Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hot Hot ...

Is it me or the weather is getting hotter? I can't stand the heat. Seriously, like what the hell is wrong with the heat! With the blazing sun light and all, I can't help but feel a little under the weather. It has been almost 2-3 weeks since I am back from Melbourne but every time I open my eyes, I think about the place. The weather is something I really miss. Every time I use the Aloe vera moisturizer gel Lil Pixie gave me, I have the tendency to wonder how the chilling sensation will feel like if I applied it in Melbourne. Even listening to Laura Fygi or Diana Krall these days brings me back to memory lane. They top my playlist for the year I was there.

Sometimes I wonder, was it the good experience that I miss? For the bad ones, I have forgotten and passed. Wounds really heal don't there. Ironically, for all the good stuff that survives - the bad never really did. So why do often decisions are made gearing towards ending stuff cos of bad things? I did that, fear and doubt. I guess for stronger preseverance and people with great amount of faith, they are more inclined to finish till the end and enjoying perks for their hardship. Thats how good experience survive I reckon. I shall believe in that more ...


Being the skeptical usual me, I certainly hope I can be better in that sense

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