Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Now Monday is my Friday

After recovering from a full-blown eye opener MBA course since last Wednesday till this Sunday and also repaying my sleep debts earlier today (Monday), I finally got some time off to blog. Quick update about my life lately ... MBA. I guess you can't run from talking about it, I spend an average 6hours a day for the last few days studying.

Its Orientation week. Beginning! Things are toning down by the way... THANK GOODNESS!

Yeap, despite the fact that my course started with some introduction to new friends, new working experiences and new aim in life, I am still worrying over the same ol issues - work, finance and time management. Apparently, MBA do take up most of your time. The readings, work, prep for exam and assignments are very closely knitted to each other. Its Time VS Time! Time for yourself, Time for MBA. I am really amazed with my other peers who works full time and still have time to do this and I salute those with family commitments.

One way or another, I told myself to finish this race as it only started. I do fear my weakness overwhelming my intention to learn, thus kinda forcing myself to study as hard, as smart and still work as hard, hopefully smart too. Ain't wanna disappoint my team mates ...

BTW, my dog finally got his dog license. Applied it at MPSJ today for RM15 per year. You would no believe the people working there. They are ACTUALLY sufficient and efficient ... out of the 10 women I see behind the counter, almost all of them are on Facebook and it amazes me how they still work as fast. Perhaps their management should start looking at giving them more job ...

or I should apply for one, just to earn some passive income and spent time on the blackboard reading! Haha

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

100th post

Its my 100th post, recorded on this blog. Mind, you I have two others - abandoned to rot in cyber space. There should be a celebration that I am writing so frequent, but my mood is so bad, it stenches like fresh dog poop! Urgh ... Damn I hate being emotional.

Right now I really feel like going to gym, put on my boxing gloves and really bruise someone. Or really bald some bitch with long hair, a research shows that by removing someone's hair violently with your own bare hand - you will feel much better. Am tempted to prove that theory on bitches on the road. Instead, I have to attend my prep MBA class which starts on this gloomy, grey and freaking hot Wednesday. I am not even prepared for it! Urgh ...

Worse is I am seeing K tonight. I am not even sure if I would explode and victimised him. I know it is so unfair to treat someone as your punching bag! I hope the MBA prep class has some holy cleansing shit that will flush out this negative, incredible horryfying and cranky feeling. I should do something that will make me feel good ... quick

Maybe it's the fried rice I had today...


Monday, September 21, 2009

Ah Foo company me taking picture!

Update on a boring, slow and quiet holiday. The baby has stop whining. Perhaps the dad and mum ate the baby after a string of long howling and wailing. Just joking

I finally gotten out of bed, had lunch while laughing to Family Guy and snapped some photos. Yeah, I actually worked. Along side with me was my bug eating, rascal turned dumb silly glutton boy - Ah FOO! MY DOG. Yeap, the dog that was this close [ ] of getting disloved. Haha

I also took the opportunity to snapped some of his pictures and it turned out not too bad. Although he loves to attempt in sniffing and licking the camera lens, jumping towards me suddenly - I still managed to get him to pose for some passport portrait.

Here are some of the previous one while he was still a pup about 5 months ago.

He knows how to kiss ... but now he doesn't like to do that anymore

When he can only chew the bone ... trust me he will swallow it whole if he can

Shake hand!

And here are the ones taken earlier

I told him he look like Nicole Kidman from Golden Compas and he laughed

SEE! SEE! He swallowing the whole bone ... laughing

BTW, he's a boy ok ... although he tend to pose like a girl model, over the shoulder

Thanks for the company anyway, but I am sure you wanted to eat the Star Anise I was taking. I could see it in your eyes! HAHA ... Now I just need to work a lil faster and perhaps I can still make it to gym ...

On Monday Morning...

Awaken by the neighbour's tormenting wailing, their baby of course, I am trying to chart my activities for the coming day. With a hang over from last night party, I have to say - I prefer to stay in bed and spare me the eternal cry, headache and stress I am most likely going to face.

One thing at the back of my head which I absolutely hate is that I may have to skipped gym again because I was taking my own-sweet-time break, or so to speak for the past few days, and have resulted in gunny sacking my work till today. I am beginning to think that perhaps a 9-5 job suit me better. I may have better chance in pretending to be dumb in corporate, than playing affordable guy next door when I ain't.

