Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Dullest Post

According to Google, dull means; "lack of liveliness or animation". So, dullest means "lacking the most in liveliness and animation" la ??? and I am suppose to write something on that a ???

Let me think ...

I think the only dull thing to write is about my work but I swore and promised I would not start about the part-time job ... BUT ... since I got tag by Xavier to write about the dullest post ... I couldn't think of any topic. BTW, I don't have a carpenter's brain. You should see how 'slow' I sand/paint a furniture and how I sustain bruises, scratch marks and multiple laceration wounds all over myself during work! But I realize when you are stuck to a boss like that for so long in a workshop ; you become the dullest person ever live!

Back to the dullest thinge. Currently; work is dull. Boss is dull. No money for shopping is dull, No sex is dull, having little friends around is also dull ! Thus, life becomes dullest! I think... Omigod! I think my post has evolve from dull to dullest to stupid, to bimbo, to irrelevant, to I don't know what I am writing right now!!! Well ... I think that is what happen if you have to write something dullest.

So ... that is my dullested post ever! Is there a word as dullested ??? *Andrewkin does the bimbo pose putting his fingers on his lips*

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The weak Heterosexual

Today I did something no gay guy would do! I speak football with my boss. I not only speak football, I told him I played defence back in school and it's not a lie!. The only reason why I did that was to shut him up. Is it me? or most heterosexuals , especially those with powers - babbles? I know; I am slow and not as skillful as a carpenter - LIKE DUH! but you don't have to keep repeating and constantly reminding me that a "man" should learn how to quickly do up a cupboard - or rather in the furniture jargon; a four drawer light teak entertainment unit. Eva calls it; the TV table. There you go!

I bet if we were wrestling with clothes and scissors - He would bow and kneel to me, praising me like WONDER WOMAN or something! Afterall, I grew with fashion and shopping ... not some dead teak, wooden "TV table". Well, that is obviously not the case. Anyway - I made a point. From now onwards, there shall not be any more complains about work. Since I made my mind and has decided to work there, I just had to live with it. Afterall, giving up is not me. I shall come up with more football stuff (protege"ing" from Eva!) and learn to shut him up. It works... all it takes its a little fact about any football stuff and they totally forgot their main point of conversations ...

No wonder heterosexuals are so weak ... in the mind sense that is ...

Saturday, June 24, 2006


I don't get some people. These are the few people I don't really fancy and particularly like ... but they are around me ... always seems to be around me ...

  1. People who expect alot and place their high-stressful expectations on you, WANTING you to achieve it ... aka the boss
  2. People who talk bad about people here, there and everywhere and not shy to do it ... aka the pathetic attention seekers
  3. People who don't make the effort to do something ... aka the bummers
  4. People who obviously knows the obvious but believes that denial or ignorant can overshadow the obvious ... aka the liar
  5. People who ask a million questions and answer themselves ... aka the irritating freaks
  6. People who fight back after a lost ... aka the sore loser
I wish I have a shotgun ... shot'em all down ... Save the world, give myself a rest from mentally being disturbed ...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Things Change

I've just browse through some pictures taken at least 3 years ago in my room. I should say, those pictures shall remained sealed and forgotten in my picture folders! My goodness; My fashion is all over the place, I look so tan till I am very sure why people those days assumed that I was malay, my body size were much thinner, my hair was the 80s type - where you comb to one side ones!, my room's wall were fill with pop posters ... 0_o ...

AND I can't even pull a smile! It was all over the place ... Believe it or not, I took a mirror and practice to smile! It was horrible. I couldn't get whether I was truely happy, smiling, laughing, grinning, forcing a smile or just pulling up my cheek to form a smile? Thank goodness - I am out of that phrase!

Come to think of it, I really grew alot. I dare to say that my fashion is not all over the place, I still look tan but not till the extend where I was mistaken as a malay, my body is fitter than previously, censored the hair style, my room's wall look like a wall now - no poster! and at least my smile, looks like 'one' now ...

I wonder what will happen in a few years time ??? Would I look different ... Hmmmm

PS - I did carpentry work in the furniture shop, staining chairs, painting cupboards, sanding furnitures and etc ... quite manly job. Never thought of the day I would do something like that ... The dust, the hammering, the boots, the carpenter ala mechanic look ... hmmmm ... Things ARE changing huh ???

Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Job ...

I got myself a part time job. I went for a 5 hour training today (which is also their business hours! - can you believe it???) and cleaned some furnitures, redecorate a living room setup, carried tables, TV consoles, chairs, looked at pictures and catalogues, memorize timber names, colour codes, prices, measurements and of course, attended to numerous customers. First day at work and I officially sold a 318dollar side table - Yahoo wee! It was fairly an easy job. Not much hassle. After the training, Simon (the boss) told me I could officially start work tomorrow.

There was only one problem, I am not quite sure I likey the job.

The pay was good. For a fair 18dollar an hour rate and located not at a very busy/peak area - this furniture shop I will be working at is only 10min cycle away and allows a fair schedule of 3-4 days of not-very-difficult work. But of course, the art of "conversation" in selling was important for the boss. He expect high sales tactics and communication skills. "You gotta keep em in the stall!" and that pretty much freak me out! I ain't no want to be that arse-hole salesperson that follows you around like some hungry desperate hyenas! He is very demanding and his wife is a bitch but his dog is so adorable ...

This might sound ironic for a degree student, but I prefer a brainless job. I wanted this previous job of unloading courrier boxes from a truck for only 26dollar an hour! That was an awesome offer. I get to work my muscles, afford protein drinks and not deal with any customers but only 'dead' boxes! Bad news is; I got rejected 3 times for the job and I can't help but to think that it was my; 176cm + 65kg = Lean Skinny guy, that failed my oppurtunity to get the "muscle-required" job ...

Sigh* I suppose I got to get over it and move on to this furniture job that require a fair brain power and not much muscle-building exercise. Nothing beats a friendly and stress-free environment but this furniture shop has high demands and require a certain degree of brain operations. Come to think of it not many of us have freedom to choose the job we like ...

Conclusion, I am going to work. Will drag myself to work because of the pay ... BUT ... Me still no likey the job

Thursday, June 15, 2006


YES! My exam is tomorrow! After 2 weeks of revision, it is finally over! I do have another exam next week, but that's pretty much easier than the one that is tomorrow! I did enough revision, went through past year's questions, manage to answer a few question, which also means I am not literally dead and read through all the extra lecture notes. I just hope I don't get a black out tomorrow in the exam hall. I always get that. First the pre-exam butterflying in stomach, then the exam black out and the worse, post-exam grudges ... Got to go back to work! Like Shine said; when the going gets tough, the tough gets going ...

Wish me best of luck!

Monday, June 12, 2006

The list

Life is beginning to suck ... big time! Without a car, getting physically stucked in a boring, not very happening suburb with a tight monthly budget for expenses and not to mentioned the exam dated right in the middle of my semester break ... Melbourne is beginning to look very dull, boring, emotionally blanked and really really pissing off ... Thank goodness Eva is more ... erm ... "adaptable" to the situation, which I am very sure is not going to last very soon ...

Bad things that happened;
  1. Missed the Philip Island Trip
  2. Missed the Winery Yard Trip
  3. Can't afford the Snow-Skiing Trip
  4. Not approved by Mum for Scuba-diving Trip
  5. Half-cooked revision for Exam, thanks to the holiday mood
  6. Running low on cash for clubbing and jazz gigs
  7. Can't attend the gym - expensive
  8. Didn't manage to get the job I wanted
  9. Missed the Comedy Festival
  10. Grace went back to Malaysia - less noise
  11. I don't have a dog to play with
  12. I can't seem to finish my book
Yeap ... And the list is not finished yet ... It seem like a long one. A dreadful and pain in the arse to list. Ergh ... I wish my friends were all here. At least, we can meet for coffee. Go to the movies. Eat out. Gym or something. I miss everyone. I miss Kenny's company, I miss my brothers gossiping, I miss my sisters asking me out for lunch, I miss Jenny's laughter, I miss Chooi Yin's noise, I miss Brian, Hafiz, Alvin, Leo, Azyei and most importantly, I missed Ju's wonderful moment and baby visiting session! ERG ... THIS SHUCKS!

