Thursday, March 31, 2005


I m officially sick

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Hide and Seek

Some people are just so good at hiding secret; especially when it comes to the entire internet!

Well, it is not my problem but out of curiousity and the seek for mysterious content, i am on a search for a particular identity.

Why hide when you can run?

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Malaysia Media

1 hour has past since the everso drama me who alerted my friends on MSN about the earhquake! Some call me emergency journalist! HAHAHA

Anyway, i am sure i am doing FAR a better job than the STUPID Msia's TV channel! The TV should like be on red alert to broadcast news about the event! I mean we did felt it!

When i turn on the Tv - This is what i got:
TV2 - TUT TUT TUT indicating the channel is asleep!
TV3 - NBA ball game!
I gave up on the others
my expression was -_-"'

Then i went online already has a front cover news on the website
Msia website! The Star has this - New Salary Scheme for Nurse!
I was like -_-"'
Utusan Malaysia - Penganting baru mengadu isteri dilarikan bomoh!
I was like -_-"'
News Strait Times - Snatch Thief down 16.7% last year
I was like -_-"'

I gave up! Lets put it this way when an atomic bomb is heading towards Malaysia - we will all DIE! If the US lauched it, i am gurantee CNN wont broadcast it and within perhaps 2 hours, i suppose Malaysia will be like the outback. I understand our media is dependent on other news channel but HELLO -MOVE A LIL FASTER HERE!

I mean this is how slow our media is. I suppose most our media is just - i would say it - developing just like our country, slowly that is!

I told a friend in Penang- Dont worry Government will take care of us
His reply:
"If the government would take care of us, it would be after the tragedy!"...


Got news that the shake was from Indonesia, North of Sumatera Island at 8.5 scale!
Dunno whether true anot but Penangites - Please be prepared!

Earthquake Malaysia

Mother Nature is one mother i dont wanna mess with!

About 10 minutes ago, i was at 15th floor - actually higher as Kenny's condo was actually on a hill; experiencing a minor earthquake. Kenny didnt felt it. I wouldnt have but what got me thinking was simply two things , I was toping up my fish tank's water and i realize that the water was actually moving weirdly and i had a very sudden "headache"

Next thing i know, the lights and fan were swinging left and right! Kenny thought i saw a ghost but well i am most certain i didnt as i ask him to look at the overall condo. YES WE SEEM LIKE WE ARE MOVING. As i continue to pour the water back into the tank (out of bimboness and sudden to finsih the routine) Kenny ask for evacuation! But but --- my fish how? Kenny gave me a look or should i say THE look and i got the answer.

We moved out quickly and we heard people screaming eathquake! Wow i thought - so drama. Actually i kinda enjoy running down the staircase, i mean i always wanted to experience something like that but 15th floor was abit too much for that matter. Its like doing gym classes!

Drove out of the carpark soon after we ponder upon which exit to go to and saw many residents outside. Some making calls, others were looking at the condo and some stood like they were thinking about something. One thing that came into my mind. If there is really an earthquake coming, they would have been recorded as cast of resident running away from falling condo!
hahaha ... malaysianS!

Then i started to make calls to make sure my condo living friends are safe. Most of them evacuated except some -blur and bimbo ones- who ignore the shake. Man! I have no comment!

The experience was a bit adventurous - is like making a movie! But of course the thought of the condo tumbling down was as fun! EHEHEHE. I know i am crazy!

Personally i think Malaysia government should start implementing "safety" high rise building that can minimize the risk of anything from window shattering to collapse of the building due to earthquake. Our neighbour country seem a lil unstable nowadays!

On solid ground, Kenny and i started to think most probably, the shake we felt was from Indonesia. Hopefully its not a major one. Tsunami was a tragic incident and i was in the condo as well - sleeping that is! Thus, today was more of a participation thinge from the earthquake.

One thing i am worried now is my fishes!

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Natural Distortion

"Sungai yang cetek dan tenang, jangan di sangka tiada buaya"!

DO not expect or judge something based on speculation or impression
(in english term - is the judging book thinge!)

I agree with the statement. A still of water can be mere illusion. Think of it as this point. A drop of water so small on a big calm lake will cause a distortion of the peacefulness and solid water to form - ripples. That's one way to disturb nature at large. The other is to throw a big bomb and *you know what will happen!*

It goes same for the beach. After the tide, the surface is flawless (unless some crab decide to taka a hitch) and you will get that natural effect of distortion again.

Thus, no matter what turn up as the effect of nature, it is a cycle. Soon, the tide will wash the marks away, ripples form the lake will stop and the raging crocodile in the river will rest at the shore leaving it peaceful again.

