Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bye bye at last

I sat in front of the screen and didn't know what to pin down. Feeling all rusty and rustic after being away for 6 months. I guess opening a theme park can take a toll on you. It has been close to 4 months since we opened our door, and after many long hours, nightmares and heavy under eye bags ... I finally can feel my body, soul and mind settling down.

So here I am sitting under my blanket, with my Mac hammering away the keyboard on my long unheard blog. If you are reading this, still ... I express my utmost appreciation and to have a reader like you, it is either you are a die hard fan ... or you are just into hearing my ramblings. Sadly, as how a broken violin can sound ... I am ending lemongrassboy.blogspot.com.

Yes. This is the last post, and after migrating for at least two times. I have done and written enough on my past trail. Don't get me wrong, I am just leaving the footprints on the sands of this beach. I will continue to write, but at another blog.

I am gonna go idle on this email, and this post too.

I love you guys

ps - to those who still reads, and in the wanting to know ... arakisan.blogspot.com

Monday, June 25, 2012

Na Ying - Fang Ai Yi Tiao Sheng Lu

  • 那英 - 放爱一条生路
    Na ying - Fang ai yi tiao sheng lu
  • 我总听你说着辛苦 患得患失无法投入
  • wo zong ting ni shuo zhuo xin ku huan de huan shi wu fa tou ru
  • 你总反反覆覆 到最后我才恍然大悟
  • ni zong fan fan fu fu dao zui hou wo cai huang ran da wu
  • 你的身边早有幸福 你拿友情当作烟雾
  • ni de shen bian zao you xing fu ni na you qing dang zuo yan wu
  • 温柔变成包袱 好自私 你让我痛苦
  • wen rou bian cheng bao fu hao zi si ni rang wo tong ku
  • 不爱就不爱 不要舍不得离开
  • bu ai jiu bu ai bu yao she bu de li kai
  • 让这个错早点结束 就当她才是你的归宿
  • rang zhe ge cuo zao dian jie shu jiu dang ta cai shi ni de gui su
  • 放爱一条生路 不要频频回
  • fang ai yi tiao sheng lu bu yao pin pin hui
  • 顾 别再作一味自私的企图 让我逃不出
  • gu bie zai zuo yi wei zi si de qi tu rang wo tao bu chu
  • 放爱一条生路 别再执迷不悟
  • fang ai yi tiao sheng lu bie zai zhi mi bu wu
  • 带走你的自由和我的祝福离开 离开 别再作茧自缚
  • dai zou ni de zi you he wo de zhu fu li kai li kai bie zai zuo jian zi fu
  • Wednesday, June 20, 2012

    Hot Hot ...

    Is it me or the weather is getting hotter? I can't stand the heat. Seriously, like what the hell is wrong with the heat! With the blazing sun light and all, I can't help but feel a little under the weather. It has been almost 2-3 weeks since I am back from Melbourne but every time I open my eyes, I think about the place. The weather is something I really miss. Every time I use the Aloe vera moisturizer gel Lil Pixie gave me, I have the tendency to wonder how the chilling sensation will feel like if I applied it in Melbourne. Even listening to Laura Fygi or Diana Krall these days brings me back to memory lane. They top my playlist for the year I was there.

    Sometimes I wonder, was it the good experience that I miss? For the bad ones, I have forgotten and passed. Wounds really heal don't there. Ironically, for all the good stuff that survives - the bad never really did. So why do often decisions are made gearing towards ending stuff cos of bad things? I did that, fear and doubt. I guess for stronger preseverance and people with great amount of faith, they are more inclined to finish till the end and enjoying perks for their hardship. Thats how good experience survive I reckon. I shall believe in that more ...


    Being the skeptical usual me, I certainly hope I can be better in that sense

    Friday, June 15, 2012

    Melb Aussie Trip 2012

    Apologies for the late reply on the post for my Melbourne trip. I actually wrote some interesting stuff but in the midst of trying to save the post using a wifi stick, I guess the post got lost somewhere in cyber space. I can't actually recall what I wrote, so I am just gonna leave it as it is ... and post some pictures from my trip from VIC

    By the way, I have a FB account already. Hmmm ... Hope my best friends can help me with the account. Absolutely an idiot with it ... 

