Wednesday, November 25, 2009

MEC 2009

This post is a bit late, last saturday and sunday me and two of my seniors, Sunny and Gilbert attended a workshop by Dr Kenneth Tai for Entrepreneur. Basically it was a challenge where the winning team gets a stack of traveling vouchers, one of it was a free 5 days 4 night stay in Phuket/Bali ... along with the famous Scholarship for Certified Marketing Professional Program worth RM 7,800 and trophy.

My MBA mates along with two other girls from financial institution teamed up and had fun through out the 2-day seminar; shooting short adverts, playing games, laughed, network and sold some marketing CDs. We didn't expect to win anything but came out as champion at the end. Our team was in shock because all we did was laugh through the activities and challenges while having fun on the notion where all of us were working adults and since the seminar is on the weekend, why further stress yourself?

I guess I will be going to Bali soon with K and most likely share the other vouchers among family members. I also can't wait to enroll for the CMPP seminar!!! Here are the 4 short commercial videos my group did for one of the challenge; Don't mind the shooting quality because we have to direct, plan, shoot and edit as much short videos as we can in 1 hour 30min.

Overall, I learned many new things about venturing to new business and wish to apply it in my new job, hopefully for my business ventures in the future as well. I will highly recommend Dr Kenneth's seminar because he helps you break down the fear and personal expectations (negatives one) in venturing into business.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

For the special someone

You know it when the person really have a thing for you when you get a new shirt and tie for you new job. You know it when the person constantly strive to provide the best when you have the company of that person through out the day running around to help you with getting a new ic and passport. You know it when the person really love you when you can spend the whole day helping her to pick the perfect dress for her dinner event. You know that this person is important in your life and nothing will stop you from providing her the best.

Thank you mum! You are the best!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Sometimes in life, you need to brace yourself and face the cold and emptiness that awaits you,
It is something that you cannot run away from,
nevertheless hide.

Even at times when you choose to give up and decide to ignore,
denying the very presence,
it will sooner or later still get to you,
dawn upon you and in reality forces you to confront the bitterness and bluntness of life

Today the rain is cold as ice,
wind as haunting, howling desperately for compassion
the purple painted cloudless sky, smiling in agony and deceit upon me

I could no longer bare my naked hands to it, losing grip, weak
and my soul stand still, lullabying through the silence night
Speechless I am, perhaps over-reacting, perhaps just drained

As the wailing sound of a distant car faded
My mind filled a clearer and cleaner sound, vofortingice you call them
Appearing to piece the missing puzzles in my mind,
A comforting thought, light in bring
Illuminating my path, chosen one from the lost for the journey ahead

I thank my saviors, companions and strong knights
Their support graces mine,
answering my prayers, forgiving my confessions and still propel me with motivations,
the priceless guidance

Here I am today, writing with a darker ink to vent my emotions and thoughts
in one voice, my very own and one that is clear
a hope that is not wrong
I am proud of, wishing someone would notice

That is the journey of fifteen

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A day with James & Hong Kee Dim Sum Taipan USJ review


A few new trials:

Fried crabstick with sesame seeds; not the best we tasted. The texture is a bit harsh and dry.

Fried fortune dumplings. Absolutely sinful with the mayo dip, but a must try! Crunchy and yummy!

This is heavenly. I find the fillings a bit salty but the overall taste is still good. I just wish the fillings were a bit more and the skin a bit more thin.

My previous post missed the Chee Cheong Fun ... So here is the pic, not bad. Grace actually said that the skin is soft and silky, a rare find in KL.

Fried Veg dumplings. The inside is nice, simple and healthy. Most of the fillings are greens and it taste a bit like Vegetarian Gyoza

Phoenix leg – chicken leg. I don’t like it!

Thank babes for the breakfast!


Am sitting at Austin Chase, Pav ... basically catching up with my good ol pal James. After disappearing for two weeks - the gym bunny finally buzz me this morning for brunch. We went to a nearby Dim Sum restaurant at Taipan USJ and randomly ordered some food. I have to say, the food is not bad and the bill came up to about RM34. We also took the chance to snap some photos for keeping since it is the first time me and James had brunch and breakfast in our 7 years of friendship! Could be more ... but ya ... I try not to blow up the figures! HAHA

New tag available. Lemongrassboy's food. A brief food review on Hong Kee Dim Sum at Taipan (behind the row of shops of CIMB) at USJ, Subang.

The rice is believed to fried raw ... very nice! Love it! I do not know how to say it, but usually you will cook the rice before frying it. Not for this one. Raw kernels are fried till soft. It is served with a variety of ingredients such as eggs, lap cheong (waxed sausages), peas and spring onions.

My all time favourite ... Fried sesame lotus seed. Very crunchy and fragrant. They don't stinge on the lotus seed too.

Egg tart. Not bad, mini size and worth sharing. Small bites and crunchy crust.

Prawn Dumpling ... steamed but nothing to shout about. Normal tasting to me.

Malai Kou ... I think it is called Malay sponge cake ... Very nice too! Soft and melts in your mouth

Sinfully fattening. James said it is called something like ... bacon present or something. Of course, it is nice but not my favorite. Prefer the more "Authentic" dim sum dishes

The usuals ... I believe both is siew mai (Face dumplings) ... pork meat stuffed with prawns. The left one is the original one and the right one is believed to have more prawn meat than the pork. Dislike both as the pork meat overpowers the freshness of prawn. Least favorite but worth the try for people who loves the steamed pork aroma.

We also had Chee Cheong fun, but we have no picture of it. Skipped the photo. Too busy munching away. The CCF was not bad, soft skinned but lack of substance in the sauce and filling. Overall, it is not a bad place to dine in with family or not-so-fussy eating partners. I would recommend the place for casual eating as the price are quite affordable. Service is SUPER fast and the waiter is quite attentive too. Haha.

