Sunday, January 31, 2010

My music listing

Music healed my soul. After a tiring week, physically (recovering from my fall) and also emotionally (recovering from failed business deals), I've subjected myself to playing the top playing songs on my ipod, and now I am ready to take the coming week. BRING IT OWN!

Wanna know what songs are spinning in my head, here is the list. Most of the song gets me singing or at least dancing anyway;

1. Black Eyed Pea - Meet me Halfway
2. Rihanna - Russian Roulette
3. Toni Braxton - Yesterday
4. Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
5. Leona Lewis - Happy
6. Leona Lewis - Outta my head
7. Leona Lewis - My Hands
(YES! Leona Lewis's new album ECHO is so damn good!)
8. Boys Like Girls (ft Taylor Swift) - Two is better than one
9. Kelly Clarkson - Already Gone
10. Orianthi - According to you

Well there's quite a number of good songs playing around the radio. No?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thrown off the ground

Sometimes when the world comes tumbling down, the best thing to do is just close your eyes and breath. Think of happy stuff and deeply breath.

It didn't work

Today's not a very good day. It seems that everything that happened is not positive. I can't help but feel crowded, packed with negative emotion. Quite demotivating and the weekend is near ... I am mute and deaf, with almost no senses at all. So, be nice!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Leona Lewis - Happy

Not bad for someone my age. Classic beauty, great singer ... what else not to be happy about rite?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The negative part of my stay

My 6 days business-trip in Singapore has officially come to an end. I am now at the budget terminal, awaiting for my boarding time (about 50min away) and yeap, it is so cool to be able to online anywhere you want. In Singapore, that is the privilige one gets - connectivity at your finger tips, even at times in the moving MRT.

It's not like my first time in Spore, but after staying here for a short period, following the locals crowding the MRT, malls, eatery, shops, toilets, having meals the Singaporean way and basically living their lifestyle, I am glad to have a great home back in Malaysia. I guess I am just not used to the monotonous life and robotic-generic culture the locals have here. It seems that everyone is just busy with their own thing and life. Day in, Day out - its the same ol thing.

Every non-locals who live in Singapore apparently will prioritize and favour the strong currency value in comparison to the real living values. Even their post-war heritage are mere preserved for tourist and money making business, the learning point and curve somehow is missing. Even normal human values are marginalized. Long gone the smile, courtesy and basic human attentiveness, politeness and service.

Why? I fell off the pathway, falling on my back. The lady next to me did not even ask if I were all right but merely looked at me with the expression "oh lord! you fell? now get up and resume your life". Hmm .... In a country like Singapore, I least expect that. Local friends and relative told me it is usual, normal and I should get use to that. DOUBLE HMMM ...

Not to even mentioned how friends here treat each other. It is absolutely normal for friends here to use each other as emotional garbage bin, It is absolutely normal to manipulate friends and expect that to be of normal traits, It is absolutely normal to expect your friends to do more than usual for you and when it is your turn, you can be excused, It is absolutely normal to want something out of the world and get it your way. Of course, my Sing friends related it to me from their experience ...

Something different compared to Melb, which has Modernity up their development scales too! Man, I still miss Victoria a lot.

Back to the land where I drank canned green tea every meal and where little wok, pork dishes rules in food court ... I can't wait to come back again, but only mostly for work. It is a blessing, a great one that I found a job that allows me to travel here frequently but not permanently based here. My initial idea of wanting to stay in Singapore has been diluted after experiencing their lifestyle and culture here in a short period. I prefer the current arrangement; which is also good because I would not get "sucked" into Singaporean way of living.

I know it is bias to judge in such a short period of time stay, but this is my gut feeling. As of now, I do feel this way. Hopefully it will be different.

My next post will be on the more positive tone of my trip with pictures! Harks! *pose pose*

Interesting ...

I had a weird dream but a good sleep. Or vice versa. I slept 8 hours straight without any interruption. Something I really need ever since I read the emails from my boss. Sigh. Overtly stress because he is ambitious while down on manpower and resources. I believe we still have to refine, tune and get into many industry's good shoe before being that ambitious. On the positive note, at least he is not superbly demanding, outrageously impossible or unethical.

Anyway, I dreamt that I was performing with Black Eyed Pea on stage at the Esplanade, banging on the song Meet me halfway...

BTW ... it is this song:

The dream so real ... can feel Fergie's aura around me now ... scary

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Singapore Singapore Jan 2010

hI had something up my head to write today, but it went empty as soon as I watched one of the local Singaporean reality show called Renovaid.

Anyway, I just wanted to write something about being tired, working hard and still yet to enjoy Singapore. Something to do with monotony of life, feeling appreciative of friends company, meeting new ones and also a bit sorry for my aunt. I do have something to write about the crowded places, trains and malls, the breezy night wind and also the cutest, most manja cats of Erwin.

