Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael and My Family

All right. Before I head to bed. I gotta just write something quick. I almost, had never, remember that my parents slept so late. Usually by around 11pm, or latest 12am ... both my parents would be asleep soundly. Dad would let out a comfortable snore loud enough to hear it from my room with the door closed.

Today, mum and dad was still awake at 215am ... widely awake. Why? Cos they claimed to be paying tribute to the king of pop. According to my sister, they were glued to the TV watching numerous documentaries, music videos, concerts and any other related news about him. I was also shocked to find out that dad is a big fan of Thriller MTV (same with me) and mum is a big fan for Beat It. She literally was shaking her head, grooving to the beat when the MTV was shown on 8TV around 130am. I sat in the living room, watched my funny parents and wanted to laugh at them - grooving to MJ at late hours, depriving sleep for the legend.

Even Ariel was up watching his video. Being only 12, Michael Jackson's music should be a stranger to her ... but his influence in music and dance was greater than I thought. Ariel might not know the music, but she had said the word; so cool, so "yeng", so macho, so sexy, WOW, WAH, "Keng Chow" = which means unbelievably great ... so many times, I told her ... You are such a Michael Jackson Fan. A bit too late right? She just return a great smile. Now, that is what I call phenomenal ... dance moves created in 1983 ... influencing a 1997 baby.

Ironically, my family having so much interest in MJ and being such obvious fan ... the house host NOT EVEN A SINGLE MJ album. I had to raise my eyebrow. The only time my parents ever gotten close to MJ was in One Utama ... I was there too but I couldn't remember a thing. I guess I was more a Spice Girl Fan ... I know, I am sick

Anyway, just wanted to write this down. Who knows, in the future I might read about this post and have great flashback on mum and dad enjoying the robot dance step, moonwalk, MJ vocal and singing signatures. Rest in Peace Michael. You are a legend!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

What is wrong la!

I am suppose to write about something, but I cannot remember. Just a quick note ... I believe the coming few days, I would be very busy trying to complete Anand Bungalow's project. Hopefully by then, I can spend some time trying to get Norton Russell out. As of now, I won't be trying my luck hoping that the collection can sustain my living. It's not like I am living an expensive, fab-glam life but I would like to. Haha

So anyone who wants to be my model for free-of-charge, please feel free to drop me an email. I do have some projects going on and would require models of all age, race, color and gender. If you have any friends or family who might be interested, do drop me a line too ...appreciate the effort. Portfolio is available for view upon request.

Ok, I still cannot remember what I want to write. Better pass James back his laptop or he would kill me for hogging to his only laptop at Starbucks.

Before that, everyone! everyone! a moment of silence and tribute to two very famous person;

King of Pop - Michael Jackson
All American Beauty - Farrah Fawcett

Friday, June 26, 2009

Boom Boom Pow

Don't know why, but I am quite addicted to this song. It kinda reminds me of my youth ... weird I know! Anyway, to my dearest friend Eva ... I didn't mean underdog the way I meant it ... I think you would have known me trying to be Stewie from Family Guy but kinda failed at it. Sad Sad.

That's not the sad thing that happened anyway. Just as I thought life was treating me better ... sigh, I am overthrown into another challenge again. I don't know why but I am more calm this time around. I hope I can handle my personal issue better and K can too. Well, I know I am not alone in this but I really hope the most important person can stand out more to fix it. It may be a little too much to ask anyway#!

Well ... back to drowning myself in BEPeas' music.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

James, Nelly, Me and a bunch of other things

After 2 full days of shooting, finally ... Adeline, Derrick and Bert has called out the magic word in production ... "IT'S A WRAP Y'ALL"

I hope they got good shots and angles of what they want. This is considered my first exposure to being in front of camera, acting as someone that is a total stranger to me. Hopefully I did deliver the character in their expectation. I know Eva did. She is a Fab actress ... one of the underdog that I truly admire and inspire from every time the crew goes into silence on set and the camera starts rolling. Would like to take this chance to thank the great crew and also the opportunity to star in this short film. Appreciate guys!

Well ... although my mood is all up and perky, I am feeling down inside. I don't know what is wrong but I can't feel anything inside me. Yeap, can't feel anything ... empty and hollow. It's so complicated ... I guess the feeling will most likely sink in soon. I certainly hope it will go away. I just don't want to feel what I know. I guess being numb is good ... or better still, channel the stress and negativity into something else. For me, changing those flame into encouragement to move on, push forward is somewhat a positive mark and effort... I can't deny the fact that its kinda confusing and hurtful ... but I guess the show must go on!

To be exact, this song can describe how exactly I feel ... right now ...

Can't seem to find a music video for the song. Not sure why, maybe Nelly is busy.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Sleeping in and Su Fei B-lated Bday

I slept almost 11 hours today. Clocked in time to Lalaland about 2am and officially clocked out at 1pm. It was the first time I had such a deep and cozy sleep. I am quite sure I will be getting a headache later for having TOO MUCH sleep, but I reckon I paid all my sleep debts. Moreover, for the past few days ... I have been emotionally stress and physically tired.

