Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Three Boys roadtrip to North

The only bad reason why Penang roadtrip last weeked was a disaster was because of the traffic. Getting stuck in a no way out highway, jammed packed with school holiday + public holiday peeps and traveling at the speed of 30KM/hour was no joke. A simple 4 hour travel turned up to 7.5 hours drive.

Well, rantings aside ... I looked back at the pictures from my new toy (Yeap I bought a new camera!!!!) ... I have to say, it was a lot of fun and chat with my mates. MK and MC was great company and I certainly have to say it was like boys outing. Not to mention we look extremely cute in the wide angle pictures! HAHAHAA

Boasting off ... (do click on the pic for the bigger size view!)

Wide angle lens! Me likey

Damn, I love my camera details and auto exposure


Boys = Clowns

Thank goodness we are cute ... lol, or try to be

Historical trails ...

Of course, Penang ... MUST HAVE FOOD


I hate ginger orange in this tiny cute cafe, pic uploaded on my tweeter instead

Night scene in Penang hill is fanatic

Evening scene ...

I think I look cute in this pic ... no?

Cam whore teruk teruk!

Me suka LX5 camera lo ... so wide ...

Thank you guys ... you have been great company

So ... this wasn't the best trip but definitely we are looking forward to include mr chubchub in our next outing. I believe next time around, without the crowd and longer weekend ... we will be able to visit more places with a peace of mind too.

BTW, Thanks Mr Watch for being a darling and Mr Alvin for the meetup!

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  1. My last trip to penang was public holiday too, everywhere full of people. Wish to re-visit there again during normal day.