So much to tell, but I wanna just watched American Idol now.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

The last minute changes

Sometimes life is fair,
Sometimes god answers your prayers,
Sometimes your very own wish comes true,
Sometimes it is just fate.

All my plans for the hectic coming saturday (today!) has been officially called off. I remember looking at my own diary and wondered how I survived each Saturday packed to the max. Unexceptionally, today was suppose to be similar ... pack with spending time with close friends, both local ones and international ones. My itinerary for the day? Officially emptied as of 10 minutes ago.


Friends from Singapore - unsure of dinner schedule, called off reservations
Catching up with best friend - canceled to avoid confrontation with his other half
Spending time with my other half - postponed due to complications
Spending time with family - unnecessary as everyone is busy with their own thing
Tonight's clubbing - 80% calling off due to other reasons

So ... Yeap ... I finally got the whole day to myself. Half glad, half concerned too. Hopefully I can end the day with a better mood. Hm... perhaps I should go to gym or something.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Gym, work & my mum's an angel!

I don't get why do guys in the gym like showing me their private parts. It is not the first time I totally ignored and pretended that they are invisible but today's giant bear was one of the most persistent and scariest. Yeap! a giant bear flashed his penile at me and trailed me with his at-least 38inch tummy from the sauna, to the steam room, to the locker, to the cubicle next to mine, to the toilet, then to the towel counter,waited for me at the skating ring and all the way to the ATM dispenser outside gym, waited for me while I withdraw cash and then followed me a bit before finally getting the signal that I wanted him to vanish before I head to my car. If I had the power to throw an electric ball ... he would have been totally electrocuted by me ...

So back home, I was telling mum about how busy work was and how clumsy I am. Not a very good trait of a business manager. Today I lost a cheque that I am suppose to help my boss cash in. Important it is and I didn't even notice that I lost it just like my wallet last week! I hate myself. I was so afraid to tell my boss, fearing my reputation as a manager would tarnish. How am I suppose to lead 20 retail staff with my clumsiness? But at the end I confronted the my monster and my boss is very understanding. Lucky me again! Mum consoled me and told me to take things easy. She utter that I am still young that I should slowly learn and try to not lose things... remind myself to constantly check the important stuff near me. Mum's the best, she did it so motherly just like how a great person would do

Then she totally touched me when she said that she wanted to volunteer for blood donation. Her kindness motivated me and my dad to volunteer as well. I guess the blood bank will soon have 3 extra blood bags ... provided they do not reject any of ours. Well, mum asked me to plan ... and so I will after my Singapore trip...

How could she not be an angel!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Toni Braxton comeback

I don't know why people say Toni Braxton comeback wasn't good and continue to brag about Whitney's! No offense but Toni's comeback IS BETTER than Whitney. Don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE FAN of Whitney, but the truth is ... she doesn't perform as well as she was, when she was on drugs.

Anyway, I am not gonna put down the legendary singer but I really think Toni's new song is great. I love listening to it, its like reminiscing the golden hits like "unbreak my heart", "spanish guitar" or even "how could an angel break my heart" ...

Check it out yourself! Her new single - Yesterday

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Sara !

This post is specially dedicated to the a very special person, who had existed in my life only to bring me happiness, sense of belonging, security, never judging me and the best hugs-kisses-tongue-gesture ever! A big toast and happy birthday to the lady who

pat my head when i was crying on her lap,
who sheltered me from rain,
who danced and drank away with me every occasion,
who protected me when i was dead drunk,
whom tongue play i always remember and will laugh,
who never hesitated to answer and return all my calls,
who asked me out for lunch, dinner, supper and even breakfast,
who supported me through my tough financial year,
who always cared for me like a younger brother,
who introduced me to Vivian, a great lady who took me in as her own soon
who took me to temple to get higher enlightment
who introduced me to Dr. Kok that is equally as important as her in my life
who always include me in any gatherings, party and outings
who held my hand when i tremble and shake
who shared her laughters, troubles and all with me
who had took the responsibility calling me her brother

... and many more

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA! May all your wishes and luck climb greater heights in the year 2010!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sense Studio, Uptown

I remember telling myself to blog and praise about this place, but it always skipped my mind. Since I am feeling under the weather today with my sore throat, tiresome of the jam today, emotionally affected by the church attacks and also dawning on the anticipation where my weekend will be filled with people except myself, I shall do something nice today for someone before I embark on a nasty journey through the weekend.



