Friday, December 30, 2005

2 More Days

Ah .... I am so full. Thanks Will for the wonderful treat at TGI Fridays! Man ... I miss the Brownies already! But I am too full to consume anything at the moment. Even normal H20 makes me feel nausea ...

Went for shopping today at KLCC! Bought like 5 Undis ... Hahaha ... Don't know why am I blogging about this! Anyway - Do you know it is so hard to find "proper" yet "nice" undis nowadays! I can't afford to pay RM80/RM70 for just ONE CK undi; so I have to subject myself to other brands!

I learned that Bods Undis (which I love) only last max 6-8months. Then, you get saggy-loose rubber that doesn't help in "supporting" or "maintaining" position. Trust me! If you go for advance BodyStep moving up and down, you might as well not wear anything under the gym shorts at all!

Back to topic. Shopping for Undis was like HELL! Can you actually believe the color cordination they have? Renoma in particular has this 2 nice Undi Tanga with LimeGreen and ShockingOrange! WHAT THE FCUK? The designers gone crazy is it??? or is it that girls like their boyfriends wearing WEIRD UGLY colors! YUCK*

Then there are the typical 2nd hand looking and "not very tasty" designs. Sigh ... Some brands actually got the guts to have fish-nets undis, see-through undis, materials that makes you itch (YEAH! so can you imagine wearing it???) and some "damm-uncle" design. Gawd*

I know no body else sees it ... but I am SO NOT going to subject myself to wear one of those ugly thing, which I even think an Ogre or Troll will rather wear women panties than those "things" !

I am not complaining but I think guys in Malaysia deserve better looking Undis. Afterall, Xixili, La Senza, Women Secret, Blush, Triumph and whatever the girls are having, are indeed ranking among international standards or at least basic lookable undergarments. While our "guys" underwears are worst than those clothes one can patch up by picking up bits and pieces of clothers from the streets...

Is there any Male Underwear Union or Fashion Underwears Association I can complain to?

Thursday, December 29, 2005

3 More Days

I am still sweating! After the whole evening spend at FF Summit for the launching of new releases - LesMills Classes (Hope I spelled the name correctly :P) - I am still sweating. While was having dinner with the gang, I swore I used the entire pack of tissue. Not those small packets but the box-type you find at mamak. Sigh; Dunno is it a bad sign or a good sign ~

Went for my very 1st and complete BodyJam today. Man - there were so many people! The class was like packed! Everyone is crazee of Jam! Kenny was extremely good with the moves! Even Yeaw and ChooiYin was complimenting his groove and moves! I manage to catch some glimpse of others doing jam. Damm they are good. Shouldn't have joined. Must have look like a rotten log trying to dance.....

I did two classes (Should be 3; but BodyBalance was like packed) in a row! Did BodyStep previously. Hate the track where we have to squad. Jenny and this other guy was like my idol for the day! They did 3 FULL classes. This include the all-hell-break-loose and most-strainful BODYATTACK.

As usual, Jenny, Cyin, Yeaw, Brian, Jeremy and Anthony was there! Klevin and William was there too today. So fun to see a whole bunch of people I know dancing away pretending we are some goddess divas! HAHAHA. Azyei was there too! Leo's voice could be heard like miles away! Farah, Tina and some other people I know but I forgot their names :P *OoOOpss was around. It was very fun working out together!

I wonder would FF in Melbourne be accessible to me ... for at least a few months! Man; I need weights and BodyBalance!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

4 More Days

To a junior I once knew, Keegan, a great friend, a peacemaker, a joyful person and most of all; a beloved son. May you rest in peace

To those people out there who STILL drives recklessly, think of the people who will hate you when you killed your passenger rather than yourself.

To those people who think that their driving skills can outwit everyone else, think again when you killed you friend and you are left on earth to suffer the guilt

To those people who are still not listening, there is a reason why I despise and will continually curse you with all my heart every single day, that one day your life would be more miserable than the word itself.

That would be enough...

Monday, December 26, 2005

Xmas 05

Celebrated this year's christmas with a flu and bad throat. I didnt quite enjoy this year's christmas except for the fact that I went shopping for gifts for friends and helped Kenny decorated his Xmas tree. To be exact - I have not, in my entire life, decorated a Xmas tree. My family is a very conservative-traditional chinese-BUDDIST family. So there isn't any Christmas thinge at my house.

