Monday, November 29, 2010


The day has finally arrive. In less than 12 hours, my entirely family will be awake and moving our luggage into the minivan. Our trip to Seoul is coming to realization and with the major burp of shells and nuts lately (aka-tension) with North Korea and South Korea in the past few days - we are still going! Cheerios!!

Reassurances given by the embassy, agent and also friends who are in the travel tourism industry that is it still safe to travel and experience Korea! Notice the word used, still but not absolutely. So if this is my last post, I love you guys eh! Keep it alive *showing hipster's peace sigh*

The past few days has been nothing but friends all asking me to reconsider the trip. We have people telling us to postpone, people who research through CNN and updates us on news, friends' dad who had spoken to their son's bf for reassurances, people who are bluntly funny , colleagues who are just repeating themselves and all. It was nice to know that many people cared and actually show gesture to ensure that we are making the "right" choice.

Some has a more unique way of showing appreciation. I gotten both a "safety amulet“ (one from 大姐 - christian blessings and one from Purple Diva - Allah blessing) from close friends and of course even this :

Yeap - daily multiple vitamin dosage for my weak immune system. Cute right? Thank you Mr Watch for this well thought gift - your the best! Chubchub and MK actually dine Korean with me even to get me into the mood too ~ haha

Well, that said - I am all packed up and ready to go. With both clothes to layer and the anticipation to a plentiful to shop experience in Korea, I am dying to get my hands on a leather glove as soon as I land. I heard rumours that they are on winter sale already! *Evin grin counting the cash*

So ... I shall most likely blog when I am there then - provided no nukes happened before I land ... CHOI CHOI CHOI

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Binge new clothes

It's amazing how the iPhone actually creates new market from it's existing hype. It is as if the phone is design to be fragile so companies like this one, particularly called Speck can actually reap profit from post iPhone spending! I am not complaining thou bcos Binge likes fashion a lot and she has been warning me about my carelessness in dropping things.

Yeap, MK and Chubchub, formerly know as caffeine sunshinebear has also been telling me that better to pay rm100 for a good wardrobe function for Binge, than have her ended up in the Hospital because apparent there are no insurance coverage for her. How obscene right?!

Thus, Binge is now officially wearing this

Darkest Tartan plaid from Speck ... yeap, Binge likes something that looks like Burberry too :p

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ne-Yo - One in a million

I love the way he dance and I want to learn it! Bad!

and fine ... I am impress with someone. Yes i do. There may no be any dance and singing but so far it definitely feels like one in a million

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The long wait ...

Count down, in exact 9 days ... I will be dressing up and all perked up to travel north. Some of you may already know whereabouts my family and I are traveling to. I believe this is the first trip ever my entire family is going overseas together since year 1997. As a family, we have went through a lot in the past years; overcoming poverty, learning to grow and accustom to differences among family members, resolving family conflicts and arguments, surviving a wretched accident for my dad, my mum braving through uncertainty of illness, sister in workforce and me sleeping with a broken heart nightly.

Most of us in the family has brave through the sea of thorns, accusations, gossips and even given in to bear responsibilities no normal families would do. Ranging from caring for elderly and adoption.

For me, the greatest lesson learn was to learn to try and let by gone be by gone with my dad. Our relationship fluctuates like stock market nowadays. But on most occasion, we always end up draw and do our best not to look each other in the eye when we argue. Things are definitely better.

So, the trip meant a lot to everyone in the family. My sister is taking it as a session to further strengthen her bond with her boyfriend. My younger sister is taking it as a vacation overdue and to finally walk the streets of K-pop as a fan. My mum is considering it as a dream come true for her to finally visiting Korea, one of her must-visit-places with her own mother, my grandma. My grandma is taking the trip as a time to unwind and to escape the family problems happening back in hometown. My dad takes it as his first time oversea outing with my mum since 18 years ago. And for me, It is important because Korea is probably one of the most crucial thing in my heart to visit the place and experience a whole new different culture with my loved ones.