Well, that aside ... I was about to post up some pictures last week, but my working schedule was so hectic ... I felt like I was running some 24-7 support line for maxis - alone. So ... the pictures are of R5 again! Double dose in one month ... for Su Fei. We had a night out drinking and makaning, and here are the pics from Trix's Cam:

Su Fei! Happy Birthday gurl ~~~

My Angels ... haha ... I wish

R5 again!

Yeap, we were at this place called Brussels at Jaya One. I hope I spelled the name correctly. This place is crowded with people and located directly opposite a cafe called Two Monkeys. The booze here is cheap and because it is crowded with people, you get chicks and dicks everywhere. Of course, they are not the high society type ... mostly students and young adults. Good place to deco yourself and show off ... Now I know why we took Su Fei there! HAHAHAHA

Monday, June 15, 2009

Danny and Jun Wedding day

After days of unhealthy sleeping behavior, series of emails sent, working in front of the PC for hours non stop, taking pictures on alternate days for the past week and editing them when I have time, I finally completed ONE MAJOR TASK!

Before I move on, I would like to thank Jun and Danny for commissioning me to photograph their wedding dinner last week at the Tropicana Golf and Country Resort. Here are a few pictures of em!

Beginning of course with the prep session before the night starts!

She is so cute here, eating her burger and looking beautiful, caught her in action with the dress - perfecto!

Down to the details, her "wizard-of-OZ" shoe

The man and the lady of the night!

What is a wedding dinner without the bridegroom kissing the bride right?

I love taking pictures of the bride naturally smiling ... reminds me of my first shoot for Sheryl and Edmund

Unfortunately my camera is not as high-tech ... or else, this picture would have been superb ... the chandelier and her ... classic!

NOW! Happy guest! The hardest part to take in weddings, in my own opinion of course.

The bride's grandpa

Even babysitting is FUN!

The bride's father - happy through out the night!

Couple first dance as husband and wife ...

Time to get emotional. The hugging pictures ...

So touching ... love the expression!

Together ... forever ...

So sweet. Thank you Danny and Jun for believing in my empty portfolio,amateur camera skill but yet still entrust me the heavy responsibility to record your romantic, fun and cute night. Hope you love the pictures too ...

Definitely can do better ... MUST be better next time!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Connie Bday 2009

Today went over to Kepong and revisited my x-colleagues, whom we were once famously known as R5! ... Anyway, its Connie's birthday and we are all there to celebrate her big day. It was a short meeting but definitely worth the drive. We spent time playing games, chatting and laughing ... of course the most important part was to take pictures. Something that we all 5 loved doing! Haha

Anyway, here are some of the pictures from Trixie's Cam!

Bday girl with her card

All of us showing off the gift we bought her

Trying to kill time ... but had fun doing it

Introducing the R5

From left; The happy one, The hyper one, The sexy one, The neutral one, The funny one

Haha ... I rename all of em ... :P

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Katy Perry - Thinking of you

This is what you get if you have beautiful talents for a music video. Hot male models! I wonder if Katy ever thinks about becoming a high fashion model. She does have a kind of doll look that I think will be a seller for covers!


Type type away

Took some time off to play a game about fast fingers. Kinda help me with my reaction ... in return, now I am awake to burn midnight oil ... This is my result;

What is yours?

I hope I am falling at the right hole

Friday night and I am infront of my PC, working ... listening to Louis Armstrong and Chris Botti. Do I have a life? I began to question ....

Its amazing how determination and self discipline can get into you. I think it's all in a day's work and also life long lesson. I always ask myself a question, why and what (ok fine, two question!) am I doing? Every single day, I asked myself that ... just so that I could breath a little extra, walk a little extra more and keep that insecurity locked up a lil stronger.

Being alone in my crib and looking through tons of photos, galleries, portfolios, lightboxes and online libraries make me realize something, something I should have notice. This thing I am doing now needs more dedication, hardwork and time than I expect it. Time ... especially this... time ... has become so crucial at this point. Anyway, I started Norton Russell ... something I wanted to do for a long time. Not because of the product, interest, passion or prospect but to test my wits and skills in business handling and development. Creating one out of thin air, being a part of it, running it and getting the product out was not a simple skill of sprikling icing on cake.

I am thankful I get each day to myself, some days hard, some days extremely difficult, somedays easy going, some relax, some stressful and some wasteful ... But regardless of how the days turned out, my determination still screams for the result I anticipate and long ... hopefully I can see it soon ...

So, now it is only a matter of battle between time ... and self determination. I hope I win ...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hannah Montana

YEAH! Hannah Montana the movie is finally here! I am so thrilled! I don't know why people dislike the franchise. I mean, I am not a huge fan that records the Disney series, have Miley Cyrus on playback mode 24-7 nor am I a buyer for any endorsed products by her ... but I think it is just nice to have a fresh, new, all-fun and bubly teenage girl show.

FINE! I admit to watching a few Hannah Montant series, recommended it to my sister and some friends ... but that is the most I do! SERIOUS! Now ... go watch the movie too eh! Haha

K ... Watch la with me! It's not like the entire cinema is going to packed with lil kids. We can watch the midnight slot at Signature Gardens?