Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Post Mortem August Summary

It was a good month I would say. I had the longest birthday celebration this year ... having dinner with family, friends, great companions, relatives, colleagues and all for 2 weeks in a row. I know I may sound like I am boasting and all, but I really want to express my gratitude and extend my happiness to those who cared to make my 25th birthday a great one.

August is also the month where I had the longest sickness. Caught after my birthday, the bacterial infection on my eyes lasted 2-3 days follow suit by a fever and viral infection that causes flu extended almost 10 days. That period of time was also filled with school, traveling for work alone and all. The feeling was excruciating to know that being alone and independent suck big time.

That said, my birthday month is also a month of heart breaks. Filled with disappointment, fatigue and a strings of bad news. Although nothing much, it tested my mental capacity to handle and balance decisions in life and also stress. August is also the month I would say how it had highlighted and opened my eyes to certain friends ... how compatibility can crash, burn and never to be mentioned. In simply terms, ever felt that you were just a tool or toy?

A thought that I will remind myself of the cruelty, unprotected, fake and selfish world out there. I shall build barriers and react ... I owe it to myself

After the whole lots of drama being on the negative side of life, I must say god is fair. I found a new friend at gym, who is an exact duplicate of me. We have the same common interest for x-men, deep interest where we live in our own mutant world every time we start our conversation about how cyclops and jean grey are meant to be, how jubilee should not be in the cartoon, how gambit is a traitor but cute being with rogue, how storm is like the most glamorous character in the comic and the list goes on. That said, our taste in fashion, music, gym routines and movies are very similar too. Best thing? We live 3 min drive away only!

Of course, to end it all. I had my trip to Sarawak with a bunch of really kewl and great to hang out friends. Thou we have our times of disagreements, insults, disapproval activities and all - we stick to each other and this time around embrace the stay deep in the rainforest. Not exactly the holiday one would imagine, climbing hills and wet tracks back to cabin daily ... enduring expensive scarce and inconsistent of food quality that is only available in 2 restaurants ... getting power trips frequently that scare the shit out of us - pure darkness isn't exactly relaxing ... but we did had fun because we had a bunch of us. Overall, the trip was slow paced and really took us back to our roots. Fun!

I also finally received my birthday gifts from the bunch of girls. I love the gift and also had my FIRST instax (polaroid) picture taken by lilpixie. I absolutely adore the picture ... something valuable in it that keeps me smiling each time I lift the instant picture up. Thanks pixie! Hugs

I do have pictures to upload from the trip, especially the one lilpixie took of me jumping in the air. For now, I shall just run through my previous bday pics ... Really, just bear with me because I do love my birthday pics this year around. These are the left outs since my first post on my bday...

The only thing I guess I missed this year is celebrating or wishing everyone (especially Malaysian) Happy Independence day. 53 years? No?

Oh! Look at the time... time to go pick some friends up from LCCT. Nitey and see ya in Sept!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I have to say that REPOMEN is quite a good movie and has one of the best original story lines. Although at some point, it resembles The Island, staring Ewan and Scarlett J - REPOMEN has a darker, bloodier and more eccentric soundtrack to its plot. With gruesome scenes of cutting open fresh alive bodies, blood squirting and splashing on walls and a nice big bang on the head - be prepared to devour bloody scenes and skip your meal.

Jude Law plays Remy, a highly trained REPO guy who will extract your organs if you are late in financing your "mechanical organs". With the collapse of government, private company like The Union sells expensive organs to keep human alive. With a kaleidoscope eye that changes color, costing around $300,000 to a functional mechanical liver ranging from $700,000 - no wonder people land themselves in huge debts. We are talking US dollars. Of course, the great thing about mechanical organ is that you can fall down 3 storey and your mechanical knee can take the whole impact. Just need servicing after that.

Anyway, Jude Law looks awesome in this movie. His acting no doubt has vast improvements in action movies, the other thing to look out for is his body. Putting on mass, he now looks bigger in size, muscled in shirt and definitely more alluring! Haha

Well, that's not the point. Go watch the movie because it is worth every penny... Unless you are into fairy tale, this movie is very much real. The winners always win. BIG!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It counts.

I am finally back home, safe and sound. The past few days in Singapore has been a very different and difficult experience for me. I was even afraid to blog about it!!!

