Sunday, July 24, 2005

Typical Msians

Wanna know one of the main key learnings I will never forget during my semester break? Let me tell you...typical malaysians who are living in a "socalled" developing country but act like stupid lost uncivilized barbarians from centuries ago.

Usual trip in LRT always leave me with a feeling of why government only allocates so little train schedule during peak hours. People cramp till the point the LRT's door can't even close! Can't blame the people, everyone's rushing. But, train comes every like 2-4 min during peaks. So why are everyone rushing??? Dont get'em. I will never cramp myself into the train - will not risk losing my couture.

Another thinge about this train riding thing is that, everytime i get a sit from KJ or i leave from KLCC, i will always wonder - what happen to old, disable, pregnant or sick people? Do they have to stand cramping or they just ask politely for a sit - or would ppl actually offer those special priviliged people a sit? So far, so good - no one has ever been unkind to those group of people until last friday when i was returning from KLCC and the train stop at Pasar Seni, a very old in his late 60s uncle came in. He was carrying some stuff and he seem shaky. I push myself back towards the crowd so he could comfortably stand directly near to the bar to balance himself. I was balancing using my 2 feets only. Train approaches KL Central and as I turn back, i saw someone leaving from a seat. I thought, good - uncle shall have a sit. THEN, some stupid inconsiderate-young i bet still a fucking virgin pussy- sat there. I looked and stared at her. She just ignore me and well, pretend to not see me. I was quite mad... but i did not say anything. Then as we approach the next station - Bangsar, someone left the seat beside that girl, and ANOTHER STUPID FAT ARSE LADY sit there, looked at me with that "that uncle can stand ma!" and pretend to be sleeping! What got me to my madness was that they both knew the uncle was weak and just because he was still standing holding to a metal pole doesnt mean he deserve to be standing!

That i couldn't stand! Just as i was about to begin my bitching-slaughtering session - Kenny called me and I purposely speak loudly emphasizing on "inconsiderate malaysian, sitting down letting old people stand and PRETEND TO BE SLEEPING". Both open their eyes showing guilt and shock but BOTH close their eyes again. I decided to snap a picture of them (which everyone else noticed i did) and post them online. If you see this 2 ladies in the train next time - to give them a punch or slap on the face! They deserve it so much!

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I dunno la ... is it me or malaysians especially women are like tat! I am not saying all women but I hardly see men does things like tat! Prentend to be SLEEPING? HELLO AT 530PM? stupid isit?

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Ignore those who are ignorant.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Chill-Out Saturday

Back home finally, sitting down, relaxing after a whole day of running around - wait, more like visiting fish stores around puchong and subang. Woke up at the other side of the world today. Don't really felt like talking and i headed straight to the PC and played Yahoo Pool. Yeah = early morning. Slept bout like 3am last nite and woke up about 9am. Guess i am used to the 6-7hour of sleeping. Anything is fine, as long as i get good complexion! Headed to have dimsum and end up in condo looking at my fishys again. Oh. My shrimp died a week ago - bizzarre reasons but yah, bottom line - his dead and so is my 3 chromis! DONT ASK! I DONT WAN TO EXPLAIN!

Anyhow, i owe this set of pictures - all the bday party thinge; only put 3 pics as the pics are not entirely clear and beautiful. Calling to get a new Cam! Hahahaha.

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and not to forget! Kenny's

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Anyhow ... today Kenny's bday celebration with his friends got cancelled due to unexpected reasons. He was not happy but i mean - i would too. Sigh* Now you know why i hate this party thinge sometimes! But we still manage to end up in Green Lotus - AGAIN! and ate the similiar green curry AGAIN! hahaha But this time i got the membership card done. Next time, i would be entitled to 20% discount! yahoo~

We went for desert in shook! TAT PLACE is like packed despite the small portion, expensive price, delicious yummy finger lickin good food and incredibly thick heavy menu! :p. The toilet is a must visit at Starhill and its so freaking amazing how many kinds of restaurant they can cramp and have in 1 floor. Credits to designer and architecture masterminds behind this wonderful fresh and fantastic concept.

Overall, to me that is - it is a well achieved day. Yummy dinner, great ambience and Wonderful companions!

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To believe, is to affirm that believe

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Diva EmanyNYAH bday galore

Its been past 6 hours since i sat a Green Lotus cafe, calling our princess diva of the group, eva for her bday dinner. The dinner was great - to me that is. It was a dinner feel with laughter, joyful jokeful actions, star wars spoof inpersonation and not to mention, chatting to catch up!