Depressing cries are definitely not helping. Gosh, why is the baby crying like that? His arm got decapitated by his own mum or something? Can you believe it and here I am blogging when I am suppose to rush to get lunch, prep up for my photo shoot and quickly edit my pending pictures. Perhaps if I speed things up, I may still be able to catch gym before it closes tonight at 8pm!

Hmm ... the procrastination. The devil sound relieving me of work, the lazy choices I can make, the comfort of a bed, the people I can go out with, the characters waiting for me to upgrade them ... AH! Why why why! I am such a loser! URGH* I wish I have a personal assistant. Someone that will force, remind and encourage me to work ...

Anyone want to volunteer? I can change my .com website to an .org one ... anyone? for charity?

Friday, September 18, 2009

It's finally here - the big three letter word

Can you believe it? I am getting homework already. Gosh, I missed that word! Perhaps when the stress and mental block starts happening, I would said otherwise.

Today's post will be on informing everyone that I am finally starting, or should I say ... erm, commencing my MBA studies next week! With my lack of working experience and self-analyzed poor writing skills - I am quite sure it would be a challenge. Not that I am complaining because I finally got accepted by the Uni. Being me, unnecessary stess is vital for survival. So here I am being afraid not able to contribute with proactive ideas, examples and worse of all - case studies! WHAT IF I FLUNG MY FIRST DISCUSSION?

I started reading the Blackboard posts, an online portal and virtual studies created by Sunway Uni for MBA takers, and literally find myself going bonkers on the notes, presentations samples, arguements and also business jargons. Yes! THEY DO HAVE BUSINESS JARGONS!

Here I sit thinking, what the heck is MGB? And then I found out it is called; Mutual Gains Bargaining ... question mark ... question mark. After reading the lines for two time, it can be sumarised as a kinda strategy used to negotiate gains for merges, promotions, etc ... And that's just one line out of the 20 pages of jargons for a week. One subject command 6 weeks of learning, that would be erm ... 120 pages of reading just on discussions.

And I read from the student counselor email that recommended readings and text books will be distributed later when class commence...

No wonder people say MBA no life! Die la ... DIE LA ...

Well ... I do like something thou. The blackboard is really a fun portal to be in. It's like Facebook, except with a more conventional look, more restrictions and less networking. Cool gadget thou, works the same just like Deakin's online study facility.

*Deep Breath*

What the heck is STS?

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Say Goodbye

Just want to share a very meaningful song with you guys. One song that always hit me at the soft spot. Used to and still very in love with the disbanded group. I am sure you guys will love it too! I want to dedicate this special song to some very meaningful people that existed in my past, inflicting very deep memories and strangely comfortable feeling inside me. To Shen Vee, Ah Wei, My Kau-Foo-Chai (uncle), my grandpa and Mack... Thank you for crossing path with me in my journey of growing up ... your absence will be missed

You can view the song here : S Club 7 - Say Goodbye since they disable the embedding

Time to move on!

* sob sob *

Monday, September 14, 2009

SPCA Commercial

This is so cute! I wish it could be aired on national TV ...

PS - Forward this to your friends! Educate them about the issue - be a responsible pet owner, lover or even a friend to this fury creatures.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Questions and No answer

Woke up today feeling different. What happened to the optimistic and let's get things done attitude? Missing links again.

I flipped the newspaper yesterday and read something interesting, thinking why am I not shortlisted as part of the recruitment. Was someone pranking me? Or was it something I did not do? or what?

Checked my portfolio and earnings for the stocks I've uploaded to license. Not moving as well as I expected and definitely not enough to pay my bills, yet. I guess it is my skills? Or perhaps my camera? I definitely should blame myself for not giving my best in most photo shoots!

Then, comes the prep for my next project. I just realize that I am easily pushed around by clients and I have to firmly say "no" the next time. What is the point of executing a project when you are only earning to survive with little profit margin? or even worse - being taken advantage of? I feel bad for having to trouble my other friends to loan equipments and tools.