I felt as if some bad evil spirit was next to me, watching and trailing me. I've always been a superstitious person and having such encounters are quite normal to me, as long as they come and go quickly. But this time around, I was vulnerable. Arriving with half a head (the other was shut down by huge dosage of Paracetamol), blurry vision, emotionally detached and also some weird bodyache - I dread the work appointments ahead.

Fortunately, some clients postpone the scheduled meetings and it was a good opportunity for me to quickly recover by resting! That is good news rite? Unfortunately, I could not even properly sleep. Alternately for every 2-3 hours, I will be awaken by either - excessive sweat, cold temperature due to air-cond, continuous coughing, noises from other hotel tenants, water pump sounds and so. This happened either during day nap ... or night sleep.

I moved hotel the second day and it was better, the noise were less. But the excessive sweat, cold temperature and feeling that some other nosy thing was just around the corner nearly killed me. At times, I felt something lurking behind while I sleep, and constantly disturbing my dreams. I am not even sure if that is real or me, being paranoia! I only know I feel very depress, irritated, stressed out tired and lonely, and wanted in such a "dirty" way! Although that "lil" thing soon disappear, traces of it kept me insane ... often waking up with that self-inflicted fearful feeling.

As my thoughts wondered, still in bed coughing my lungs out and sneezing my nose out, someone buzzed from Msia. Someone who knew I was ill, checked frequently on me often reminding me that I am still alive and need to stay strong. Things are so different now. His thoughts and gesture encouraged me to continuously brave through the small room, day and night sickness mixing with work appointments. Then with my SG staff support and Erwin Ko, I was able to leave SG and come back in one piece.

I know this is weird, but I felt I went through some dark demonical places and finally back in one piece. I really thought my soul would leave me and literally shut down, fainting in reality. The major head swings, inability to breath, sweating in cold temperatures, body ache, stress ... GOSH! ENOUGH ALREADY!

Now, I need to flush all the medications I took to keep me going in Spore. Need to rejuvenate and recover the natural way. But seriously, thank you guys for making it count ... for caring

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Harrods and Iphones

It is always great to have friends abroad, especially those who will spend time out and catch up. Erwin Ko is one of them. Since I missed his birthday by one week, I decided to get him a nice gift ... something I know he will like


Hehe ... hope he likes it. By the way, we went hunting again today ... hunt as in shopping. Konon la dia mahu shopping, end up ... actually quietly wanting to get me a pressie. Sweet of him, but most of the belts I like ... either way to expensive or way no size ... We ended up with dinner, desserts and me happy tweeting using his new gadget

And so I played with his Iphone 4 and found out that there is this main problem with the phone. It only takes microsim cards. What the f**k is that? Google it ... So ... now the phone gotta wait AGAIN because I am not sure any telco from Msia carry or would "authorize" any grant of switching to microsim telco cards for mobile numbers. Although waiting is not an issue for me ... I really do not know how long my E71 can hold. The crack is getting larger and more obscure!

That said, I equally love the phone too to replace it with any other. Nostalgic memory and to be honest, the phone was bought at its peak price and the effort to get it during that time definitely left many great memories. I am sure Caffeine Sunbear would agree!

Ok ... time to sulk my way back to hotel and Malaysia. With a bad flu, fever and no Iphone4 to play with. Lemongrassboy is unhappy and demotivated ...

Ha CHooo from Chinatown to Harbour Front

Been sneezing and having come-and-go fever. Not sure whats wrong but am glad I got bit of time off today to just rest my head. Checked out of hotel and into another one which is more quiet for some proper rest. As of now, the most important deal is at hand and I am going to force my team to delivery the best to seal the deal. I just hope my SG team is up and ready to run for this major client I just pitched our ideas and products to.

That said, one come the other go. Another meeting got canceled. This round of a trip had 2 last minute cancellation. Something going on with Spore?

Maybe its the Youth Olympic. Not sure

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back for Good - Take That

This song brings back so much nice memories ... They just played it on Red FM

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tweeter or Blogger?

I realize that I tweet and blog alot. People do ask me ... why do you blog and tweet so often? Honestly, I do not know how to answer them. Instead I ask them back : Why do you FB so often?

The latest question I've gotten was "which do I prefer?"