Ever since a year and a half back, I've frequent this place to get my hair cut. I have to say, the place is wonderful, spacious, very professional and damn, these two senior hair stylist are really angels sent from above. I have experienced so many different kind of hairstyles and today, I gotten one that I liked alot. A crew cut that shows off my boyish features and still get my fringe to style for any future (or if any) show!

Well, I do look like crap, but the hair cut is still good!

Take a bow and a million claps to Simon and Joanne, the two wonderful guru in hair styling and damn with RM40, you get a great hair cut, wash, head massage and a nice cup of tea. Of course, if you want to get them on peak hours, kindly call the studio and get your bookings. I prefer to meet them during lunch hours ... catch up and returned to office looking better each time.

Well ... for more information, kindly contact them at:

Sense Studio
Uptown Damansara ... Above HSBC (behind Ambank)
03 - 7727 5299
Operating hours - 10am - 8pm (open everyday except the two Chinese New Year Holidays)

Time to go back and rot in my own mood.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lucky or Clumsy?

I parked my car, collected my parking ticket (some outdoor parking outside KLCC Aquaria near Menara UOA II) and then clearly remember placing the ticket in my wallet. Then, I struggle across the street with my laptop and some files, all hand-carried without a proper bag. Walked the side walk, entered the convention center and headed directly to my retail area. Greeted my staff, gotten a quick report and update about work and just as I was about to make my rounds, checking my pocket and the little laptop case ... I found my wallet missing in action.


I rushed out the convention center, to the streets and scouted for the cheap-plain-black PVC leather wallet. No where to be found. Trailed my journey and I began to sweat. I remained calm and asked for my staff's assistance in helping to scout for the missing item and together, we again trailed my footsteps. No luck ... confirmed gone ... and I am drenched in sweat.


AH?! The trouble of going for the police report, then replacing my identification card, driving license, getting stuck in the early jam to government offices, then jamming my way to the counter to get the replacement ... urgh ... Called the banks to cancel of my credit card and etc. How inconvenient. Andrew oh dear Andrew ... you are one clumsy fellow! But how the hell I lose my wallet?

5 hours late ...

I said thank you to a caucasian businessman who works in Shell. He was walking to his office and found my wallet standing in the middle of the walkway. Yeap, standing and staring at him. The nice and kind man took my wallet and called every possible number he could locate in my ugly dark wallet, including my credit card bank, my atm bank and also my former maxis manager since I did not leave any of my business card in there. With that, Mr. Peter was able to track me down and finally pass me my belonging when I visited his home. He said I was one lucky fellow and I agreed ... of course, hating myself for being so clumsy too.

DENG~ Now I have no excuse to get a new wallet ... but at least I did not have to go through the mess of replacing my important stuffs...

Lesson to learn ?

  1. Always put your belongings in a bag; bag pack ke, hand bag ke, sling bag ke, any bag ... chances of losing a bag is less prominent compared to dropping a wallet
  2. Always double check your stuff whenever you reach any checkpoint to minimize risk of losing stuff
  3. Always, if possible, pass you belongings to be safe-kept by someone more careful
  4. Always employ or hire people like Peter. Make the country a safer place.
  5. Always get a cheap wallet, in case hilang ... tak sakit hati sangat (only applicable for clumsy people like me!)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Falling sick again

Hmmm ... I am sick again. Why Why Why? Urgh ... I want to just kill myself now. With the itinerary tomorrow and the following day, I am so gonna cut my own wrist.

Thanks mum for making me the tea to sweat. I so need to get this toxic out of my body...

Sigh... I am such a baby. So weak ... fragile.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ushering 2010 with a great motivation

AH! LGB blog has succeed in surviving the 2010 year. Yes, the blog will still be active and I will still put facebook aside till then. I KNOW! I KNOW! FB is everywhere and everyone is using it... Until my boss really push the button, I am keen on sticking to my principles.

Anyway, I gotten two wonderful gift in ushering the new year. Happy new year everyone! As usual, I did not make any resolutions and do not plan to have any. So, keep the questions to yourself ... haha.

To the three most important guys in my life! Haha ... You guys are the best not because I've gotten a gift but rather the companionship and life experiences that you guys poured, shared and willingly to endure with me. To that, a great toast and may I say something cheesy ... It is an honour to have known you ...

Time for me to boast a bit with the gifts:

Jimmy for the designer shirt from Spore! He is always very different ... lol ... look at that t-shirt design!

James with his effort of making me a Starbucks fan ... Absolutely love the grizzly bear, that was his intention. HUGS!

and Kenny with his effort of making me a Prada fan ... which I am already there, now I got clutch that I can show off during my dinner outings! Hehe

Excuse the bad photography. Really had no time to artistically direct the shots. Hmm... better start taking pictures again before my skill go rusty and all... Maybe I should have set at least one resolution ... tsk tsk tsk