Which follow to why am I not born at least with at least a bronze spoon in my mouth? I am not asking for a gold one ... Ok ... I better stop here before I lose control of my emotion and literally throw my temper around. Look at the good side of things ... right?

I just realize I ask a lot of question and usually stumble with no answers to them. Sometimes even with answers that I am not satisfied - I tend to get all woman. I really feel shitty and wished my brain was not so complicated, or rather curious. Right?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ding Dong ... Emo Time!

I am surprised at speed of how my emotion changes. After a marathon of 7 non-stop episodes of Family Guy, I was at the tip of being Ryan Stiles from Whose line Is It Anyway? Then, just like a apple crumble being forked for dessert, the emotion fell from chirpy ... to hurtful. I am now listening to Have You Ever by Brandy and I can't help but feel shitty ...

It's a sad song that brings back old, fond, silly and many painful memories. Let's skip that part ... shall we?

I just wish the speed applies to my work. Gosh, look at the list of things to do!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Carmen Kass

I love fashion, I adore models, I fancy seeing beautiful people in commercials, I dream of strutting the catwalk one day and I absolutely go ballistic over supermodels! Carmen Kass is one of my latest craze. Since K sent me a link about catwalk ... I've decided to share back another link of her fantastic stomp, poised and squint signature catwalk... Here is one of Carmen's commercial which is fantabulous!

Tell me man, who doesn't want her leg? By the way, she is the face of Dior for the Jadore perfume too! Will post one about Gisele soon. Haha

Herpes Zoster ... SNAKES!

Might as well tell you guys about it. I am infected with what the Chinese called "snake". The english term for it would be Shingles and the scientific term is called Herpes Zoster. Most people who had chicken pox will get this (maybe) as the virus strain which causes the same itchy blisters, stays dormant until they decide to pop ... like my case, just overnight.

Actually, for my case ... it has been showing some early signs but human behavior always discard any sign if it is not serious. My backache for the past months ...

So in the morning of yesterday, my back was aching and itching with an infected area of what it seems like pimples, sprouting out of nowhere. The only difference, you feel some kinda pain as if it was an open wound being strained. Ever put your open wound under cold running water ... yeah, something like that. Being all disgusting and shit, I am going to upload a picture just for you guys to take precaution if any family members, friends or yourself "choi-choi-choi-touch-wood" gets it.

Kindly take the following warnings, directed from both the pharmicist and doctor :
  1. Never ever touch the infected area and touch other parts of your body, highly contagious - unless you want to be some mutant with different skin texture
  2. Do not share clothes, washing machine, towels and etc ... with your family members or house mates - unless you want them to be that mutant with different skin texture
  3. Avoid seafood ... extremely itchy
  4. Avoid physical contact of infected area with any human - unless you want to take revegence on that person, rub your shingles on his clothes.
  5. Avoid washing area with ANY form of medicated soap, shampoo, body wash - unless adviseable from doctor
  6. After applying medication, bandage the infected area ... avoid physical contact with anything as much as possible
  7. Try sleeping in an aircond room at night, you might sweat a lil due to pain and even after medication, it kinda hurts a lil
  8. Prepare about RM200 or more, consultation and meds to treat these nasty virus are expensive siao!
  9. Do no panic and try not to think so much about the itchiness and so ... its like chicken pox
  10. See a doctor at your soonest, the thing spreads very quicky .... see wikipedia link below to see damages that it can do in just days

For more info ... kindly visit Wikipedia on Herpes Zoster or google the subject ...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Take That - How deep is your love

I just can't help but fall for this song, or the person who sing it to me ...

I will surely sing this song the next time the girls and I have a concert ... Hopefully soon

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My very own Marley

With a close grunt and bite ... my family dog is about a thin line from being sent away. Dad was almost bitten. I was almost bitten.

Ah Foo have been behaving with mischief, lately with something to hate for. Perhaps its the tender and care our family have bestowed him in the past few days as he was unwell, and perhaps he is now taking advantage of that gesture. Howling and climbing onto the shoe rack, dragging dog food and snacks from it - is definitely a big mistake. As a result, he is scolded and awarded the big "NO", "Bad Dog" and even "Death Stare" from me and dad. Dad is still home, recovering ... so he is also around to complain about Ah Foo.