Although there were small hiccups like my grandma's complication in visa application, sister's bf may not be able to take leave and K's last minute cancellation that may end up stranding me sharing a bedroom with a total stranger! But it seems like all is going well when Grandma got her application approved, sister's bf will be holding her arm when skiing later and I am going to be sharing a room with a friend instead.

Things are going well. I know it will ... thus, I will treasure this outing ...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Say hello to ...

Binge! (the e is silent anyway). Yeap, I usually name all my beloved stuff. As of now, I have babe (my D80 Nikon camera), Boo (My Polaroid camera) and Binge ... my first ever Mac product. I mean, first hand Mac and absolutely bought from my own wallet. Also, my first EXP phone man!

I still find the phone expensive, after all tech stuff should be cheaper nowadays. I remember getting the E71 and think it was absurd to pay RM1.5k for a phone but back then, I really wanted to see the receiver of the phone smile ... yeap, the mobile I been using for the past 2 years is not exactly mine. Hehe

The sense of achievement is there but something is missing ... anyway, never mind that!

So ... Binge is not exactly in the box. She is out of her shell sitting next to me ... smiling. Asking me to caress my fingers on her retina screen. By the way, all my beloved are females ya ... Binge is exceptionally beautiful. Think of Gisele Bundchen ...

Well ... a piece of advise for those who want to adopt and enlarge Binge's population, especially when you are getting it from the Maxis adoption center ... You got to prepare to wake up real early, strategically pick your weekday and location, and still have to spend more than half a day waiting. Details?

Maxis only release 50 units a day. I was lucky number 44 (the last 16gb) and the rest is 32gb. Then you gotta wait for them to photocopy and port your number (which takes an hour or so) and the long wait to purchase the device (which takes about 25 minutes average per phone) ... and then que to get your sim card sliced... and then usually people walk out with a dark, gloomy face ...

Let's do this the MBA style

25 minutes x 40 = 1000 minutes divide by 3 operating counter = 333 min = 5 hours, and to factor in other purchases like blackberry, nokia whose counter is shared with the iPhone ... bla bla bla ... ok ... in simple conclusion, I was there from 830am and only manage to get Binge at 430pm.

How did I survive?

I work in KLCC Aquaria remember? So I basically took a number, estimate the average wait and was there only about the end. If you have nothing to do, go waste time crowding the Maxis store. Or else, get ready with picnic basket, watering thumbler and a lot of entertainment. I strongly suggest catching up on drama series!

Ok, Binge is making noise. I gotta go entertain her! Tee hehehe

Monday, November 15, 2010

From S4 of DHW

I am emotional. I understand and I accept. But how come I am so affected by some characters in drama series. Gosh, I at least teared up a few times over some housewives. I think I do take certain things in life quite seriously. After all, being comical isn't quite my everyday job and requirement.

I learned today that sometimes, expectations can be crushed in mere seconds and that life's offerings is filled with choices one have to make. You cry over things but you move on. You move on to things that are worth living for. You move on to things that you want to create to be called colorful history.

That line made me teared up.

I cannot believe by watching drama series, you actually learn philosophy in life. Good ol to the script writers!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Perfect remorse

I am so touched, eyes teary and breathing through my soul ... so emotionally wretched due to this line

" Don't run away, but if you do ... please take me with you"

Why? How?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

What ?

There are just so many things I want to write about. Right now, I just do not know what I want to write. It could be my recent singapore trip, but that would be the same ramblings about work which I should stop complaining about. Then there is the funny incident of getting con, which is like told a billion times where I am sick of saying anything about it. Of course, there is the side dish to my life - MBA, utterly boring to pen down.

Friends? Want to avoid gossips. Family? Nothing much happening except the fact that my sister look stunning today in a night gown. Bareback till can see her buttock line and F*** HER (with envious tone) looking good in an hour-glass body dress. My dog? Literally the same ol notti stuff. Gym? Haven't been there in ages! My insomnia? Half solved with the expensive bed and the other half is what I am experiencing now.

Food? Haven't got the chance to taste it. Travel? No money. New gadget? No money. Movies? Had marathon last week, wanna skip it this week. Music? Nothing much except that fireworks and just the way you are keep playing in my head.