Well, it has been almost 4 hours since we left Subang and amazingly I was quite productive, a vow to my previous post. I worked and uploaded a few new pics to be sold at a new stock photo library. James too worked a little in his freelance work, updating a friend's laptop while facebooking away on his own.

I guess we are just two stranded boys working on our laptops, admiring the crowd at Pavillion. It's amazing the traffic near food republic. If I could charge 1cent for every person who walked pass where I sit, I am sure to be a millionaire by end of the month. At least a thosandaire. James said most people are here to watched the movie 2012 anyway, which is why the parking is packed with cars.

Unfortunately a brief walk around the boutique stores shows slower traffic. Hmmm ... anyhow, I can't wait to get out of Austin Chase and do something else than facing my laptop.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Ray of light ...

WOW! Its been close to 10 days since I wrote something. Trust me, I've been pretty lazy and erm just slacking, allowing time to drift by. I don't know why also until K told me today that it is because of the new job. Since I have to start working very soon in a routine job, my body and mind sort of tune itself to not work or worry so much presently. I do not know about the latter, but yes ... I kinda procrastinate in working Norton Russell, at all ...

BTW ... Norton Russell is my company ... who does creative works, branding, video and photo productions, stock photography and any "ca pa lang job" I can get. NR is what I have been doing in the past few months to survive the economy. Young lad with a brave heart enduring a nightmare in job security and finance. That's the summary! Haha

Of course I am not giving up NR. I will still try my very best to run it at the side-line, really on a part time basis since it is still paying for petrol! That said, I have been trying to get someone who I can trust and really depend on to run NR. After all, it is like a baby to me. I seriously hope that I can locate some talents within my circle of friends to manage the content part of the business. I've cut some of the core units but would like NR to remain as a company. Moreover, I've met great number of people, talented photographers, videographers and successfully network myself around them - would be silly to not keep in touch with em!

Hmm ... back to being worry. Since I agreed upon my new job and signing the offer letter ... I have been hit by this storm of worry and tension which covered, drown and send my courage, confident and working soul to somewhere dark and unforgiving. DRAMA! I know! Due to that reason, I've been going around "borrowing" courage and confident from friends these few days. Of course, I am such a lucky boy ... I've been blessed with great friends this time around. Most of em have channeled time and advise in helping me to ground my stand and lift up my chin abit higher.

Now it is only up to me to run the railroad. I hope it is not as hard as running a tobacco company but yeah, I hope all turns out well. Just a brief disclaimer, I have never run a railroad company nor the tobacco one as well, they are just representations.

Since I picked up reading Dale Carnegie's book earlier when I visited the toilet, I realise how much this writer has helped in giving me the final nudge for my conquest in defying my worry and low self esteem traits. From tomorrow, I shall be progressive and actively live my life even through my new job.

I shall begin tomorrow by cleaning my dump. My room.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Me and Mr Ng!

How do you know when a friend is soon to be stranger? Simple; you see each other less, you call each other less, you chat less when you meet, you care less when you see each other, you try to get away when you bump into each other, you empty talk nowadays replacing the quality chats, you say hi and follow by bye, and somehow you feel nothing when the friendship is about to be flushed down the drain. Why it all happened? You do not really care, you do not want to find out, you can't be bothered to find ways to better the friendship and definitely you don't mind it happening.

That is what you get when you invest emotion and care in a friendship, ending up getting nothing from it. Although I am tougher and smarter in handling this kind of situation after some painful past experiences, I am still awed by how people could just be so ignorant and cruel towards something that is mutually and equally built.

I am so glad my friendship circle balances that vicious cycle with introduction of friends, some who made the effort and walked the extra mile to be closer in person with me. One of them is Mr Ng ... Of course, in the midst of busy life and the ever enchanting world you lose more friends but I thank god I found great ones in between.

Well ... lose a great friend, get another great friend. Sound like yin and yang to me

Me love muah mum and cooking

I am home today ... being a good boy, spending quality time with mum. Mum's in a good mood too and we will be going out later. I am such a mummy's boy! I admit it ... I love being around mum. Gosh, that actually sounded gay!

Currently, I am sensing a sore throat and fever coming if I do not treat it. The heaty feeling also lingers around my body. Why? Cos Mum cooked curry mutton yesterday for dinner and it was superb. I had to eat some ... or rather quite an amount. I believe the sore throat really came when I topped it up with Tom Yam for supper. Sigh, I dig my own grave le ... Now I got to run to the nearest pharmacist and get some inflammatory diffuser tablets! Not that I mind cos mum hardly cooks strong tasting stuff and since she was in the mood last night, why refrain yourself from the heaven tasting "very spicy" dish!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bad traffic

I exit pyramid today, after gym during peak hour which is a rare case, to find the horrifying traffic condition outside. It was so congested, I had to subject in using a different route ... which was also jammed packed with cars. A 5 minutes drive home soon took 25 minutes, using an alternative route much further and still a bumper-to-bumper scene really irritate me. What is wrong with our road system?

There was a broken-down car and the couple (or maybe brother and sister) stood at the road side, onlooking the heavy traffic. It was not their fault because beyond the stagnant car, it was still very jam. I could see the guy lashing out on the girl, quite a sad scene. He was pointing to the car and with his body language, I gathered it was the girls fault. She stood there, lip-bitten with a very guilty face. Even if it was her fault, I seriously think the guy should control his temper and not cause any further strain on her. If I were her, I will be so angry because how could someone inflict more stress in such a dire condition. To me, she look like a damsel in distress ... poor soul