Is that even a question? HAHA ... both these activities have taken most of my leisure time of looking at the rose bush, a metaphor la ... I cannot help it, I am a sucker for all these cool applications and with Caffeine Sunbear constantly introducing me to new apple applications and installing them on my -now-follows-me-around ipod, I tend to feel responsible to check my tweet and blog whenever I have time. You know, updates and catch up on friends ... Not that I endorsed electronic hi-byes and howdys.

So do I actually blog or tweet more often? I would say ...

Yeap ... I tweet more often! I love reading short public messages from my following peeps. One thing for sure, I won't carry a blackberry la ...


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Woke up in the morning ...

... and realize that today is the first day where all (OK! some, majority) of our Muslim friends are going on the annual fast. Ramadan period is here again and with fasting month, the going-home jam starts earlier, the muslim skips lunch, they finish work earlier, the drinking and snacking at workplace has to be more discreet and I look forward for another year of feasting at their food bazaar. Unfortunately because I do not have a MOHD at the front of my surname, I do not think my boss will pardon me to leave work earlier and scout for food at the Ramadan bazaar.

Do you know that you find rare items in the bazaar? To me rare la cos my mum doens't cook malay food... Those like;

Sotong Bakar
Ayam Percik
Roti John
Roti Jala dengan kari kambing
Jagung Pangang


Cendol Bandung!


many more!

Oh! Can't wait to try the Ikea's buka puasa thinge also ... since I missed it last year and also to spend time with my malay buddies to buka puasa. Can't wait to eat Kurma too! NAK PERGI BAZAAR!!! *stomps feet repeatedly

I really really want to just go off and spend money there! But at present moment, it seems quite impossible. Unless it is a Sunday where there are tons of people, but compared to weekdays with less people --- sigh my hands are tied! and so I shall await the day some prince come by and sweep me off my feet, riding his white horse together-gether and galloping away to the bazaar where we will use our dimes and purchase authentic local malay food, feeding each other till the sun set .... Haha

I can sense this

coming straight to my face! Hehe ... well, Selamat Berpuasa kawan rakan sahabat sekalian!

Monday, August 9, 2010

The grey pant

The funny thing about being complimented is that it comes usually (at least for me), in a sudden from people who you used to notice but didn't bother to notice you. Confusing? Well, today in gym ... someone came by and said that I had a nice piece of working slack. A stranger ... absolutely cute, fit and gay. As I hoped for an extended conversation, dying from lack of affection - he just turned and continue to walk away. It wasn't my butt ... It was just the pants, only the pants.

The grey pant was tailored in Bangkok and obviously had more attention than I did. Sparrow mentioned I look very mature with the grey pants and with the Jim Thompson tie, which I absolutely find adorable - I look miles my age even with the new younger-look-crew-haircut! My staff stared at me and laughs, signaling that I looked different from my usual boring shirt and polo tee ... Cute? I am clueless ... it is definitely the pants

As I sit in Starbucks, sipping my Ice Latte and hoping that dinner comes quickly so I can abandon my report writing for my bosses, I cannot help but feel that I am dying to show that special someone the pants. Everytime a new fashion piece hits my wardrobe, I will have the huge tendency to share it with this particular person ... I do not know why but I am sure if my friends are staring into the same screen as I am writing this post, they will ask me to stop. My little voice says stop too ... and so I will.

Since the post started with the grey pant. A few point to remember while going to a tailor,

  1. Always do your research before entering. Know your materials, market price and also type of cuts on your finger tips
  2. Choose your material well ... and always rub it with your fingers to feel the texture and place it on your extensor arm muscle to see if it feels good
  3. Want a nice butt jutting out, tell them ... Tight is not always the key to attention, it is the fit and cut.
  4. Be sure to go back for fitting at least once for the perfect comfortable
  5. Go get something that probably you cannot find in the boutiques or streets
  6. Remind the tailor about pleated, length required and also how low waist you want your pants to be
There you go! Advise from a practical fashion freak. Hope it helps. If all else fails above, google for professional advise. Gotten some pics from my Thursday lunch with eagle and sparrow:

Thank you for treat! Tee Hee

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My bday post - one

I would like to thank everyone who took the effort and made my 25th birthday a blast. From birthday singing over the phone, SMS wishes, lunch treats, movie treats, dessert treats and of course birthday dinners to even surprises … from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for making it memorable.