As for now, I am going pull my arse over the kitchen to cook. Add that to the list;

No 13. I look thinner than ever because of the infrequent meal hours.

Am not quite sure it apply or is related, but what to do? I am not in a good mood to eat ... what more to cook! Can I punch someone now? Anyone sending me a punching bag for my birthday? Oh Oh ...

No14. I'll be lonely this year's birthday ... :_(

Friday, June 9, 2006

Lygon Street

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Grace is going back to Malaysia tomorrow. Will miss her being away. Pray that she will have a healthy and safe trip back to KL as well as her hometown. Personal wishes aside, we (she, Eva and I) actually went out to celebrate her "going away for 1 month" *andrewkin grins with evil and also the end of the semester @ Lygon Street at Carlton.

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Girls are ready to go

Lygon is practically a street for foods. The place is quite scary, not because it is filled with gorgeous people hanging out and wonderful food but rather with the number of cafes and restaurant. Simple terms = TOUGH COMPETITION. The cafes and restaurants are like vultures, in the human form of course. They will stand by the street and grab you when you walk pass. Some of them will try and stop you in front of their shop by literally body-blocking the traffic. AMAZING I SAY! These waiters ala salesperson will promote their cafe, differentiating theirs from the others, telling you the best dishes and price they offered and etc etc etc. I left Eva to deal with them. Hahaha ... She is better in rejecting people :P

Then we meet this friendly lady whom mama cook for the restaurant. She offered free garlic bread and 1st free drink. ANY DRINK! We sat ourselves firmly and enjoyed the Secret Stone Sauvignon Blanc which is ultimately the sweetest most refreshing wine I have ever tasted. Will keep an eye on that 48dollar bottle next time I visit the liquor shop. After the heavy Cabonara Fettuccini, I went for a walk to explore the street while the girls end up enjoying their desserts in this chocolate truffle shop. Fattening it is, very delicious they are!

Then, I bump into three Indonesian girls which gave me the friendliest smiles ever. I smiled back - obviously. As I was about to enter the Chocolate Shop where Eva and Grace was half-tipsy consuming their desserts, some girls (Malay from Malaysian - recognized their accent) with tudung gave me the same "friendliest" smile. As I sat down and chated with the girls about it, Eva laughed and said "What to do, you malay market look ma!" Grace agreed adding that there were more malay (regardless Indonesian or Malaysian) girls crossing look on me in trams and streets, previously which I did not notice...

'_' ????

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So, Malay girls like tibetan monk lookalike with glasses in office wear huh? What a fetish! LOL

Monday, June 5, 2006

My Marine Story

I am so sad. I miss my fishes alot. I felt so bad. The tank which was supposed to be in my own home was moved to Kenny's condo due to some unwanted circumstances - family rules. I really thought, I can pull through by showing my deep enthusiast for the hobby. Everyone was very supportive, mum, dad, sisters, Kenny, cousins, Dan, Gary and everyone ... but at the end, my tank had to move. It's either that, or I forgo the hobby - which I can't.

I admit, I spend very little time with it since it moved. Saying that, I never neglect it. I still try my best to be a good owner, or at least an average one. I am willingly to spend alot, save like hell and hopefully provide a better environment for my fishes and also any ife forms in the tank. It's weird, but somehow - I felt that the tank is no longer nearby. It's not like Kenny's condo is far away or it is not accessible. I do have the freedom to attend the tank and go the condo anytime, but I couldn't bear the feeling travelling all the way. It's not reluctancy ... but more like - I just hope the tank is there when I wake up, is there when I want to look at it after dinner, is just there ...

I know we can't get everything we want. Kenny is right, work the best out of it ... I should have not gotten into the hobby ... at least not that soon ... now I regret not because I have it, but because I do not have that capacity and power to own it ... what's the point of having the knowledge, interest, passion and the support for it, but somehow it is so near yet so far inside your heart ???

Erg ... What a thing to think about after the semester end. I am not going to sulk ... Will work things out ... I just hope the plan works ... I pray hard everyday that by, the time I get back - I would have the courage to face my tank again ...

PS - Thankyou Kenny for taking care of them