Love? Still as complicated when it should have been easy. Fashion? No comment except that I have officially ban Uni Qlo in my wardrobe.

So what to write about? Sigh ... maybe I should go for a walk since I can't sleep but I am craving for this dish ...


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tik Tok, Sunset

@ Landmark Village Hotel, Bugis

It is funny how sometimes the past comes back to you like Dejavu. Quick, ruthless and directly smack at your face.

Standing at the 11th floor, looking out the window, thinking that so much has changed in the past months made me somehow feel quite fragile. Or am I always like that? That figures!

While Eagle is out with his friends, I am in the room - listening to Sarah's Angel and realize that the waiting is quite lonely and staring myself in the mirror, sort of made me feel a bit weird. Admiration of disgust? The sun is setting and on the view I am looking at, fairly tranquil for a city filled with movements. Just like how I anticipate that there will be more people moving around, it never happened. I can never really change how he feels no matter how hard I try.

How come it is so hard to show that vulnerability and weakness?

For once, I wish there was a lightning bolt that strikes, striking me blind and awakening thereafter just to be muted and deafen by the thunder. I just want to numb my senses. How can I be so silly to let it all pass, to think that my spent nights are just reminisce of looking into the past. How can I let myself go?

Hmm ... I am not emotional. Just thoughts, stacking into pieces and finally having the drums rolled. I really want it to stop spinning! No standing ovations.

Can he undone it? Can he really? Just want him to bust through the door and sweep me away to stay.

Who doesnt want that rite?

And so suddenly the mood changed. Katy Perry's I kissed a girl is playing now. Potong stim. Time to go out dinner alone

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Diwali weekend

I haven't had so much peace and quiet for the weekend. Never mind the constant fireworks during last friday's Diwali celebration and the occasions echoes from post fireworks in a distant, it was still a serene weekend for me.

As soon as work ended (yes I had to work on a public holiday!), I had literally spend my weekend with very important friends in my life. They reminded me of the little things in life that matters, that quality time that no other can replace and definitely one I can just be my very own self.

It was a weekend of movies I would say! I watched Clash of the Titans, Shutter Island and The Blind Side. Not straight in a row but on different days with different friends. I have to say that The Blind Side is such a great movie and Sandra Bullock really awesomely made the character possible. It felt so real, so comical and at a certain point, I wish my own mum had that trait. I know! I shouldn't have ...

Shutter Island was mind blowing. I do not know why people think the movie was bullshit. I think even at the end, it is still mind blowing! If you think that Inception is mind bobbling ... this is worse I tell you!

Then came the 48hours movie making independent screenings that both pretentious bitch and I attended to lend our support to Purple Diva. Her film noir was commendable and the only missing element was dark shadows. Of course, with only 48 hours to make a short film, inclusive of script writing, shooting and editing ... IT WAS DAMN WELL A GOOD MOVIE.

Movies was not the only thing I did. I literally stayed home and cook! Yeap, spend some time lazing around, did some charity work and spent quality time with friends. It was a quiet weekend. A weekend well spent! A weekend where I ate my sins away and erm ... had ice cream every single day ... Hehe ... Big hugs to my friends who made it all possible - indulgence, tranquility and memorable

Although things went a bit unexpected on Mr Watch side, I hope his planned vacation will still go on.

As for me, time to be "Ferdinand the bull" in Singapore!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Katy Perry - Fireworks

Absolutely love the song and MV. I am deeply affected by the video - felt a blanket of comfort and hope but yet a tingle of uncertainty. Here's the video

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

La Source - Crabtree & Evelyn

Headache, stress and constant wandering mind ... inevitable at work. I truly, sincerely and positively accept that fact. I guess I never could have know that the best thing about living life to the fullest is the balance. With every ramble, one must learn to be direct. With every insult, comes a compliment. With every tiring moment, one must learn to re-energize. Matter of finding that balance rite?

Thus, I look forward to home tonight after setting up the trade show for work...

What a way to relax after an OT! Hehe