Monday, June 11, 2012

Farewell my dear brand manager

Life is indeed unpredictable. Today at the office we had a farewell. As how our director puts it, it is not even the opening yet and somehow a farewell has taken place. Sometimes, life is so unexpected of you. I remember the passion and burning fire in her eyes when she told me the sacrifices she made to move so far for the experience of launching a theme park. It was really great to have find that fire blazing through someone's eye and definitely an honor to have worked in the past few months under her guidance

Most of my colleagues were wondering if I will weep with the departure. After all, she was extremely close to me. Or that's what it seem. But to be honest, we were just work mates. Manager. Subordinate. That's about it, that's the end of it. So even though we have our close moments and all, I still trust my instinct that she doesn't like having me around. Don't mind, but preferably not. So when the questions of tear will come with her farewell, my eyes clearly disappoint a lot of people. By the way, the last time I cried was many years back thanks to K. So for our brand manager, it was just heavy hearts but no tears. Hate to say this, but I have become emotionless. Bad trait. So, here I am blogging about her and myself being the marketing partners ... that people deemed "close". Unfortunately, we are not what we seem

Many times we have our crossing swords moment, I am thankful that someone like that appeared in my life, even for a short period of time. The lesson I learnt from her in the past 8 months is incomparable to many of my previous working experience. She taught me some very important lesson in corporate life. Focus and determination. Two crucial element that can determine how far you can go ... especially in a rigid and fast faced environment.

Back to the farewell, she left hastily while opening describing her personal reason. With her decision made to return to form a family as she is expecting comes as a surprise to many. As much as the staff is happy for her expectant, many are sad for her departure. Nevertheless, many bid her best wishes and to have a great experience being a mother.

It is amazing that how career just gives way to that. Of course, there are the benefits of having a baby in Germany rather than locally here. I cant help but feel a slight sensation that some form of mistake were made ... I believe in the saying that one who knows what they are doing in life, many times do not know what they are doing in bed. Vice versa applies of course. Coming from experiences, I truly believe in that saying today after sending off the brand manager. To cheer on for her new future and endeavors. To cheer on for her new role. To cheer on for her new baby experience. To cheer on for her now new claimed dream, passion and hopefully fire in her eyes to being a mother.

Thats life to you, so unexpected. I am sure the past weeks have been hard for her to make the final decision to for go a dream for another. 

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