juggling life actually. Why can't I be married and just live my life with not much regrets except dealing with the occasional self-conflict to impulse shopping. Starting to imagine that I should take a chance of being Paris BFF. Hmmm ... I definitely can take-down some of the candidates in her reality show. Ok, I am not making any sense now ...

Better go back to work

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lady Antebellum : Need You Now

25 things about me!

Hmmm... I remember that Ms Green Cum asked me last week to write 25 things about myself and explain them. Gosh. Believe me, I did write and when I came to no.10 ... I was so tired to think and do it. The point to write them with positive connotation attaching to each point to me is absurd! I thrive on being pessimistic. ANYWAY ... Today, she asked me about it and gosh, it drove me up the wall when I brush it off my shoulder

so ... I decided to briefly list them, yeap ... the keyword is "list" and do a nice creative twist to the idea! I hope that will do la ...

  1. I am a big fan of comic, mutants to be exact. X-Men! Wish I could fry someone with my imaginative electro balls
  2. Been trying to get a more meatier body. Personal trainer in gym helped but my arm still looked like lotus roots. Something I despise alot
  3. I got merits for being a script writer, art director but suck at talent scouting, acting and so. Those are part and parcel of my Uni life
  4. I would be convicted for attempt of murder on killing rude, impolite drivers
  5. I would be convicted for insanity, sent to the asylum for bumper-to-bumper traffic crawl
  6. Songs determine how I feel, how I should react and how I transform myself to a dancer. Side note, I am a bad singer but I love mandarin songs. Sad songs keeps me sane!
  7. In priority, my hair, my eyes and my comical grin ... my body is next...
  8. I tend to know which store is at which part of the shopping mall, which road to use in the city and how to get to an unfamiliar place by following my directional instinct. Direction whiz?
  9. Prefer tea over coffee, chocolates over donuts, mangoes over strawberries, dogs over cats, fish over birds as pets, and chinese desserts over western's
  10. Fast sleeper ... I doze off quickly
  11. Weak stomach is my most well-known trait
  12. Clumsy is my middle-name
  13. I would die without pork! I love pork noodle ... good ones!
  14. I have all the power rangers color for polo tees. They even come in different shades
  15. Me likey accessories; watches, necklace, bags, shoes, pouches, wrist bands, chokers, rings, shades, spectacles, anklets and etc.
  16. Formula for the perfect date; intelligent + funny + successful + compatible + chatable + caring + can hang out with my family + love pets + romantic + all-rounder - Crocs owner = perfect = non-existing?
  17. I have a high tendency to ignore ugly or stupid people. I am sorry, think Maybelline tagline
  18. I am a sucker for ice-cream ... any ice-creams
  19. If I am a dog, I would most likely be a golden retriever ... NOT! ... Jack Russell, Jack Russell...
  20. Given a chance to remove one thing in the world, I would remove hot weather ...
  21. My best friend thinks I am still a baby and my close friends thinks I will always be one
  22. I prefer cooked food over raw food ... but Jap is kewl. Thai salad is kewl too.
  23. I am a Cam Whore ... I love posing for the camera. One of those people ... yeah *wink* pose pose
  24. Last two! I am bad with IT, gadget and cars. Not that of a reliable guy right? which come to my final point
  25. I am gay ... homosexually gay. Yeap! I like man who is older than me, taller than me, bigger than me, richer than me, smarter than me and preferably cuter than me! Haha

What a way to come out ~

Sunday, April 11, 2010

"Shift of a storm, to risk it all"

... Alicia Keys

The radio is playing her songs, but I am sure not a lot of people notice her with all the current hype on dance tracks spinning no.1 on radios. Anyway, I can't find her video on youtube and being a noob and absolutely a dummy at internet technologies (beginning to see myself as an old-fashioned lecturer who discontinued from virtual technologies) ... I can only embed this song, hopefully one that you guys have heard...

Yeap, it's Alicia Key's latest album. The sound in this album is very different compared to the rest. I have all her albums, so this is one I would highly recommend compared to the previous, As I am (released back in 2007) and this is by far is one of my favourite song in the current album; The Element of Freedom ... Doesn't mean anything

and ... Try sleeping with a broken heart

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Weekend report

Today after my MBA class (yeap, I am back!), I was on my way back in a slow moving traffic when I saw a couple arguing in the car. I can't help but look to find that the passenger was very emotional (with her body language) and the driver was patient listening. After moving an inch or two, the roles changed, the driver was moving his arms violently and the passenger was looking out the window. I thought of Rihanna and Chris Brown.


My head spins, my spine aches and I long to slumber in my bed. I think about class tomorrow and how I should endure work, studies and all. I definitely do not look forward for next week ...

