Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Dell / Citibank ???

Many people called to see whether i was ok. Firstly, i am not angry or mad @ anyone. Just a lil worked out by dell and citibank.

You see ... 2 weeks ago, i order a 700m laptop hoping to get it before school starts. I am using a credit card account belonging to my mum's close friend - something to do with the non-interest rate payment. So, things become quite shitty. Decline of card, bad acocunt for 2nd time and etc. I was quite angry and i called dell - being the usual me, drama and pist and complain"full" - they somehow or rather got a piece of me. Worst, citibank also got a piece of scolding and "constructive comment"! Thus, begin the turmoil of I-am-a-very-angry-customer and dilemma of whose-problem-and-fault-should-that-be?

I was basically pushed around, have to dial the general phone no. like ten times while go thru that -press one for this-press 2 for that- press 3 for this- and converse with certain operators that are not user friendly, act like bitches, rude and not to mention their voice sounds like a drowning frog. Not user friendly? I was calm when talking. Bitching with me? Mistake. Rude? They wish their mama didnt born em. Me mentioning their voice sound like a frog? PRICELESS!

Problems soon got gunnysacked. The Dell processor was no longer available and i would have to pay a top-up of rm400 extra for a better processor! Of course, with a lil help and advice from Kenny as well as Dell being so attentive and professional and me being so pushy; I manage to convince Dell to charge me at a cheaper rate - the same rate minus tat rm400! HAHAHA

As for now, i have to wait again. Hopefully things goes well this time. Overall, Dell's operator (which all 3 that i dealt with was boys) was more attentive, friendly and patient with me compare to citibank's STUPID GIRLS (about 4-5 of them) who are so emotional when they "frog"; like as if citibank CAN NEVER or SHOULD NEVER have people commenting on their services! Of course, anymore they push - i am so gonna yell over the phone and it would be recorded. Moreover, they don't even say bye! Tsk* Is it me? or is it bcos they are girls? or is it just plain spm-grads operators? or is it Citibank?

Anyhow - Citibank is on my bad repu list. M gonna bad-mouth them

Overall - I still dont get a good feeling for the big day that is coming. I mean ... look! War with Dell and Citibank. Gun firing with mum. Bad repu from Mum's credit-card owner friend. AGH!

Either than that - why am i blogging in the morning??? I wake up quite early these days. Must be the habitual routine thanks to maxis. LOL

Akin Saying:
Be Bitchy at certain times to get things done!