Thursday, March 24, 2005


Today was hectic! Again as usual! Dunno whats with the wednesday being extremely busy and packed! Same like last week!

So much work, so lil time but of course its kinda like my fault. Was having fun the whole previous weekend. Man! I should not have log onto albinoblacksheep ... then at least i would may have did better

Thank god - my PR is finnaly over - that is only the 1st assignment! FTV is due in like less than 48 hours but at least i prepared about 50%. Cross your fingers i would be getting good grades!

GC111 has been great! All the art and drawing kinad remind me when i was small petite and timid drawing my first horrible school bus with kids singing in it. Most probably that drawing is somewhere 6 feet underground with other rubbish. Of course GC111 is also where i get to see cute guys and gorgeous girls! HEHEHE ... finnaly after so many semester ...

As for MCI, i personally think the lecturer is TOO drama...if she was a guy, she would be gay. By the way, whoever that eat chili, he will know the spiceness. So take a chill pill. But overall, i like her! At least she got her point proven further than Rasmuna!


great weekend ahead i hope!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Upside Down Everyone

I dunno why, but everyone is quite down lately. Especially those i know of. I felt hopeless when i cant manage to make all my friends smile. I only can be there for them

My days are not that bad either but everyone's sadness and moody-gloomy-blue mood seems somehow affected me for the day. It was Grace's bday, and that was the only thing to be happy about!

Sigh* I hope things get better or not, alot of people would be landing themselves in depression theraphy soon!

Saturday, March 19, 2005

the lover

this is a post by andrew's lover
so far, i am only known by this mysterious nickname.
i am sure many would want to know who gets all the luck dating this gorgeous stud.
well i would love to be given an opportunity to introduce myself
but this has been hindered by andrew's threat to pour kiwi berry juice on my new notebook
for the sake of my notebook
and for the future prosperity of this relationship
my identity holds little importance to be known

and the story unfolds...

to be continued...

Starbuck Mont Kiara

WOO HOO! I am at Mont Kiara with my lover! Its so cool, we were playing online games! hahaha Bimbo online games that resemble my two good friends, Eva and Damaris. HAHA

Too bad there werent a 3 player thinge, or else hahahaha ... Lynn will be one of em too~ I know you are reading this lynn ... my comment is ... you have a problem with tat? You can go and - you know what-

Love you guys

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Punked Me

This came in a lil late. But well, better late then never.

Notice i wasnt in class on wednesday? No I didnt sleep over someone's place after sex or No i didnt manage to wake up for the early class. It's just that i got "engaged" in hair modeling. HAHA ... I know this certainly has cause some people admited to hospital! I apologize~~~

Only slept like erm, 5 hours and i look like shit strolling down the catwalk or should i say a stage only. Preparation begin like as early as 9am. Every hairstylist, makeup artist and model are already in the mood as if the Japanese is invading Malaysia again.

Theda, my female partner model was all the way with me. We went through hell as my stylist( which happen to be my bro, was also the event manager, stage coordinator, program manager and what have you of any pose that is related to event management) was rushing everything. Thus, my hair at first look a lil ... imperfect ... understood as my bro was so busy.

But of course, there is always someone to save the day in this like all-year-round event! My bro's lecturer, junior and friends help tidy me up and at the end, with a touch up from the sifu makeup professional himself, i look like a true japanese punk. Pictures are available upon personal request from andrew!!!!

As the curtain finally unwind for the night, all 42models were prepared and ready to flaunt it. Being a pesismist, i did freak out for a while but as soon as i stepped out the backstage walking through the "glamourous walk" - i was OK ... with daring poses such as biting my metal chain during a pose and practically stripped my leather jacket off, i got few flashes from camera and cheers from the crowd! WOO HOO ... those moment paid off the tired enduring challenge.

Backstage was pretty cool, you could see like no2 walks out looking like tyra banks and after a few minutes he walks back in at the other side and as soon as he enters the curtain, tyra banks practically turn to teletubbies! HEHE. That happen to me as well.

Wow, it was a tiring night but all well ends well. Met many friends like Kenji, Edward, Onn, a few talented girls who walk like chicken at first but now can finnaly stroll down the Milan catwalk in summer and of course some pathetic pro models.

As for me, i might not do it again mainly due to the fact that the whole preparation is so fucking hectic but only the walk is definetely less than 1 minute!

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Tired and Freaked Out

I almost fuck myself out today. Have tired mysef too much!
Will rest. I promise

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sudden Trip

Sunday morning, rain is falling
Steal some covers, share some skin

Woke up DAMM EARLY and slept thru out the "sudden trip" i have to make to Pahang - dunno where as i m damm blur - to ya know - check on my sickness. To most you guys/girls who knows me well enough - yes, i m in a way sick.

