Friday, April 29, 2011

Dream a little dream

Ever gotten the feeling that life has stood still for a period of time and when you realize how you have age, there is this weak sickening cramp in your stomach telling you that it was unproductive through out the years of idle?


I also don't know why suddenly my mind could comprehend such complexity. Although some of you may already notice that complexity is like my middle name. Or rather last. Whatever.

Back to the topic of idle. Yeap, this is what happen when you saw a Maurice Lacroix watch that you like and you cannot afford. Dream a little dream of me they all say.

I guess it happens most of the time. You stand there watching others having a fine meal with no qualms about the bill and wish you were there. You stood in your car wondering when will it be your turn to own the new A4 blazing away in front you. You look as others parade their pride in new fashion pieces while you are hoping that your t-shirt collar doesnt look like some overworn-washed top.

You look at couples, living together and happily announcing their anniversary while you wish you had made the same choices. You experience adulthood and grew into a hobby alone wishing there were more in companion and choices. You admire strong, smart and successful being while you are still trying to build half the person they are. You envy the comfortable, serene and content life one is in yet you lie to yourself that you had one too ... still do

Idle. Ironic it seems, it happens to everyone because the root to the problem is standing still too long. Observation and setting life target or goals doesn't help solve the entire problem. In today's ever competitive society in both monetary, self actualization and development, there is a huge gap one needs to leap across to truly enjoy the opposites of idle. Being active is insufficient. Being proactive is the key to success.

As I write this post. I cannot believe how much had happened today. Ipad 2 was released and there are still people going through crazy que to be the "first" to own the ipad. It is also the day that Prince William and Kate tie knots turning medias into a broadcast frenzy for fairy tale. Lovely I must say. Not to mentioned the day I finally spoke up to my best buddies about how I felt about the past month and the whole topic about being idle.

I guess life moves on so quickly that if you never learned to look back and notice how idle life have been, you will never make any drastic move to change it for the better. At the end, it is about choices you will make. Decisions that is weighed and risk that is calculated to empower and enhance lifestyles that you dream of having. Let it be financial independence, success in career and self development or even just living the family dream, owning a home and decent monotonous life. You gotta make that call ... and for me, it's all about timing and being at the right place now.

Well, enough ramblings.

The next time you open your mouth and start debating about unfairness, corruption and how you wish life was better like other countries, start voting. Stop being idle.

And where did that come from eh?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rain Pour ...

I wonder if its possible to turn a portion of my workplace into gym area?

I am currently stranded in the office, at Kelana Jaya refusing to go home because I am afraid of the jam. When I heard thunders roaring earlier, I knew I will spend another hour in the office restless. Refusing to continue work, I am now officially bored and pretty much yawning with sleepy eyes.

Every time it rains, the roads around my office area gets nasty. Last Friday was already havoc for me and since then, I never really feel safe, productive or even good to drive in major roads in Klang Valley when it pours. It is like a well known culture that when it rains, you just get stucked in jam for hours.

I really do not know what our country is doing to improve the quality of living in KL. Seriously! With the new controversy about 1Malaysia email, an obvious bail-out project for financially troubled company (don't be surprise if it's "sorta" government linked) ... I cannot understand why can't the government spend the 50million RM project for something else. Unclogging and fixing the stupid flood at NKVE exit to Subang and Federal would be a good move!

But well, it doesn't make any profitable sense I believe. Afterall, we are a country famous for our deceptive white elephant projects. Mega huge! Mega promotion! Mega feature! Mega money involved! and Mega failure at the end!

What to do? We plan, execute but never maintain... How to survive?

So here I am sitting at my desk figuring how am I gonna spend the next 45 minutes to avoid the jam, it only took me 5 seconds to decide which party I am going to vote for in the next election.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

So I feel like writing about something serious like love

I have very strong opinions on how relationship should work but I balance my expectations with reasonable acceptance and adaptations in small changes when it comes to reality. I have to admit that we do not always get what we want in life. Because of that, it is always good to do a reality check and see if all the trouble is worth the lost and found feeling that is worth sacrificing for. Love so to speak.

Many people or rather strangers I know are only into the conformity of relationship. They never really fell in love with the person, that particular special someone but rather with the idea of just having someone. When the problems intertwine between the two souls in daily life, all hell break lose and often resulting in break ups too. Conflicts arises when you are just into a relationship that you deem right, rather "WE" deem right.

I for once understood that and told LK that you either learn to live and love by the person, going through the thorny and blooming experiences without seperation or do it the harder way, learn to love the person then live by him, starting with months of friendship, genuinely design for courtship.

My thoughts of finally finding a light within the darkness, something worth learning to care and love unconditionally for was challenged constantly yet I never gave in. I always tell myself to be patience and learn. To always be adapting because it involve the other party. To always be better which one of them include practice. Practice of being honest and never lying to that person was my vow to learn and share, without judgment in hope that he will always be a great listener when in dire needs. Naked as can be, it's not comfortable to do so on my part. I never like disclosing dark stories but it is something I had learn to better share now than later. I learn to swallow my leo pride and roar it out with risk of losing it all, yet I still breath

But how come at each intervals of growth, it feels more difficult than ever? I keep asking myself how come it feels like running towards a wall each time. Enough of all the first move one has to make; asking silly questions with answers that has an open ended excuses, growing anticipation that conversation talks can evolve around the topic romance and constant demeaning of when the day it will come that it finally felt real and natural?