But I am so moved and touched by the korean move i am watching now - Shikgaek ... Deng, I actually cried in front of the TV. The last time was from Cider House Rules ... I think I just wanna go to bed now ...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bonia @ Pav 2010

I have to blog about this. I mean, a promise to Mr Ng. Thank you for getting me out last weekend - I did have a blast at the Bonia fashion event. Although I am not a fan at all, it was fun to be at the VIP seat with one of the best view on the catwalk! Any fashion catwalk is fun for me anyway ...

We were testing Mr Ng's new camera - the point-and-shoot Panasonic GF1 with this pancake lens thinge. Yeap, somehow my interest in DSLR camera began to rock ... Deng, this camera is fast and fun to shoot! I want it!

shot at the depth of 2.0 ... not bad eh!

I love that dress ... the one of the right

Love the reflection on the catwalk - very waterlike

Quite fun to have attended the fashion show. Then, I got an SMS from a few friends, went and searched for today's evening edition paper and after a few hours, I stared straight into the paper and couldn't believe how ugly I looked! Sigh ... Blame it on the photographers! BLAME IT ON THE PHOTOGRAPHER FOR NOT PROPERLY DIRECTING THE POSES...

Sunday, April 4, 2010

清明 Qing Ming Festival

The two letter word is called Qing Ming, a festival where most Chinese visit the tombs of their ancestor and tend the graves of their departed loved-ones. Although in the modern times, as how my cousin has tag the event - a time for buffet. Why? Let me briefly explain ...

At the Hokkien Bentong Cemetery = my grandpa's resting place

Chinese families will bring offerings in food, drinks, favourite stuff (cigarette, beer, wine & etc) along with dead hell notes, joss offerings, paper offerings in the shapes of all kind (usually shirt, shoes, watches and etc...) to be burnt for the dead. For my family, food is essential ... since both mum and dad's family side serve great amount of quality food, and usually after offering the dead ... the surviving generations are suppose to eat the food for health, future offerings and will bring good omen. Which is also why my cousin calls it buffet time. Mum tells me that Qing Ming is also a time to honour the ancestor, show respect, have self reflections and continue the traditions of the family.Very deep hor!

My sisters and me, united to cam whore for the event

So, the usuals for me ... waking up early, going to the graveyard and start helping my aunts to set up, clean and etc. The scorching hot weather didn't help but the work has do go on. After an amount acts of removing dead, long-thorny weeds and so ... I saw my aunt started offering the usuals; food and paper offerings for my uncle. One came to my suprise ... It was this;


I've seen TVs, Motorbikes, Astro dishes, massage chair, nike shoes, walkman even Iphone in the cardboard origamis, but never a petrol station! So I asked ...

Me : Ah Yee! (Aunt), why you wanna burn a petrol station for Yi Chang (uncle)?
Ah Yee : Oh! So he can work in the petrol station lo
Me : *KUU DUSH - char toe!* (canton expression)
Ah Yee : Yeah, so boring la for your uncle to be down there and do nothing, he is so young
Me : Then, better not work in the petrol station la ... tell uncle that he OWNs it! He is boss!
Ah Yee : OH! GOOD IDEA ... Next year I burn him workers!
Me : *Mahu Pengsan*

Yeap ... My Qing Ming was filled with funny moments and laughter. Ironically it was suppose this depressing or "nostalgic" event ... but the modern people have treat the event with a casual and fun touch to it. Not that I am complaining ...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Write it down!

After a whole lots of meeting, minutes, follow-up work and orders from boss, mr. partner in crime asked about me. He notice I was not myself, bit quiet and reserve for the past week. Also, after being pestered by Ms Green Cum, Mr Partner in crime had to ask about me.

My first reaction was;

ME : My productivity in work dropped?
Mr PIC : No la! You are doing well ... just that Ms GC is worried about you. Is everything ok?
ME : Just personal issues? I hope it didn't get into work
Mr PIC : No, but you do look a bit down. Your personal issue not resolved yet?
ME : Nope
Mr PIC : You want to take leave to settle it?
ME : Nah ... working is good
Mr PIC : Why don't you do something to cheer yourself up?
ME : I am ok wo!
Mr PIC : Ms GC say you should write 25 things about yourself. Anything! But it must be positive one, with a brief description!
ME : For what?
Mr PIC : Just do la! Try and feel better ok! Cos next week ... when Mr Principal and Mrs Principal is here, you are going to get a tough cookie handling them. Ms GC needs you to be on your best!
ME : Ok...
Mr PIC : Oi! Write the 25 things a! I will ask Ms GC to check on you later!

HMM... 25 things! Macam Banyak la ... should I do it? Sound like a tag more than something motivational. Well, since I have nothing biggie to follow through ... I will post about it later after I get my brain wave moving.