I only so far have pictures of my birthday celebration at Garden, Curve … which I swore never to return. But since it was a planned birthday party, I sulked up and enter the rose garden (which look liked tissue garden to me) – and had a great time catching up with my friends.

I must say, the food and service improved a lot. After my post on Old Town Kopitiam previously, I must admit that quality control in Malaysian restaurants deserve second chances. Time for me to revisit the Sakae Sushi. LOL

I certainly hope I brought my camera yesterday to Tropicana where I celebrated with the Uni girls, watched a movie and even went clubbing. Damn, and now only diva has the pictures. I looked very silly too … cos I was having this stressful stomach ache and she took a picture of me applying oilment. Really funny and a birthday to remember!

Talking about pictures! My work colleague had my pictures for lunch treat too… urgh* I so need to hunt for the pictures. Promise will post em up ok!

Last picture … I would like to thank Mr Watch for the gift (slashed wishlist item onitsuka tiger shoe) and also the 大姐, 三姐,lynn and eva for the Ikea vouchers (slashed ikea wardrobe fixtures!)

So happy la!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pre Thank you for the wishes

Had a great birthday lunch with eagle and sparrow today. It was also awesome to have received calls from Er Ge and Lilpixie singing the birthday song to me. Although it is a bit wee to early, but the wishes this year apparently came through very sincerely and sweet.

As for a piece of advise from a friend, I should update my wish list - just in case for this occasion. To be honest, I absolutely forgot about the wish list and please do not exchange your gift in any case if you have bought it. I am ok to have duplicates as long as it is from the heart

So, time to do some slashes on the list ... and get back to my studies. My MBA is going to give me a huge birthday treat ... an exam I doubt I will forget.

Comical clown's mum

The best thing about being lively and funny is when you get your mum to share the same trait and situation with. Yes, my mum is as crazy as any of my friends. Of course, the severity is much more subtle but she can make most of my friends laugh. I believe my self proclaimed title - comical clown is a blessing inheritance from her.

Don't let her motherly look and act fool you. She is one nasty bitch and at many times, can be very angelic as well

What's to top it up? Mum is very supportive. In many occasions of my ramblings, often I get returned negativity and so forth but never with mum. In K's car today, after visiting his new office with mum ... and in the midst of me complaining about boss, stupid abroad colleagues, unethical activities and the amount of stress I faced ... I was naturally-quickly-chilled by mum's reply:

"Good also you complain, it helps you vent your frustration"

That was it. That's my weakness. Highlighting one ugly side of me (yes, my kungfu-princess-TVB dramatic ramblings) are not a pretty sight. The secret is to put it in a nice way and to top it up; sugarcoat the feedback but not diabetic-ally. The result, priceless. A better me.

Who doesn't like the best way words are framed to your ears, and comfortably to your heart rite?

It's not mother's day or her bday, but Mum ... DAMN I LOVE YOU!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And so it is August

Suddenly, everything seem to speed up. My routine based life is so fast paced, I felt like I am working in Maxis again. The only bad thing is, that was about 5 years ago when I was young, energetic and naive. The today me is, old, temperamental and very calculative on my trade offs.

For example, I am trading off time for myself to study the thick chapters from Economics. Sitting through class for the past 5 weeks was a breeze and now I am cracking my heads trying to piece the theories, practices, keywords and case studies together. A birthday treat from my beloved Uni to me. This has been going on for the past few months, basically a schedule that formulates according to:

Work + MBA + Friends (occasionally) + Family (occasionally) + Me-time (rarely)

Work isn't as pleasant as well. Apparently my company have high listing of priorities but we definitely lack capacity and intelligent resources to execute the objectives. Highlighting the issue to the board of directors would not help as of now due to financial restrictions. I am not against the system but I think a slower pace can help de-stress and re-motivate the company human capital.

My staff are doing better compared to few months back, with better workflow, environment and of course some - a nice pay rise. But as a Manager ... I am sure the first sentence out of my performance appraisal would be "I am in regret that my performance as a manager is duly weak, unplanned and at times unappreciated due to the stress, environment and lack of strategic and organization system in the company"

Gosh ... I better zip it ... To much negativity at 12am

Time to go back to work, study, whatever you call them. Yea Yea Yeah - perseverance through hardship gets reward at the end rite? Why not you go become a fortune teller huh?

*Forgive me - negative externalities oozing out my conscious since I have no one to share my burden with