Wednesday, June 30, 2010

How long more to go?

I asked myself everyday. Today, I sat in the train to Sentosa and had quite a thrill riding a new ride, complimentary from a prospective client called the Sentosa Luge. I've even taken some nice pictures and had a lot of fun basking under the sun. Hopefully look tanner.

As I was visiting around, I remembered that I promise that someone to have a go and visit this neighboring country's main attraction, SENTOSA which is often neglected due to its near distance and financial currency exchange. Nevertheless, I think Singapore has worked very hard to get where it is today in terms of branding for tourism, customer satisfaction, stability in economy and of course, fun-filled activities.

Somehow I wished the experience could be shared... It is so different I must say. I wonder I will survive backpacking?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Bonker in towels

Woke up feeling that something bad might happened. After the car accident yesterday, I had jitters traveling but as how they have always said, the show must go on, or you can rise the red curtains and have people throwing rotten tomatoes at you.

I am speechless today not because of the bang yesterday but I felt a certain contentment arising from some hidden part of me. Ok, I am going bonkers!

Perhaps what I can say is I've finally completed my chinese drama series after erm ... 5 months and moving on to my next one. I've finally gotten the chance to laugh at the same jokes with Caffeine Bear after waiting for him to watch SATC 2. I've laid my case to rest because I did not threw my toys away after watching Toy Story 3. I absolutely do not understand why Alice in Wonderland was so badly done. I think I flung my MBA exam due to ill-preparation. I've taken a drive with the new car and most likely will not drive it again thanks to my freak accident. I've gotten myself attached to the company's facebook account and cannot believe how dumb I am at it. I've opened-up (quote and unquote) to a new girlfriend and cannot believe how much she actually cared for me. I spent quality time with lilpixie's nephew and vow that I will have my own one day. I am saving for a whole list of things not on my wish list ... and also to repay for the damages done from yesterday's incident.

And a pic for the day!

So here I am blogging, and in a few minutes time ... I will be checking-out and off the country. My grand espionage-escapee from responsibilities, stress and a whole lot more ... Really?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fears and Trailers

Thou shall not bow down to stupidity and arrogant judgments. Insults are for those who tells a fart joke in AGM. I keep telling myself that, as of today - I am my lil own pillar. Only now I understand the severity of internal politics and how it can affect one at work. Thou shall not repeat such acts in the light of my own future.

I watched this trailer, and it really made me laugh. The same laugh the same actress did to me while riding on a rodeo bull many years back as the character Natalie Cook in Charlie Angels.

I so wanna watch this. They should have hire Ryan Reynolds to act the guy part instead. Sigh

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pillow talk between a girl and a boy

G : Just do what ever that you are happy with, no one cares
B : But why? Don't you think it takes two hands to clap
G : Ai ya, who actually cares la
B : I do! I mean ... can die meh if you make the move?
G : Hello, you can die meh if you make the first move?
B : It is always me you know ... I also want to feel how is it like to be chase after
G : Yeah, I also want that... you don't always get what you want do you?
B : I know la ... I just don't get it after so long.
G : You know, you can always look at things in two different perspective. You can make the first move, he can follow through or you can sulk and hope he makes the first move by hinting him. Either way, you get what you want
B : That's not the point. What if he never learn?
G : Boy! It's an inevitable condition la. I am sure everyone knows that. Moreover, does it matter if he learns or not? Sometimes getting back to square one isn't that bad an idea!
B : Square one means no growth le!
G : Or you can have so much growth, you end up old and lonely!
B : I know the crowd is getting younger and cuter by the day ... maybe it is a choice decision?
G : That is why you should have more confident of yourself and just do it ...
B : Do what? Its because of doing it ... its now like all hanging over
G : Which you can look at it in different perspective also. The scenarios are just too wide for what is acceptable and what is not. Take it from me, straights has the same much issues and stress you are going through and why do we have more than you bunch of fags? It is because we move on ...
B : I know I am sulking
G : You just love him la
B : Gosh! Don't say that ... you are my friend!
G : Please le, why are you talking about it then?
B : Just ramblings la
G : A huh, and tell me why you are not talking to me about your other encounters?
B : They are not as important la!
G : Gosh, you are in denial
B : No I am not!
G : Just admit it
B : I did a minutes ago ma ... Now I feel so unwanted and all. Makes me feel worthless you know
G : Worthless with a huge demand.
B : That's not the point
G : You so love him
B : Oi! Be a good friend ... support me abit leh?
G : That is the reason why I am sacrificing my sleep and still here with you till 4 am
B : *ops ... 4 am liao a?

* bits and pieces omitted. Parts of the conversations may have changed, but the content is smthing like that la

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Something missing in the head

I do not know why I am blogging during working hours. If my boss finds out ... I know I am going to be dead but my mind went blank on me since last night. I absolutely have no idea what is running through my head right now. I cannot remember the task I need to perform at work, I can't keep my eyes opened and I have short attention span. The head is heavy and having the post-flu, blowing your nose into tissues since last week isn't really helping.