    Monday, June 11, 2012

    Farewell my dear brand manager

    Life is indeed unpredictable. Today at the office we had a farewell. As how our director puts it, it is not even the opening yet and somehow a farewell has taken place. Sometimes, life is so unexpected of you. I remember the passion and burning fire in her eyes when she told me the sacrifices she made to move so far for the experience of launching a theme park. It was really great to have find that fire blazing through someone's eye and definitely an honor to have worked in the past few months under her guidance

    Most of my colleagues were wondering if I will weep with the departure. After all, she was extremely close to me. Or that's what it seem. But to be honest, we were just work mates. Manager. Subordinate. That's about it, that's the end of it. So even though we have our close moments and all, I still trust my instinct that she doesn't like having me around. Don't mind, but preferably not. So when the questions of tear will come with her farewell, my eyes clearly disappoint a lot of people. By the way, the last time I cried was many years back thanks to K. So for our brand manager, it was just heavy hearts but no tears. Hate to say this, but I have become emotionless. Bad trait. So, here I am blogging about her and myself being the marketing partners ... that people deemed "close". Unfortunately, we are not what we seem

    Many times we have our crossing swords moment, I am thankful that someone like that appeared in my life, even for a short period of time. The lesson I learnt from her in the past 8 months is incomparable to many of my previous working experience. She taught me some very important lesson in corporate life. Focus and determination. Two crucial element that can determine how far you can go ... especially in a rigid and fast faced environment.

    Back to the farewell, she left hastily while opening describing her personal reason. With her decision made to return to form a family as she is expecting comes as a surprise to many. As much as the staff is happy for her expectant, many are sad for her departure. Nevertheless, many bid her best wishes and to have a great experience being a mother.

    It is amazing that how career just gives way to that. Of course, there are the benefits of having a baby in Germany rather than locally here. I cant help but feel a slight sensation that some form of mistake were made ... I believe in the saying that one who knows what they are doing in life, many times do not know what they are doing in bed. Vice versa applies of course. Coming from experiences, I truly believe in that saying today after sending off the brand manager. To cheer on for her new future and endeavors. To cheer on for her new role. To cheer on for her new baby experience. To cheer on for her now new claimed dream, passion and hopefully fire in her eyes to being a mother.

    Thats life to you, so unexpected. I am sure the past weeks have been hard for her to make the final decision to for go a dream for another. 

    Saturday, June 2, 2012

    Back from Melbourne

    I am back from Melbourne! Yay yay yay. Thats a triple yay because I had a great time in Melbourne, came back in one piece and in less than 15 minutes, I will be heading out with my buddies for another round of celebration. Nope, it is not my birthday ... so can keep the birthday wishes for 2 months time.

    Anyway, I am sitting in Miruku-kun's room and listening to his playlist of wonderful songs. So I thought, his top 5 list of songs most played are:

    1. Adele - Someone like you
    2. Carly RJ - Call me maybe
    3. Taylor Swift - Back to December
    4. Christina Perri - A Thousand Years
    5. Beyonce - Best Thing I never had

    Then, I thought I should compare my top playlist as well. So my top 5 most played songs are :

    1. Katy Perry - Part of Me
    2. Nicki Minaj - Starships
    3. Train - Drive By
    4. Beyonce - Love on Top
    5. Flo Rida w Sia - Wild Ones

    So it shows who we are. LOL

    Next post will be on my emotional trip back to Melb Aussie. To end the post, thanks you Miruku-kun for the wonderful graduation gift

    Sunday, May 20, 2012

    Yellow Sandal Kris

    I am at Taroyami, near Sutera Mall having some wonderful company for taiwanese dessert, japanese sushi and chinese plum tea to wrap up my weekend. It has been quite a tiring two days because I am down with a very bad flu and cough. Having the sickness since Wednesday night till tonight is certainly a nuance. But I cannot help but feel happy because the company I have met for the weekend has nothing but sweet. With my bad nose, coarse throat and stress of trying to manage my upcoming family trip to Melbourne in just a few more days, I really was thankful that Kris is around.

