Monday, December 28, 2009

First MC at company

I want my weekend. Apparently with next week booked up, I guess I have no weekend again. Sigh... which is also the reason I am home today, not at work ... on medical leave. Kinda weird I am going to apply for a MC on the first month of my new job. Anyway, I think I should since I worked yesterday on a Sunday. No exactly work per say but still considered since I was selling and producing the products.

My brain isn't working. Need a rest.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Beri Xmas !

Its Xmas eve already! Wanna take the chance to wish everyone a festive holiday, Mary Kerimas and a Hapi Niu Year ...

LGB is bored in office doing the inventory check ...

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Penang Heritage trip

*This post is 19 days late* So sorry!

I am back from Penang! I make it a point (or at least try) to travel to Penang at least 3 times a year, for its food, culture and also people. Vynn, or also more famously known as my “san jie”, allowed me to tag along and stayed with her family during my two days trip. Thus, bringing back many fond memories, back when we travelled together in Uni and also my own nostalgic moments during my childhood spent at Grandpa’s place.

So, after dim sum with Grace (Ta Jie) and Vynn (San Jie) on Friday morning, Vynn and I started our journey north ... Grace did not tag along due to scheduling. We missed her presence dearly during our entire trip...The place we had dim sum was (which I reviewed previously a few weeks back) and decided to give it another round of commentaries – Kindly click here to view the updated post on Hong Kee dim sum.

Back to Penang

This trip is a bit different from the previous ones, mainly because I met a new friend who had this deep interest and passion for heritage. He introduced me to so many new places, cultural ventures, historical monuments and even took the time to explain the hidden stories, architectural concepts and symbology of each place that we visited. For the first time, my Penang trip has been fused with food ... and also learnings of new culture and heritage.

My Food trails :

Maggi Tom Yum Fish Fillet noodle

Red Bean blended with coconut

Pat Poh Gu Ling Ping

Henry, an educator at Penang Inti College and also an active community activist in heritage and culture of Penang took the effort showing me around some of the places I never even knew existed in Penang. Our first destination after breakfast was the Peranakan Mansion, or what I like to call the “Little Nyonya House” where you get to witness the Baba and Nyonya arts and symbology in a nutshell, all under one roof. The beautiful house was restored and showcased a series of story in architecture with its symbology stories, crafts, culinary collections, fashion, feng shui and many more. You gotta be there to know more! Here are the pictures of my heritage footsteps:

One of the back alley in a 1940's back street

Snake temple

Hand made clay wall decorations

Peranakan Mansion

Peranakan Mansion's original non-refurbished window art work

More to come :

Hand pasted floor tiles, piece by piece

Gold decoration in Khoo Kongsi

Hand painted wall murals

Hand made clay wall deco with confusious storyline

3D-roof deco made from clay and plates

I also met some golden citizens of Penang, one of a kind craftsman with skills that no one can inherit or replace. They are the real art guru, specialising in their own turf and field – hand making past essentials for decades without the intrusion of technology and mechanic. It is the truth that the products they create are more refine and holds a higher value for its craftsmanship. According to Henry, it was my lucky day that I manage to visit 3 of them all in one day. He hardly scores that kind of luck w;

It has been a short yet knowledgeable experience for me this time around. A short trip, too short actually, but well lived. I left Penang with a huge dream and hope that I can do something for the terminology and continuity of heritage for Penang. If any of you are interested to have Henry bring you around ... do give me abuzz!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My humble apologies

I know! Its been quite a time since I blog. To be honest with you, I am really busy these days. Since my new job took off ... I've been traveling extensively, working long hours and trying to spend equal quality time with friends, family and also K. Since my boss is away and he did request that I take the nice long weekend to unwind, I have decided to blog then... A post almost 20 days late! Haha ... Hope you guys are up for some old stuff

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bye Bye Manila

I am at Clark airport now. Yeap they have wifi here! Damn cool...

Woke up about 530 am this morning and had been traveling since. Driver drove me from my accommodation to the bus terminal, waited for the bus, then the bumpy 1 1/2 hours bus ride to Clark Airport at Pampanga, then 30min to check-in and waited about another 1 1/2 hours for boarding and now I anticipate the 4 hour flight back to LCCT and the 40min ride back home. Gosh, traveling like this is a huge headache and definitely tiring. Gone a FULL DAY!

I just hope next time I get to at least fly into Manila. It saves time I am sure. If I ever get to come back that is. Well, I better pack up my laptop and send our my final bye-bye SMSes to all my work colleagues at Manila. Boarding the plane in less than 10 minutes. See you guys back in KL, can't wait to hit the gym after the delicious Philippine meals I had here... hehe

Pictures later!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Changing luck?

I think I was jinxed yesterday. Had some bad luck all the way, no cabs, late for dinner, late for shopping, no warm shower and thrown some rotten bananas. Sigh.

Woke up late today, stuck in a jam, running late to meet the vice president of the company and a cab wanted to charge me 250peso (RM25) for my ride, where the average is around 65-85peso (RM6.50-rm8.50). What a day! He told me it was Friday and I raised my eyebrow and told him, forget it ... I work on Friday and I don't get paid extra 250peso!

I waited for another cab and had the average charge billed to me. Rushed to the office, my vice president texted and said she will be late too. I quickly checked my pass MBA unit results and I got a Distinction for it! Woosh! Changing luck?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

No luck yet

Sometimes luck just ain't on your side! Been trying to get a cab for the past 30minutes and failed to even wailed down any. I didn't manage to order what I want to eat last night too. Sigh, I hope my luck changes soon. Can't afford to miss my bus to the airport early morning on Saturday!

I've actually counted;

Missed cabs about 20 plus, Available cabs that did not want to pick me up 3 cabs (maybe because I look like a terrorist with my black bag pack), 2 pick up bus which I was advised not to take and 1 motorbike. OK, that kinda freaked me out ... so here I am back in the office blogging...

I've taken some pictures! Can't wait to go back KL and blog about my trips. Yeap, starting with Penang then Manila. Stay tune guys!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

lemongrassboy at PH

I am at Manila, Philippine ... my new workplace, undergoing training. I will be back in Malaysia this coming Saturday and then perhaps I can talk more about my hectic week since last Friday. Yeap, I had so much to write about and just couldn't find the time. Hopefully I can input some tonight back at my accommodation, not sure if there is wifi but will try to find one.

In a nutshell, I am excited to be in a new place and venturing into meeting new people, learning new culture and also the business, but I am also very tired due to the ungodly hours in traveling and accustoming to it. Sigh