Saturday, April 21, 2007

The photography quest ...

Nikon? Canon? D40? The new D40X? Expensive? No? Which is better? Canon! Which is clearer? Nikon. Rebel 350D? I prefer the Rebel 400D! Rebel's lenses are shitty! Nikon lenses are better! But Nikon has manual focus! Canon has more reliable lenses? No? Yes! Other brands? Nah ~ Shitty. Price? Similiar ... Focals? Aperture? Speed? Best recommended lens : EF 24-70, f2.8 = but it is 3 months my salary! Cheaper ones = not recommended. Sigma? Awaiting news? Erm ... 1500RM ok kua? Can right? Awaiting answer ... Humidity counts? Humidity matters? A country like Malaysia how? No difference? Got! Got meh? Not sure ... -_-"' Using for? Potrait? Landscape? Potrait and landscape? Macro! I like macro shots. Lighting? Dark lighting needs smaller f.28. Borrow lighting lo! Here is where I thank Eva! Muax# love you babe. But f2.8 is safest to get. If substitute with add-on flash? Add on cash! Huh? Total calculation for Camera =

*press calculator



with crumpler bag ...

Sigh* Expensive hobby ... and this is only the beginning

Monday, April 9, 2007

Ask yourself ...

When was the last time you spend some time looking at the sky?

or sat and listen to the sound of wave hitting the beach?

or count the stars?

or said something nice to your neighbor?

or did some gardening?

or plan some adventurous activities with your close friends?

or treat your family to a proper dinner?

or visited some charity organizations?

or helped an elderly in need?

or took a stroll down a botanical garden?

or even went to the theater?

As a working-Malaysian, one is usually not entitled to such privilege lifestyle because there is no time for such minor, not important and ignorable events. I find that an excuse. An excuse that should be proven false. Prove me wrong

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Truly Amazing

It's amazing! I log onto my stat counter and realize that there are still people reading my blog! AMAZING!

I have to say that the numbers had drop to a close 70% but I suppose I am not the only one. If you take 15min to explore the blogger tabs on the right, you will realize that even the most frequent blogger has ... erm ... halt in blogging.


My only guess - The government or rather hypocritical organizations are suing bloggers. But I truly believe, that is not the reason. Everyone just got busy ... with life.

I wonder does Kennysia and XiaXue still blogs as often?

Soon ... No one will be blogging. Another ICQ case

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Andrewkin Lifestyle Challenge

What do you think your name means?
Mum used to tell me that it is a hurricane name - just like me, Unpredictable and mischievous

When you were a kid, who do you want to be?
Lion-O from Thundercats

Which is your favorite radio station?

One thing people always mistaken about you
My age

One thing people always find amusing about you
My age

What is your best attributes?
My spontaneous jokes

One person you would love to meet
Christina Aguilera

Tell us a dirty secret about you
I love collecting business-working shirts ... Nice ones ~

Something you wish you had
Talent in singing

What CD is currently spinning in your player
Frank Sinatra – Movie Themes

One person you wish you could kill
Samy V

One person you wish you could revive from the death
Princess Diana

In one word, describe yourself

In two words, describe your life
Really weird

Which is your favorite football team?
You can’t be serious!

Favourite movie?
Forrest Gump

Song currently playing in your head, why?
Fire – Babyface & Desire. Because I just heard it over the radio

What is your best physical asset?
I have one???

What is your dream car?
Honda Jazz

One thing you find funny in life
Man, woman, god, money, friends … wait … that is more than one.

Your motto in life
Live life with burning passion

Which song made you cry?
Paris Hilton’s Stars are blind

If you are only granted one wish, what would you wish for?
World Peace *Does the Miss Universe Wave and Smile