It never will be. Trying is tiring. Settling is foreseeable just rebound. We have communication ideologies and probably slaughter each other for the matter of just fulfilling ego boost or whatever you call them, background, work environment or plain defense mechanism.

I am feeling that it is one sided. The intertwine ideologies have caused us apart. I have let my guard down but it seems that if the other party is secluded and unwilling to bend, there will never be the story of beauty and the beast. Just like how the song lyrics depict tolerance and desire to adapt, the missing gap cripples any possible growth each desire. When one decides to dictate ideologies and stop feeling empathy, you're not suited to date because the only hurt you will cause is more pain.

Pain that you will easily brush off because you never learn that even sharing help eases the sting. If you can overcome it, probably because you did it alone. But situation and people are different. The hostility in dealing with such fragile matters has cause more tears un-cried that you could never imagine because you don't believe in it. You don't believe in him. Then you will never believe in the thick and thin, better and worse that could happen together. Staying together. Being together and living together

It is hard to get by. It really is but I know that at the end - there is nothing to lose but just mere nostalgic moments, warmth and chance to shower love. To me, that is important. I rather not have it, if it means just living by someone's settling cause, someone else's rules because when you get together, it is about us. No longer about the single battles you won or can win.

Because to learn to love is the greatest gift you can bestowed onto another. Changing their life, yours and together forever.

I knew it! I KNEW IT

It was a sign when I keep hearing Rihanna behind my head. Why ? Cos she just created history for herself!!!

s&m ... NO1 on the billboard. How she created history? Well ... read the news below that I extracted from Chart News (

Rihanna may be the real “single lady.” Her single “S&M,” lifted from her latest album Loud, has landed atop the Billboard Hot 100, granting the Barbadian songstress her 10th No. 1 on the coveted chart.

According to Billboard, Rihanna, who logged her first No. 1 back in 2006 for the single “SOS,” is the fastest solo artist to garner 10 number ones in such a short time span in the chart's 52-year history. The four years, 11 months duration breaks Mariah Carey’s record of five-years, four-months. Rihanna trails only the Beatles (one year, eight months and one week) and the Supremes (two years, eight months and three weeks) for the fastest accumulation of 10 Hot 100 No. 1s. Rihanna, 23, is also the youngest artist to accomplish ten No. 1s.

She also ties Janet Jackson for ten No. 1s and follows behind Carey (18), Madonna (12) and Whitney Houston (11). The lift for the “S&M single comes on the heels of the remix with pop superstar Britney Spears. The combined digital sales of the original song and the remix logged 293,000 downloads, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Na Na ... my head

This song keep repeating in my head today. I wonder is it the main cause of my everlasting head banging ...

Rihanna's whats my name ... check out the video here

Saturday, April 16, 2011

My opinion piece on study

How many of us are actually using our knowledge studied to good use in work force? Even technical based education have their limitations. It has not much changed. Only if you are specialized in some sort of professionally recognized jobs (the standards of doctors, lawyers ... yada yada yada), then only one is subjected to the comfortably income earning and perhaps less volatile and risky job competition.

I remember when I chose my degree, it was purely out of passion and encouragement. TV and art direction seems like a great field for me to excel then, with Lord of the Rings breaking boundaries for synergy between art direction and animation effect. Simple mind set was a set back when in reality, production field in media industry locally is top notch challenging, not to mention pay peanuts and after bitten by the corporate bug during my internship ... I had never looked back. Changed my major into media studies, gotten my first job in account management for sales, then marketing and now business development.

Sucked into the realm of cut throat negotiations and competitive advantages in both human sourcing and talent retention, I took up my MBA studies in 2009 and now, I look forward in graduating by September this year. Excited it may seems, DWKY posed a very interesting question into my mind. What would I be doing? Or in more professional business terminology, How would I be capitalizing on my MBA degree to spearhead my future in achieving personal goals?

I have absolutely no idea. Clueless as it can be, DWKY suggested many potential opportunities. I hear, digest and listen. Then I thought, how come the work force has changed so much. It seems like a battlefield these days. With the increase of employment opportunities, there are such huge influx of similar trained field graduates. Through my observation and conversations among friends, if one would like a decent job ... my definition of decent by interpreting with range of the average age of 25 with the following criteria

  1. Comfortable annual earnings of RM50,000
  2. Should include remuneration for health coverage, insurance
  3. Bonus perks in meal allowances, travel cap
  4. If possible, automobile benefits
  5. Not to mention the yearly performance bonus and retirement offering

Without the above, it is so hard to keep up with the youngsters these days. To worsen, even more difficult to keep up in economic terms. Gone are the days of getting paid freshly at rm1.8k ... cos you would not be able to sustain yourself working in the city environment. Gone are the days where comfortable houses and properties cost around RM300,000 cos any lower, you are getting a place you hardly can call home.

