Sunday, August 28, 2011


Today I went skytrek again with my bunch of mates. It was so much fun albeit my fatigue from only a few hours of sleep. While I was a high above, crossing from platforms to platforms, seeing Klev and Ric helping each other reminded me of someone, vaguely and still lingering abouts. Although it has been about about 1 year and 6 months, still at times - at certain hours or intervals I wish he was around, or rather chose to be around ...

Because the intensity of the activity, the memory only glimpse. I had to concentrate as my life depends on my attention to safely lock and harness myself before adventuring thought from one platform to the other. It suddenly came, quickly vanished. Or I would say momentarily stored aside

But when I was returning from dinner with Ryan and MK just about 30min ago ... a song played and flashbacks started occurring. It was this song ....

The song is beautiful. Sang in the modern version by one of my all time favourites and she literally let my feelings out. I guess I still love him, in so many different ways.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My experience removing this weird foreign object in the eye

And so they say that its quite dramatic if you decided to slice a piece of your organ or tissue out from your body. Honestly, the drama nowadays lay in preparation or anticipation rather than the actual act itself.

I went for my full eye check today after a minor diagnosis by an optometrist showing result that one of my cornea was "mishaped" causing discomfort and so. The actual culprit was actually what the doctor today called a foreign object (likely a dust or paper or plastic) that has flew into my eye, where I must have rub it so hard that the skin layer actually grew and overlay this lil microscopic object. I cannot proceed to correct the mishape with the surgery if this lil tiny creature is laying there, obstruction of carefully flapping the cornea ... Dramatic words the nurse used.

After enlarging the picture 1000x, it was as huge as the sesame seed. Yucky and not very pleasant to have something that could actually sink into the cornea. I made up my mind to have it quickly removed.

Thus the doctor put an antiseptic eye drop which numb the right eye and diligently used a pair of forceps, carefully pricking the damn thing out from the eye. I have to say, it felt like hell - psychologically to have something that sharp so near to your eye. But it was a no pain, no strain, short simple sweet operation. Less than 20 seconds. I was good. All done

The bill came. RM110.

Amazing. Why am I not a doctor again? 110 divide by 20 seconds, the treatment actually cost 5.5 ringgit a SECOND!

So that's my lil experience for now. Another visit in 2 weeks time and hopefully then I can arrange the proper treatment and surgery to correct the damn cornea ... and also my power hopefully. Pray hard my eyes will heal properly in this 2 week.

Right now, i am just enjoying the fact that my pupils are diluted and I can only spend 15 minutes in front of the screen. Time is almost up! See ya

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jakarta 2011

I am so lazy to write about it! But the trip has been nothing but fun fun fun ... eat eat eat ... talk talk talk ... laugh laugh laugh ... and probably just one shop. LOL

Our brotherhood trip, very much delayed had been forcefully realized with last minute dates and plan. A very great thank you to Li who had been so accommodating to us,. not to mention the trouble and mishap we had caused her. Sorry ya, but we still love you! And we know you do too! HAHAHAHA

Let's go white shoes!

This story begins with three boys

About to depart

My brothers with Li's cooking.

Li cooked ... awww ... MUAX MUAX

This cake is utterly sinful. The knife can't go through the layer of chocolates. SINFUL!

Happy Burfday to ME!

Li's cutiepie ... STACY! Hehe ... I miss you so so much!

Big Bro look so cute in his glasses ! So adorable ... love this pic

Mee TEK TEK ... midnight supper

Nice art concept setup ... at PP ... which is what again a?

Manage to meet Angelyn (my ex colleague) ... Haven't seen her in years!

Memang la ... Sister and Brother ... Shopping spree

Damn ... LOOK AT HER LEGS!!! She's taller than me!!!

Ini lah famous moulin rouge setting dekat Grand Indonesia!

Li babe explaining the types of Sambal. How kewl ... and HAwt!

Looking silly with Abang Long! Big Bro

The famous Bandung Shopping at Rumah Mode!

Models ... Hehe

Look at the amount of plates and dishes!!!