Anyway, my head is just in a silent state of mode. I cannot plan what I need to do in the next few weeks and I cannot think straight. I disorganize my own schedule and had cause delay upon delivering my part in assignment. Something rare due to my attitude in prioritizing work and time management. Gosh, I am beginning to think that I am growing dumber, slower and more forgetful by the day!

The fact that I am yawning continuously and also contemplating to take long breaks (or even leave) frightens me. Is my body forcing my mind to shut down? Or is it some paranormal unexplainable activity sitting on my shoulder pressing my head (ya ya! I took this from some ghost movie!)

Either way, my blank mind has causes fatigue and restlessness in me.

Should I google about my condition and see what kind of sickness I may have gotten myself into?

or did someone just unplugged my left brain?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Eon Bank Ad

Hehe. I got a message from my previous sifu in corporate. He mentioned that everytime he goes to EON bank, he sees me. I was dumb found, since when I had an EON bank account and gosh, I was never there. Then, a brief research ... I found this

I had a great laugh. Gosh, I look so silly with the hairstyle! But well ... better than nothing. I guess since my appearance in Sin Chew, I gotten the a wee part of my dream accomplished. Hmm ...

Anyway, just wanna boast a lil here ... :P

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Reminisce for the better

After attending a 6 hour dry lecture, which almost killed my brain cells due to boredom - I ended up in Pyramid spending some quality time with the entire family. We had pizza, window shopped around, mum and me chated about skin care, brands and also shopping in UK. It was a fun night out. Somehow, a funny feeling brewed in me. I didn't know what was wrong. I was awfully quiet ... and I am sure dad is not the main reason. Partially perhaps?

Then, I was back home - finally getting some time to clean my room, a vow I made to fulfilled before starting on a weekend to finish up my MBA assignment. As I was frantically searching for my DVDs between the books (the few new ones I bought just a few days ago), I found two piece of paper, nicely packed in an envelope. Totally forgot what it was, I took the pieces out and started reading them. How fond the memories and how sweet the words of inks marked on them. Letters from up above, when I was far down below...

I read them knowing that I will be emotionally taken away by them, reminding myself that if that is what he wants ... it is a promised I will try to keep, something I can still do ... despite the many silly things he predicted of me. Somewhat I thought it would be so difficult to venture through them, but it is exactly the same feeling when I received those envelopes back in the days where the cold wind blows. The heart racing with joy, skipping away from the mailbox and into the warmth of heater, reading the funny little things written. I feel fresh, compelled to calm and peace.

I laughed on the same lines; 15yo school girl having teenage crushes. I admire the determination of him actually hand-writing and delivering the letters. I searched again for the watermark under the light for Conqueror and still wonder how come he is so into paper texture. I giggled reading wrongly again for "go for movies together" as "so for moves to sether" ...

Great ol feelings. Lost ol feelings.

I really do not know what to feel. I can't bear to call and tell the then, piggy writer on the phone. My confident and courage failed me again in times. For that I apologize. I really do not want to vanquish whatever that is left of, the best we've got for now. But I really want to share some trails we left behind, for better and for worse. One things for sure that he did best, and I do feel it ... Proud to have you, Proud to be with you ...

Hmm ... I am always so silly with expressions. Sigh*

Friday, June 11, 2010

Katy's back!

How can you not love her?

I shall dance to her new US Billboard NO.1 single tonight!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

dad's dirty game is too much

stay calm. stay calm.

breath in and breath out. stay in your room until you clear your dark clouds. not worth throwing fire ball in the middle of the night with your flu, headache and neck pain.

don't argue with dad. you know he is a jerk when it comes to money. cannot believe I fell for his stupid dirty little trick in getting me to prepaid my tuition fee with NR's account. ironically, my company is now, in financial terms - bankrupt thanks to his sweet words in convincing me that he will pay me back later. does he even know what he has done? own father lie to own son. indirectly, he is cheating his own son? and to make matters worse, he is like a slickly old fox who have caused me my company. Now there is not a single cent in NR.

i hate to say this dad, but you are the reason i would be so careful with you in the future. i shall not trust you with any of my financial from now on and you are on your own. i mean it, if you are reading this ... i am glad you did.

due to the fact that you are going against your words. i shall go against mine. no more installment plans from your good ol son. since you are so up-tight about your cash, and you have your own company and a full time job, yeap! your wife ... my mum DO TALK TO ME. so, please ... stop your crap shit about money. you brew hatred, disgust and remorse from me ... i really do not know what to feel now but hate you SO MUCH.

daddy plays dirty, son follows.

have a nice rest dad, cos tomorrow onwards ... you shall not hear a single word from me.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thank you peeps

大哥 : Have you seen doctor? You been sick very often lately wor ... better take care

I got a few similar tweets and SMS to the above. I am happy to tell you guys that at this very moment. 920pm ... I do feel better. I do not know why I always fall sick too but perhaps getting a good rest like today really help. In the past 24 hours, I've spend more than 10hours sleeping, 5 hours resting and the rest just working from my laptop.