I took the entire half day for Xmas eve to sleep. Then, me and Kenny head to FF Curve for Klevin's body balance. Felt so bad as I FFK him a few times for classes. Sorry dude* Later, we had Xmas eve dinner's at Mark's place. It was such a hassle as both Kenny and I didn't wrap our pressie's yet. So we ended up wrapping the gifts at the Car Park! What and experience! We had a simple dinner, exchange gifts and played around with Styx, Mark's cute and adorable dog! Agh .. I wish I had a JRussell :P

Then, Jenny, ChooiYin, Kenny and I overnighted at Kenny's condo. We played Mahjong till like 5am! Phew ... It was tiring but fun! You should have seen how ChooiYin acted after she had 2 glasses of Bailey's on rock. She was totally whacked out and begin her "raba-raba kungfu" or what we call in chinese "Ji Mo"! Hahahaha

Xmas day arrived but ironically - I helped mum decorate the house for Chinese New Year. Weird! Decorating the house for CNY while the radio blasts off with Xmas song! Well, like I said; Conservative-Traditional Chinese-Buddist Family :-)

Later, had Xmas BBQ ala Japanese dinner @ Midvalley with Kenny and it's so amazing how Midvalley's Decos are still attracting people! I've been to Midvalley at least 4 times this month and the fabulous decos are still like hot cakes. People crowd the center hall just to take pictures of the wonderful setting! Good marketing efford I shall say! I like it anyway; and It's quite hard for me to like anything ...

Then head home and slept till now. Just finished watching Tortoro. It's so nice! So sad to say that people no longer produce cartoon as meaningful as that. Thumbs up for producers from Tortoro and Spirited Away.

Friday, December 23, 2005


Today I am going to blog about the ... erm ... *andrewkin scrathing his own head* ... YEAH; Xmas Shopping!

Since Singapore; I am officially burn-out. My expenses had rocket"ed", my wallet is crying and currently my pocket and account is near to empty! It's like during the Depression in Japan back during the WW2~

Anyhow; It's all thanks to no good Christmas. The season to shop shop shop. Don't get me wrong, I didnt spend lavishly but because my monthly pocket money is only RM450 per month (MAX) and that includes the tol, food, supper and what so ever I want to get. So; getting Xmas gifts for most of my close and best friends; were on a tight budget. Those who had receive their gifts; sorry if it's quite "not what you expected" or "cheapy stuff". But of course, It's the thoughts that count right?

And for those who had not; I am so sorry but I really can't get another gift, or else; I will be selling my butt to clear my debts and so fourth. I promise once I start having the spending power, the gift miight come :P ... might that is :P

Seriously; I think Santa should like slip a RM1000 cheque through the bedroom window so that everyone has a lil more money to get gifts for everyone! At least something! (Those who sleeps in a bedroom without window; I am so sorry but you would have to talk to Santa about alternative ways to pass you the cheque) I bet everyone would be happy! But of course, there isn;t Santa is there???

So, Xmas is here and everyone's broke! Merry Christmas everyone!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Uniquely Singapore

Was away in Singapore from thursday till monday (today). Believe it or not; I have not venture into Australia since 1997. If you calculate, its almost 8 years since I last went to Singapore. Funny right? To be frank, I had not visited any country since my last Australia trip back in year 1995. Sad but true.

On Thursday, Me and Kenny boarded the train ala KTM called the Senandung Malam. The train departed at 1030pm at KL Central and will only arrive at Singapore; Woodlands, 9 hours later about 745am. It was a fun journey. Kenny and I slept on bunk beds. It's kinda like those movies. Cool. A little cramp and bumpy but I still manage to get almost 6-7 hours of sleep. The rest of the time, I read my book, listen to my mini and I explored the entire train - which is very very very long and creepy! Went to every nook and corner of the train. Man it was scary ... Later, Kenny "tapau" MeeHoon goreng and we ate @ our bed. For your information; their food was very nice! Got standart! Not bad for a fast food-train cafe.

Image hosted by

Arrive in Singapore. Got my 1st chop in the passport. Went through the Custom and met Erwin. Went over to his place to rest and headed straight to shopping. We started at Orchard and walk and walk and walk and walk. Then we went to another shopping venue @ Suntec City and we continued to walk and walk and walk and walk. Man it was tiring!

One thing really inspire me about Singapore is about their transportation technology! It is damm cool! All cabs has this satelite central thinge. They do not use Walkie Talkie! AGH! ~~~ COOL

Image hosted by

Then, we went onto a city tour called Ducktous. It was Erwin's company. It was so much fun! Hahahaa ... We sat on this boat with big truck wheels and then went into Marina Bay for the city tour. It went on both ground and water! The most important thinge in this activity is that i got really NICE PICTURES of the city and historical monuments and tour guide' Leonard was so bloody cute! HAHAHA ... So nice! Thanks Erwin!

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Then we continued to walk and walk and walk and walk. Of course, all this walking exercise took place in shopping malls! It's amazing how much shopping malls they have!