The food was nice and delicious, as predicted and the ambience - read lynn's blog! hahaha - she describes it well enough before we got there. And sitting on the floor for eating? Simply different compare to wannabe japanese restaurant. Overall, i think everyone is happy, leaving eva an expensive (all ok la) experience, half tummy filled with air due to long lasting laughters and joke and also i would say properly digested food (kenny is zzz snoring away, i m blogging comfortably & no one called to complain yet!) hahahhahaha

Despite being stuck at traffic for some time cos it was raining so heavy! Me and Kenny manage to bumper bumper crawl to the cafe. Later i picked up the rest of the gang from Lot10 with a broken umbrella (things couldnt get worst!) ... until ... my CK Jeans were wet! AGH .... WHAT THE HELL MAN! and when everyone was finally sitted at the "arabian curtain" room, we decided to put tat damm raining thinge at the past and started yapping away. Lynn's asset seems to look bigger! mayb it was my eyes but well everyone look gorgeous; kenny wearing my mickey t shirt, damaris wore this "rave" silver black dress, lynn n her romanian skirt, ellia - simply and stunning, medd the husband / refer to as "yang" to ellia, me and my blogger look a like shirt :P ... and then eva arrived in her spanish-british-india dress with her ZARA boots! AGH! tat white dress look so AWESOME MAN!

Of course, Eva was angry and a lil disturbed - it rain on her dress and zara boots and her i heard hair-do specially for the dinner event! I mean, my fault - cafe no parking, so everyone has to park at Lot10 and walk over. Everyone look alil like sad she was not in d mood (after all she is the star) and ALOT hungry as we were all waiting. Well, as usual, after a few jokes and jump arounds, we r back. Cheerful and as crazy as ever! LOL

Anyhow, we bought eva a chocolate fudge cake, a cancer pendant(to replace her lost-in-the-house-and-i-can't-find-it-coral-necklace) and a mug she LOVED so so so much! It was well paid off to see her smile and laugh and happy at the end of the day!

Mayb i should just not be so paranoid of bday afteralls ... huh?

Extras; i gotten this pendant! ahahaha...a newly add to my accessories collection!
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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Birth Days

Agh ... Me blogging again. Today is Kenny's bday! HEHEHE

This just reminded me how bdays are like during my dark days - when i was in secondary school. Everything was and alook fake to me. Birthday for me was never the big party, the friends gathered to play monopoly/pictionary and sing D song or even the outing and suprise with gift. No doubt and i wont deny that i would love to have those listed, i never had em simply because of one reason - i think my friends think its not quite worth celebrating my bday (you see i wasnt the guy that anyone would like to know or like during that youth period).

3 most memorable birthday tat i could remember was like;

X-girlfriend celebrated with me at the park. candles and home-cook food! simple, down to earth and romantic

Then there was the Xmen premier outing. Thanks Kiru and YinMay for the celebration and for my Xmen figurines! I love em!


Last year when i got like a HUGE gift from Kenny! and another HUGE one from mum! and that breaks the record when my college friends got me gift. Overall, not that bad!

As for now, i HATE BDAY PARTIES (reason; find out from me personally) but i dun mind attending one that is close to a friend. So far, Kenny's bday has been quite memorable and not to mentioned i love managing friend's bday - Eva's coming up! hahahaha

Well, thats for now and I AINT NO WANT A BDAY PARTY! PLS... rather not have one

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Live is short, live it to the fullest!

Monday, July 11, 2005

Its July!

Me blogging again, after almost 3 weeks away from my pink green white public diary, i still have nothing interesting to add on my library or storage here.

A quick round-up of what i have been up to lately, shall i?

As usual, waking up early, joining almost million of people jamming their way to get to work, seeing people packed them like sardines in train and of course enjoying the dynamic corporate working work.

I shall put on hold and summarize my key learnings of my personal-self-interest internship at the end when my so-called part time job expires end of this month.

Anyhow, i have been experiencing a lot more than usual during this past month. I tell you one thing, working and studying is VERY different. what you learn in school, it is only like 10% of working life. In school, is all bout generating good ideas, writing copies of assignment and then - pass it up! In working, the list is much longer with idea generation, execution process, approvals, evaluation, meetings, juggling with time management, multitasking and etc. You just got to try, and summarize it yourself. hard to explain thou.

Another thinge that i am up to is actually improvising myself. Most of those close friends would already know that i can't sit still and i have to "DO SOMETHING BENEFICIAL" to in a way upgrade myself. So far, i m reading - not stories / novels but self-improvement books on DUmmies and yah - what have you :P

In the mist of working like almost 9 hours a day, spending another extra 3 hours for travelling to and back from work, i am also juggling to spend time in gym and with my friends. That leaves me with this formula;

24hours - 9(work) - 4(travel) - 7(zzz) = 4 hours

Another item for thought that i did not tell you guys is of course - my shopping habit. hahaha. well, i tone down more or less. lunch n travel expenses in KLCC is not a funny thinge ya know.

This coming month n next - a lot ppl birthday. Again money!

Hmmm... sometimes, working work sucks! I want my time back! AGHHHHH
Anyhow, that aside - i miss my friends and i certainly miss school!
Looking forward to travel to someplace n just chill
Hope to get back soon ~

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