Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hello June, Goodbye May

Amazing how I am still awake at this hour. I mean, it is still early but I have not stopped working since 9am. I didn't know that driving to Singapore this time around could be so tiring. I think it is mainly also because of the weather, the idea that I have to entertain my co-workers and also constantly keeping awake to ensure I minimize risk of accidents.

See, I don't even have coherent sentences formed in this post. I really should be dozing off like my colleague but I have to finish the wee bit of my assignment before hitting the pillows. That said, I dread tomorrow too ... with my plans all closely lined up, traveling bit to do and anticipating some lawyers to advise us on what to do ... I forsee there is little time I can spend to rest at night because I am still like 80% not done for my MBA assignment

Sometimes I wonder why I took up the MBA at such a young age. So much time went into reading, researching and to keep up to the pace my peers are at. I wish I was smarter to be able to take on more responsible and capable roles. Like what Mr Watch said many times, which I have refuse to listen ... have more confident in yourself

Well ... I am now having a leg cramp. I shall continue my studies tomorrow as my eyes are swollen and my stomach pleading me to drink the black sesame soya milk I bought from the nearest 7-11 store.

Thou shall sleep soon. Hello June, Goodbye May

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