Image hosted by

As we reach night time, we had pasta as dinner and went clubbing. The very next day, we followed William and Klevin and travelled around the same places me and Kenny had went. Well, it was all-mostly that is- about shopping in Singapore! So the damage begins at 12pm ... You should have seen the guys! Their shopping bags were like a trolley full! If anyone snatches the bags away; it would at least sum up to a RM2000! The damage of course ended about 12am. Yes - We were shopping for 12 hours! Non-stop!

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Sad thou, the Christmans Deco was nothing to shout about. Kenny agrees. Erwin told me that Singapore Tourism Board has allocated the the budget on something else - on promotional effort and a street party. Sadly, I didn't notice both - but the bad Decos. It is not as bad - It's just too plain and the Christmas Spirit wasn't really burning!

Image hosted by

Lastly, my trip was Ok... Indimated by the exchange rate. Everytime I wanted to get something; I thought to myself - I can't afford it. I only got a pair of red Havaianas sandals and 2 crumper thirtsy pouch for my camera and mini. I KNOW I KNOW! I am a crumpler whore rite ~~~~ :P ...

PS - Erwin got a really cute fluffy bunny @ his house! So cute. Miss him so much ... I named the bunny - Louis V! Hahaha ... Erwin calls him Louis only.

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Thursday, December 8, 2005

Movie Month

It's movie month!!! There is so much movie to watch! I am setting on my eyes on Narnia, Aeon Flux, Pontianak HSM, Perhaps Love, A Chinese Tall Story and 3rd generationnd ! Not to mention the coming; Underworld Evolution, Memoirs of Geisha and Cheaper by a Dozen 2!

Of course, I had watch Narnia last night with the gang. Not bad a movie. Love the scene where all the animals battle ala LOTR style! Am not really satisfy with the ending; as I think it should have been done better. Like the Witch bitch slap Aslan(The Lion) and Aslan cat claw her. Then the roll over the cliff together or something! Overall, there are SO MANY characters and most of them are under-developed; like Susan and that Centaur Captain. Sigh* Susan; whats the point of having so many arrows when you only use 2! What is the director thinking? Minimizing violent? Perhaps ... But overall, I like Beaver, Edmund, The Witch riding through the field being pulled by 2 polar bears (Thats style), the cheetah cat-fighting with white siberian tigers and the Griffin that flew and bombarded Minotaurs with rocks! Overall, Narnia was better than HPotter & TGOF.

Dying to watch Aeon Flux! Heard bad reviews about it. Anyone watched it yet and has any comments?

Perhaps Love is next! How can I resist girls sexy-dancing with beautiful legs, art direction and fantastic cinematography!!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2005

My Gym Gang

I think alot today. Actually, not the whole day. I met up with the gang after they gym, as I was too tired to workout and I needed to rest my right arm. It is getting better. Thanks for those who asked about it.

Anyway, we went for dinner. A gang of us. Me, Kenny, Jenny, ChooiYin, Brian, Anthony, Jeremy, Justin and Claire. As all of us sat at the table munching away, I thought deeply that I will certainly miss this bunch of guys alot. I looked at everyone properly, just to treasure that moment with them.

Will miss Kenny's joke and his wild actions, Will miss Ta Ge around being bitched and his talks, Will miss the Brian's outrageous "laugh-out-loud" laugh and his cuteness, Will miss Jeremy's tongue teaser, Will miss Chooi Yin's positive support and chat, Will miss Jenny's company, tender, loving and care, Will miss Justin's wacky funny conversation, Will miss Claire's politeness and warm smile ... and as I ponder further, my thoughts went to the entire gang. Smiling to myself, I had so many flashback of everyone;

Genting trip, Leo's Bday, Juwita's Bday, NikeTribe Challenge, Anthony's bday, LQ outing, our Frangi visit and the times we bump into each other in gym, chat, laugh and went for dinner together-gether!

Still remember the 1st time I met Leo, Juwita and Azyei. They were so much fun! We dyed our hair together, laughed together and I watched each of them achieved something special in their own lifes, Leo moved into her own home, Azyei won NikeTribe Jam and Juwita getting a new baby again! Will miss Leo's wacky jokes and pose, Juwita's subtle divaness and Azyei warm-loving hugs and bitchyness. Then, of course will miss Jimmy who I havent seen for a long time. Sigh*

Also not to forget; Janet, Chee Ling, Yeaw & Selina ; who had been more than friends. Not to mentioned; Alvin who has been a happy-fruit and cheerful guy among us who had shared so much with me!!! Thank you for not giving up on our friendship

*sob sob*

I will miss you guys when I m at OZ! Thank you so much for everything you had shared, top to bottom! I thank god for every single great things you guys had brought into my life - joy, pain, laughters, special moments and not to forget the bitching session. Thank you so much! HUGS*