Seriously, at my age I am constantly thinking about a comfortable future, fighting inflation, overcoming present stress and trying to save enough for diversification investment ... and it seems so impossible. I am thankful enough to have great friends by my side who constantly remind me of the time value of money and how I can use it to balance both my demanded lifestyle yet still getting a decent going from working. Blessing in disguise.

So to speak, I want to share that getting yourself equipped with skills and knowledge does help - ALOT. If you need to keep in demand, you gotta sharpen certain skills. Just like entrepreneurs who have to constantly innovate to stay in business, 9-5 workers have to too.

To be honest, I find that you do not really need a certificate in what so ever universities nowadays. Yes, your first job interview may depend on that ... but without industry training or even part time job experience, you might as well use the cert as just appendix sheets to decorate your resume. My first job was easily secured mainly because of my internship in Maxis. So, to the fresh grads out there ... get good industrial placement and tell yourself, money is secondary.

For me now, my next objective is to try and master another language and hopefully get a new job to commit my portfolio and achievement for the next few coming years. A bit to early to write new year resolutions, but I have some targets set in my mind. Wish me luck and to those who are deciding whether they want to progress in their education... here is my concluded advise

1. Decide what specification of field you want to be in. Skip the general studies
2. Then equipped yourself with skills or tacit knowledge that others does not have
3. Sharpen your communication and language skills
4. Spend quality time to network around and keep them fresh, sincere and objective driven
5. Start young; savings, diversify investment, fight inflation ... yada yada yada

Then you are saved from the middle income trap and may stand a chance to really live the kinda lifestyle you envy. In conclusion, your education paper can be diluted by the many people who kinda "pay" for their degree and companies may no longer value your education. To save yourself from all the waste of time scoring, it is better to get some tacit knowledge, additional skills and work experience that will help.

So good luck.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Beijing China 2011

Too many things to write about my China trip. So I will do my best to summarize the points. Basically, its a land of many people - people - people everywhere. Please beware when crossing road, as even with zebra lines or green light for pedestrian crossings does not necessary guarantee safety. I almost got knocked down while legally crossing with the green sign of a walking man. Yeap, drivers in Beijing do not stop

Anyway, that said ... my trip almost covered every worthy visited place in Beijing. So, let's start with some pictures ... Mind you I did not upload the entire hundreds of snap shot. Well, I am a cam whore... so here's a few good ones :

Arriving at the Temple of Heaven

Then, some random street pics

National stadium - Birdnest ... and the Aquatic Arena - Bubble hut :P

Chang Ling tomb, visiting the late Emperor Yong Le ... big lo his kubur.

Pillars are made of singular tree, cannot be burnt due to the wood type. Apparently, wood takes 700 hundred of years to grow.

Gate of hell. Not suppose to cross over, a common Chinese belief of leaving soul at the other side.

Some alley, perfect shooting point for model wannabe like me!

Great wall of China!!!

The wall of course is very long and have a few spots to start for the climb. Our tour choose "Ba Da Ling". Sounds like Petaling ... LOL

The fastest record ever to finish the entire wall, from the head to the tail ... is 2 months and 2 days, achieved by two british climbers. Salute!

TinNanMen and entering Forbidden City. Not that forbidden la ... with the amount of crowd galloping into the palace, would believe Mr Watch that soon the palace will sink into the ground.

I like this pic. I look good in it. So random hor ... haha

Lucky to have gotten a pic, without people in the scenery.

Then decided to go into smaller alleys to avoid the sheep instinct and crowd. My objective was to find for ancient toilet. Of course, many places are not allowed for visitation

But found the abandon project of crystal palace. The place was supposed to be filled up with water to showcase fishes. Imagine aquarium, in the size of that structure. China boleh!

Imperial garden


Then it was to ... Wang Jing Fu. Shopping! Sadly ... very exp!

I also went to Liu Li Chang (Antique street, but did not take any picture because was rushing ... as they were closing down the market).

The pictures below are from this cultural street ... but cannot remember the name. Damn! MC help help ... if you are reading :P

Bought most of my souvenirs at this street. Do visit for local designers inspiration too. There is a corner with smelly tofu too. Really stinking one lo

SUMMER PALACE - Must visit lo. According to trip advisor la. I like the place anyway, its like a palace with little town in it. Can you believe that a palace actually has a water way with streets next to it. Mini Venice like...

I cannot help but dine. Pricey but for the experience, worth it man!!!

The famous never ending long corridor walk

Some how, summer palace is more beautiful and laid back compared to the real palace -aka- forbidden city

The marble boat. Damn the emperor lo ... dunno why he need that also

Konon la mahu jadi model macam Chanel ad. Tak jadi

Quiet ... scary

Lama Temple. Got Guiness book of records - single tree carved buddha statue. No pictures allowed, so you gotta go see yourself la. Or google.

Love spring ... leaves getting greener

To end things. Beijing english is also very special.

1. Beware of slippery fall ... in beijing is known as:

2. Caution of steep stairways ... in beijing is known as:

There are more... but I laugh too loud each time, so have to escape the stares from the public thus at many times did not manage to capture the signage.

Well ... I wanna zzz le ... tomorrow flying off again.