As for the result of today's trip, I was diagnosed with internal bleeding which has clog my minor arteries delivering blood. The Hemoglobins has turn to what they called some kinda oil plasma that helps stop bleeding. Thus, My blood flow now is like -erm- cramped resulting in pain. The reason to this is due to some kinda impact fall that injured my back or something; which affects my stomach/abdomen as the "Sifu" said. He's good. I didnt even tell him what kinda sickness i got and he did it by only examining my palm and pulse. Yah, he's the eastern doctor. :)

And when i recall, i did fell off a slippery staircase in Mont Kiara a few months back. Actually, kinda long time ago! After that fall, things were really bad but it healed like in 10 minutes? So i assume that nothings wrong. Well, my assumption is false then!

As for the rest of the pain i have endure, please feel free to ask any of my friends. They know best! ahahahahaa. But well, i got my medication. Hope this time it helps! Really want the pain to go away~

Wish me best of lucks!

Packed Day

Today was one of the most packed days of my life!

Here's a brief

11am woke up
12pm rush my college assignments
2pm prepare to go out
3pm arrive at ken's place for dressing
4pm arrive at JW Marriot KL, met with Erwin
5.30pm left for Mutiara Hotel and Hilton Sentral to pick up Joe and Side
6.30pm arrive at Sunway Pyramid - did a lil walking around
8pm Dinner at Sunway Hotel
10pm left to exchange car
10.30pm on my way to KL
11.15pm on my way to Mont Kiara from Mutiara Hotel
11.35pm only beside Beach Club (got stuck at traffic of like 300m for 20 minutes!)
11.55pm reach Mont Kiara (after experiencing "turbelence" with my Kembara)
12am just on time for birthday song for Jenny
2am left Mont Kiara
3am arrive back home
3.30am dozed off~

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Square One

Life cycles. No Doubt. Always be prepared to be in square one again.

Monday, March 7, 2005

Parking Bitch

My car was blocked by a double sided parker today. According to the guards, they did tell "her" to not side park but she wouldnt listen and instead act ignorant and just beep her car(locking it) and walked off as if she some kinda superstar.

Well girl~ let me tell you something. Your ignorant actions has cost your car dearly!
-kesian- but what the fuck ... none of muaH business.
Notice there is scratch marks - everywhere???? My my ... i wonder who would have done it
Back bumper seems to look distorted as well... you should fix it

I noticed that you lost your radio receiver antenna? it looks like it was sabotaj!

and i hope you wont get a flatten tyre soon for your stupidity and actions :)

I am so violent and mean! hahaha but it surely serve her right! I felt that i was too nice to her! She was ignorant and didnt even look she was sorry she cost my 2 hour stuck! But well why waste my breath and energy trying to scream her head off. She was born ugly and i suppose that serve her purpose for being stupid enough to double side park and not know that it was a mistake! BIG BOOP BIG BUTT BIG HEAD but no brains. I suppose she left it at home or perhaps lost her fucked-up mind during the undang test.

Anyhow. I wish you the best in the future (if you are reading this - you pathetic silver-scrathed, antenna disabled, flat tyre and broken bumper fat driver). Perhaps this will teach anyone out there to never side park. Not beside my car ... you WILL regret ~~~

AND THE TITLE PARKING BITCH - refers to me ... not the fat girl k!

PS - no point screaming at someone like her who has no heart to even apologize. She will get her KARMA - hahaha ...

enjoy your car~

Sunday, March 6, 2005

Happy Moments

There is always up and down
Cry all you want
Tearing is normal as it is only a milestone and a process of growing up

I learned that embracing pain and misery alone is very sad. Its not that you should embrace sadness but what i meant is, embrasing and sharing your sadness, misery as well as pain with your loved ones is worth it. Trust me, sharing and being with your loved ones always help. No matter what is the reason, open up to them. Be there for them, and let them be there for you.

Happy moments are always in your own hand. Choose the way you want to be happy. Choose how you want to be happy. Always remeber that being happy is your own hand and that everyone who loved you, want you to be happy as well

This blog is for my er ge, kenny and me!

-mode- finnally happy

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Impossible Formula

People used to say;
when you let a bird fly away, it is difficult to find it back as the skies triump,
when you let a fish swims away, it is difficult to catch it back as the sea roars,

but i believe that when there is a will, there is a way
and that fate is always in your own palm

choose your own destiny and your own ending

-mode- glad to have friends!