In the past 6 hours, he has recorded to destroying, chewing up and swallowing two packs of dog medicine, a bag of bone and his eye drops, caps and bottles all digesting in his tummy. The food is definitely out of reach. A brief experiment trying to find how he obtain the skills to lure food from the high shelf with me hiding at one corner, watching him like a National Geographic Photojournalist finds that he simple uses one move to get his to his goal.

Standing on both back feet and using his front feet (both long enough), he simply apply the push and pull theory. Pushing his body forward, pulling his front feet back ... dragging his goal down the floor and then slowly chewing his way through the plastic container and the reward? Consumable Ingredients. I don't call them food. I don't find medicine and eye drop solution something you can eat.

An achievement for him, he boast about it. Dad and I watched closely and subject to the cane ... since he disobey all verbal punishment, prevention methods and so forth. That is when Ah Foo snapped and lunged forward wanting to bite. Defense for dogs. A bad move if cultivated. I was never intimidated by that move. Like thunder, I grab him by the collar and land a huge slap on his mouth. He tries to defend with bite, I reply with another slap, with caution not to land my hand in the way of his teeth. My mum and dad tells me to retreat and protect myself from being bitten. I never listen. Almost never.

When the drama subsided, the stupid dog continues his stupid move constantly craving for food and my dad concluded that he has no brain or guts to be a good dog. By the way, He definitely is fed with food. He should be named Glutton. Mum says, Stupid Glutton. I say Bad Glutton, in Chinese of course. Mum and dad continued their ramblings and here I am sulking in my blog about my dog, who perhaps is better off in an environment where he can just be himself and roam like a free glutton elephant. Elephant eats non stop every day and would stop at nothing to eat. I believe he will replace the love with food anytime if he can ... He shows it. Call him by name, he will not come. Wave him for a pat, he will not come. Just go near the food rack and he will do anything, ANYTHING for you.

Perhaps I am not ready for a dog. Perhaps I am the typical dog lover but shouldn't have dog. Bad enough I always wanted a dog, Worst for me not expecting the worst- Family vs Pet. Having Ah Foo is like running the department of complaints for the country. I do not know how long I can manage my own stress along with Ah Foo's mischief and complains as dessert everyday.

Mum suggested to move all his food away to a better location. Good idea. Let's adjust to a dog that does obey to home rules. Adjust to him, accommodate him and find new troubles sprouting from that boy in the future and we are in a cycle here ... Trust me, I am this close [ ] in "disloving" him, a fusion term of disown and losing-love for him. Not throw him out the house, but avoidance in contact of any kind. I believe is my fatigue and family pressure talking. I certainly hope so too.

I salute John Grogan and his family for going through the tides with Marley. Fortunate for them, they are well off. Unfortunately, I am not close to a quarter Grogan.


It's September already? Anyone notice our national day celebration? I am quite sure everyone treats the important historical day just like me, another holiday. Is it me or there is almost zero ads on Merdeka day? What happened to all the companies that are supposedly supporting and building the identity for social cause? Bankrupt ka? Or the new Selangor government banned all patriotic ads? or Media Prima decide to boycott national ads? Come to think of it ... I do like to see the adverts and campaign during our national day. Whether it is a waste or not, I still anticipate thos during the month of August every time I turn on the TV.

With the government pushing patriotism every year with fantastic advertisement, people-driven slogan, raising flags campaign and so forth, I am awed at the government's rate of success trying to infuse such spirit in Malaysian. After so many years of trying, don't they even notice that people only cared as much as an amoeba. That's a microscopic level of success. Almost ignorant level of attention. Gosh, have Yasmin brought that sense of pride down to the grave with her? Or did Malaysian turned cold turkey?

Come on man ... It's the country's day ... I think the country deserve a celebration ... from the government to the people! Or at least some sort of broadcast or promotion on events. You know, have some open house party, carnival or so? Something huge? Something to commemorate the day we became independent.

Kudos to GreenPacket PI for organizing the meaningful 15Malaysia ... To view the works of these wonderful stories, kindly click on this link : http://15malaysia.com/