    Thanks Kris for believing in something that is so faded and uncertain. It was an honor to have you visiting and to have you hearing me out. It is also a pleasure to have taken you to great food outlets and introduce you to my ever so friendly but noisy brother. Thanks Kris for the small little token ...

    Take care and I will see you soon!

    Thursday, May 10, 2012

    The idea of moving or standing

    Humans being humans always are always seeking for something. When you seek with hope of answers, it is what we call expectations. Regardless whether it is in career advancement, a partner for life, self enlightement or even a better future, there is always that notion that expectations are to be met. What if it doesnt? Do you usually end up deciding the opposite side or do you try and fit in, find a balance and just be content?

    Apparently, both the word are not suppose to co-exist because when you are content, you are usually not seeking. With the abscene of curiosity that usually comes with seeking, there can never be that "hope" at the end.

    But what is interesting is that when you stop seeking, everything seem to revolve around a positive tone. Event the worst case scenario or wrong doing can be some sort of consolation prize. Settling for whatever that comes along. Is that bad? or is that actually good?

    Or has experiences as well as having lesser time in older age sorta force a person to just settle or be content because there is just that much room for anticipation and energy for the battle on expectations?

    Questions questions ...

    That said, in my own opinion. I rather hope than be content because the line between contentment and stagnant is so closely knitted. One can easily be misguided over the idea of being fine but actually not in the perspective of other or another.

    So at the end of the day, check and balance. Every time a prevailing ideology comes into play, we can either sit back relax a little or strive for more. But the having the agility for that kind of flexibility is rare and being human, we some how ended up being rigid. Rigidity in expecting, rigidity in contentment.

    Friday, April 27, 2012

    LEGOLAND Malaysia

    I am stealing time to write today. Yes, I am still at work and with the recent news that LEGOLAND Malaysia is going to open on 15 September 2012, work is indeed doubling. Speed up!

    With over 40 rides, attractions and shows available when opening, LEGOLAND is set to mark Malaysia's achievement to be the first Asia Country launching this successful theme park. YES! There are 5 other very successful LEGOLAND worldwide. A theme park specially designed for children and family fun, the rides available are tailored for interaction, edutainment, fun and of course bonding between families. Thats from a kid-parent and family-family perspective.

    You can expect to see 50 million LEGO bricks and some 15,000 LEGO models. If 10 models could get people taking lots of pictures, can you imagine the park? 76 foot ball size fields - 76acre is what you will be experiencing and be prepared to work in the park :-) as in, fun work!

    Yeap, I am marketing the product and service from my company. Haha

    Well, look out for promotions that is coming to you. Had quite a few number of big boys setting out great deals for the tickets. Those who initially think it is expensive, think twice cause we have oversold most of our pre-sale entries. Talk about reception! Tickets are still availabe so go grab em before the incremental price theory of supply - demand kicks in.


    Tuesday, April 24, 2012

    Give up on us

    I close my eyes and stand still
    Seeking truth in your riddle
    You kept me alive, holding me down
    Made me believe nothing can stand in between us

    I hug you to bed under the starlights
    Catching your heartbeat
    Gave me hope, wiping my tears away
    Made me a fool and just force me to stop trying

    I wanna be the one
    The one that takes your breath away
    But you became the one
    The one that took my soul away

    I want to reach to you
    Be the one to hold you
    You reach to me, gave me hope light as dust
    Held me close, just to give up on us

    This love just slide
    You took me for granted
    Why did I keep trying
    When you just gave up on us

    Don't you dare come back
    Don't touch me, just leave me shattered
    Let my heart heal, without your scar
    You walked away, so just let it burn
    Just let it pass by