Bro with his friends from Bandung ... The food is so freaking awesome

My two beloved brothers. Its good to have brothers!

Wah ... Damn leng lui ... I think I look in this pic ... LOL

Me likey! Me want! Me gobble

Bandung trip about to end ... cheese!

The gang at this place which is really awesome for hang out, ambience and all !!!

I love the mug ... so kiut!

hair spa before boarding the plane ... syiok!

and so we are returning ... to KL


There are so many food pics lo ... but I wanna upload just few that I really like. To show off my camera. Haha

Ha .... Macro shots. Me likey :P

Disney Night

Well, let's just say that the girls decided to have a Disney celebration. I was to put on Disney party hats and eat in Disney utensils that has the Disney Princess. Konon la commemorate my princess attitude like status. LOL

What to do, this is what happen when you have a bunch of wacko friends from the media industry. That said, they were very sincere lo ... actually cooked my favourite dishes for dinner! And then Lynn gotta make me feel like a lil boy when she actually bake muffins for me ... Awww ...

Presenting the chefs, Eva ... Lynn ... Vynn ... Grace

Simple gang, Simple dinner, Big meaning to me

Even Lynn's doll want to eat the rice

We have Healthy grilled vegs!

Eva's famous Paprik Ayam! WAH ... my last time was 4 years back when she cooked it in VIC

Cold Tuna Pasta... Hungry liao!

My muffins ... and the tray of muffins too ... :P

Seems like Vynn enjoy the cartoon and muffin more than me lo ...

Big breather they are not cupcakes. So happy lo ... and our hang out session ended when we watched back to back disney cartoons, having chips and drinks just like my favourite times in Melbourne. DOUBLE AWWW


Next ... Jakarta Trip

Princess Night

Monday, August 15, 2011

Leaving on a jetplane

Ah! And so the celebration continues ... IN JAKARTA! Can't wait to see Yun Li and Nat! Ah ... they are always so funny and cool to hang out with. Of course the trip is accompanied by my two brothers and I can't wait! It's been two years since we travel together-gether. Haha


A friend of mine actually made a very funny joke. He said "Your birthday very special one lo, people celebrate Chinese New Year only 15 days, your birthday people celebrate 21 days one ... so spoiled!"

Just to clarify, I do have quite a number of friends ok! And most of them don't want to celebrate during the weekdays ma ... thats why it will go across the weekends lo. So tentatively, only a few days la. :p

Since I have no roaming in JKT, I guess the only way to keep in touch is either thru wifi or my brother's local indon number which I am absolutely clueless. Tee Hee.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mid 20s celebration

How do you know when you are old? When you are in the gym shower thinking about what is your next milestone in life to be achieved, property or investment or engage in retirement plan ... Compared to when I was in Fitness First Summit (probably 5-6 years ago), I was thinking about when will I graduate from Uni, what to eat at usj 1 mamak and whether K will bring me to Disneyland one day (which he did :-p) ...

That said, yesterday when I was in the shower at gym, I actually eavesdrop on a conversation between 2 guys (who was chatting quite openly - students), where they were talking about the girl that rock their bed, how big should your chest gets to get adequate attention and that they would rather play their ipad than go to class.

How times has changed and I take back my words when I claimed that I will always stay young. Hmmm ... so I have added an extra candle on my cake this year. But the past few days was well spent with some of the people that had rock (and will continue so) in my life!

Ben's KLCC w the boys ... Ming King and James

Ok, Katy came to celebrate too!

Bday w Ron @ Cava

That sweetie pie treated me champagne ... Bill burst thanks to him!

to-DIE-for dessert ...

Little Korea @ Sunway with my beloved sisters

I think I look cute in this pic lor~

Topoki my favourite

Korean again w Kenny

La Bodega drinking and tapasing with Dave and Joe

I love this picture. BTW, Dave ... look so freaking young! URGH jealous sial

So ... YA. I am embracing my mid 20s aging quite comfortably la. LOL ... and Joe, you owe me a trip! haha. Can't wait to see MC this coming Sept ... I think that is the most Blated celebration I will have so far ...