That said, I am suppose to blog about many things - ie; the Jap restaurant and also the wonderful gift I gotten from Jakarta. I shall do that erm ... before 12am, I promise. Just wanted to drop a few notes in between my break time ... currently trying to finish my written assignment.

See you again after supper. Cheers

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sex, City, Singapore and Shopping!

After spending a few days in Singapore, working and playing hard... I am back safely in Malaysia. To be honest, the sale in Singapore (deemed as Great) isn't that great afterall. With the standard 20-30% discounts plastered around, I don't think anyone would be interested. The sale scene was very quiet compared to the past I was around to witness throngs of people scavenging over sale bins.

The only boutique that probably worth attending to would be to identify the Que outside their store. Only two; Gucci and Prada. The two big brands actually had discounts. For me, Prada was worth the que but the conversion rate literally will blow my budget out for the months to come. And so, I did not buy anything from there ... not to mentioned the BV handphone strap too! Urgh. I just realised my spending power is weak

But that said, I did buy one thing only this time around. An absolutely gorgeous white Lacoste shoe ... I paid only around 85SGD for it. Hehe. WHAT A BUY!

Will review the fantastic Ramen restaurant that Eagle (formerly known as partner in crime) and I went to. Compulsory for us to have it whenever we are in Singapore.

Anyway, I so need to go out and breath some "noisy" air. After sitting in the coach and watching two romantic comedies (not to mentioned the exhilarating post-excitement after Sex and the City 2 last night) ... I really do not need to be reminded of another fairy tale ending.

By the way. Go get yourself "carrie away"! Sex and the City 2 ... WATCH IT UNCENSORED! hAHA

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rakuzen Empire Subang Review - Mum Bday - 大姐 NEWS!

Before flying off to Singapore for work later in the evening, I would really like to quickly blog about my mum's bday and also a happy news. Let's start with the latter!

My beloved 大姐 have accepted the engagement proposal from her 5 years BF. Amazingly, I know certain couples who exceeded that period and still have no courage to move on and build a life together. Of course I am talking in terms of the general perception and definition of relationship from public. Either way, I deeply believe in mum's saying ... being together is all about being together at the end. To my ever lovely sister ... I wish you togethership till the end and make sure your fiance treat you to a fantastic honeymoon! Hehe

Talking about mum, a bunch of her children, god son and soon-to-be son-in-law if my sister accept the hand of the guy (long story cut short) ... had a great birthday dinner @ Rakuzen Empire Subang. I am also going to review the place for their food ... to continue the legacy of lemongrasswheat (the legacy of an eat-eat blog of two hungry Malaysians)

K leading the order with mum

Mummy's beautiful daughters.

The family party!

Mum and Dad

Family portrait

Mum blowing the candle after making her wish

Mum cutting the Orange cheese cake from RT Pastry

Sister giving mum a peck on the cheek.

Thanks everyone for celebrating mum's bday!

Time for the Review.

Rakuzen @ Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya
Tel : (Forgot, got the handphone number from another Rakuzen)

Spider Roll Maki - RM28 (sedap, tapi Sushi Zanmai lebih bagus yo!)

California Temaki Handroll - RM8
Softshell Crab Temaki Handroll - RM 8

Chicken Sukiyaki - RM 30 (recommended -make sure you drink it hot!)

NabeUdon Set - RM 38 (their set is quite affordable and worth the money!)

Gindara Teriyaki (codfish) - RM 28 (mahalnya! Tapi memang sedap sangat!!!)

Cha Soba - RM 18 (smooth cold noodle, but the soy sauce lack in taste, quite blunt)

Tempura Mori - RM 26 (good variety, again ... bad sauce)

Kimuchi Nabe - RM30 (Damn, I love this! Look out for hidden treasures if you are into seafood)

Stamine Roll - RM28 (tak cuba, I don't really like Unagi)

Dragon Roll - RM 28 (very nice! Crunchy and the portion is wonderful!)

Caterpillar Roll - RM22 (not bad, the avocado is fresh and the fillings suit the taste)

C.Salmon Maki and Kaki Fry Maki - RM16 each. CSalmon ... cannot beat the one served at Ichiban Boshi. Should have more flakes outside. KakiFry Maki ... nothing big deal. Ok la

Agedashi Tofu - RM24 (RM6 for one piece of tofu, erm ... not worth the money. Nothing to shout about)

Overall, the food is quite pricey, in comparison with their other sister company all under the same umbrella (Zen Sushi and Sushi Zanmai). In terms of food quality, I would recommend people to try as their ambience and service is commendable. The servings are quite nice, bigger portion compared to many sushi outlets and I would recommend their series of special sushi rolls for any takers. The cute and funny names alike of Caterpillar Roll, Stamina Roll and etc ... does live up to their name.

Me and my sister in front of Rakuzen

Going home and took a pic from the mirror reflection at the escalator in Empire.